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Old 06-04-2014, 11:37 AM   #57
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In 2009/2010 when I'd see a 5th Gen maybe once every 3-4 weeks sure. Now I see 5 a day just on my way to work. I wonder if Cruze drivers wave to each other?
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Originally Posted by Silverlsinva View Post
IMO the only vehicles that should wave to each other are JEEPS and Motorcycles...

Dow here in the rural farmlands of GA, nearly everybody in a pickup waves to each other.
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Angrybird 12
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I think it's cooler when someone from Camaro5 sees you out then PMs you asking if it was actually your car they saw.
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Old 06-05-2014, 01:34 PM   #60
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I usually flash my brights when I see another gen5 going by.
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Waving is gay. Why are you waving at me? This is not a limited edition car. THESE CARS ARE EVERYWHERE.
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Originally Posted by Forcer View Post
I've gotten to the point i don't wave unless they wave at me first.. tired of making an A$$ out of myself anymore... I feel like i'm in high school when a hot girl waves at me and i wave back but she was actually waving to her friends behind me.. haha
Hahaha I was the guy behind you they were waiving at hahaha I always waive but like everyone else its always someone who bought the car just to buy it not because they are actually passionate about it so I very rarely get a waive back
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Cisco Kid2
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I first heard of the wave from the Jeep forums back in 07 when I bought my first JK.

So I think it more of a Jeep and bike thing. I still wave at Camaros, but not one has waved back in my few years of ownership. That's ok though.

When I drive my daughters Clubman other Minis stare and do at times wave. Cool.
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Old 06-06-2014, 03:25 AM   #65
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OK, the reason they don't wave back is because they're driving in traffic and they are concentrating on the traffic and not you! If it turns out that they even see you, they might be unable to respond in time. You guys sound like you think everybody should be looking at you and not paying attention to traffic. Well thats not the way it is in real life.

I just give a thumbs up to every camaro I see, and some challengers and mustangs if they look good. Mostly they don't even see it, but if they do, some just can't react fast enough, or maybe playing with the radio or whatever. But they are not dissing you. They have to worry about staying alive and not getting into an accident. Thats all it is. You are NOT the center of every other driver's life. Get over it.

Give em a thumbs up and if they respond in kind, take it, and if not, they are just going somewhere and trying to get there alive, and you are not the center of their universe. It's no big deal.

I get thumbs up all the time and just can't react quickly enough because I have to take the next exit or some guy just cut me off, or whatever. I hope those other people don't think I'm an asshole because I have to get where I'm going without killing people.
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I definitely give a wave when it's safe to take my hand off the wheel to every Camaro that passes, no matter the Generation.

During car-show seasons, I wave to any really nice car on the road, just a little sign of respect and that I thought their car looked great.

It makes me feel good when I get acknowledged in the 68, so I imagine others would like that feeling

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Old 07-28-2014, 08:35 PM   #67
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I think the wave is a sign of respect to other Camaro owners. When I'm in my Vette, it seems like there are waves often. Not so in the Camaro down here. Feel like we should support each other and be part of a supportive group. Just showing some admiration towards each of our Camaros!
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Old 07-29-2014, 02:44 PM   #68
Black 2014 Camaro 1LT RS
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You will actually notice a lot of sports cars tend to do it to one another. They either way, thumbs up, or flash lights or fog lights at each other. My friends have a subaru and VW and they all do the same thing... However when im driving my camaro, rain or shine i will flash my fogs or roll down the window and wave. We have a great camaro community.

If im driving down the highway and catch up to another camaro i will always slow down just to wave. if they dont look i just keep honking till they do haha
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Demon War Horse
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I try to wave. Last night I was testing my new cold air intake and passed another '14 SS coming out of the gas station. Pulled up next to him and me and my passenger waved. He waved back, smiled and we went on our ways.

Good looking car in Black also!
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Originally Posted by URBAN LEGEND View Post
Waving is gay. Why are you waving at me? This is not a limited edition car. THESE CARS ARE EVERYWHERE.
Please post a picture of your car so we know who not to wave to with our *entire* hand when passing....
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