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Angrybird 12
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Originally Posted by 2SS10RS View Post
I had a Dodge Challenger RT before I sold it and bought my Camaro,
when I had the Chally, it seemed like everyone's right foot turned to lead when I was out driving it. Now that I have my Camaro I have seen GT500's, 370Z's, Mustang GT's etc. will not even pull up next to me. Kind of disappointing
Maybe they knew they had a chance against the Challenger... with the Camaro they are not so sure...
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I posted this in the other thread, but its relevant here.

It gets really annoy when another driver sees me/my car, and suddenly, they become John Force and want to drag race. This happened to me twice this morning on the way to work, in the span of 30 minutes.

First, I am going down the on ramp, which turns into an off ramp exit only lane, about a 1/4 mile long. As I get down the ramp, I catch up with a Mitsubishi Eclipse. I start to speed up to get in front of it due to no traffic in front of it, otherwise, I would have to try and merge into the line of traffic behind it. So, as I start to speed up, I can tell the person driving downshifts and starts to speed up and is keeping up with me. So, I am thinking, WTF! Needless to say, I down shift, easily pass them and merge onto the interstate.

Second one is a similar situation.

Do our cars invoke anger, envy or jealousy in people to do that? Whatever the reason, it's rather annoying.
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Nothing in the '10 yet (although I've only been able to drive it a couple of weeks bwfore winter hit). I had a Mustang change lanes and end up behind me in the right lane while I waited at a light... even though the left lane was completely open.

A couple of years back I had some numbnuts kid who thought he was going to race me. I was in my '02 Z28 and he and his friends were in daddys Blazer or something. At the light he's revving the engine and creeping forward. When the light changes he tears off and I just shake my head. Evidently the kid was a slow learner because he slows way down so that I pass him and then tears down the road again. I'm not sure which part of "I'm not racing your dumba**" he didn't figure out at the light. Anyway as he goes flying by me he's coming up fast on the rear end of a mom and her teenage daughter in another car. To avoid them he jerks it over into my lane damn near taking out the nose of my car. He literally missed me (and this other car) by a couple of inches.

Needless to say I was pretty mad at this point. I came up behind him while he was waiting at the next light. I got out of my car, walked up to his, and tried the door. I proceeded to bang on his window while yelling at him that if he wanted to kill himself then go home and do it but don't be pulling jackass stunts like that and taking other people with him... Or something along those lines. His friends are yelling at him to "GO,GO,GO!" and his just staring at me with this terrified look on his face. The light changes and he takes off. While I'm walking back to my car I look up and there is the woman and her daughter in the lane next to me, both with big grins on their faces.

That dude was lucky he had locked his door because, at that moment, I think I would have dragged him out of his car and beat some sense into him.
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Originally Posted by Skyman 08 View Post
Many times if they use their blinkers it will be only after they are already halfway in the next lane......but then again you have these A holes that will speed up as soon as you signal to get over.
I've had the pleasure of the A-holes speeding up after the blinker comes on.
They see VW and it's a hatchback but don't realize how quick the little sucker is......until they pull up next me and I'm laughing my butt off.
........"Is custom faded?"
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it's just not worth it because you have no idea how good or safe the driver is that is challenging you. So if do take him up on his challenge and take off from the light in a drag race and he loses control of his car and wipes out a soccer mom you both get charged with reckless homicide. Are you really willing to trust your life on the competency of a complete stranger who is revving his engine in a mustang next to you ? I wouldn't.
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