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Those WITHOUT the Halos?

I wanted to get any feedback from those that did not get the Halos. Are you happy with just the Halogen lights? Do you think the visibility is good enough? Iíve read where those with halogens like the way the fog lights are the same brightness compared to the fog lights with halos.

Iím asking because at the moment I donít plan on spending the extra $1,200 for the Halos by buying the RS package on a 2SS. Yes, I know you get the taillights and drip rail but basically you can barely tell the difference on those. So on the SS you are really just paying for the Halos.

Iím actually getting to the point that I like the looks of the Halogens better than the Halos. Iíve never seen a new Camaro at night so I canít really give an opinion on what they look like with them on. Iíve seen the treads where someone took a picture of how the Halos lite up his street and then took an Avalanche or some GM vehicle with halogens on the same road. I know the Halos will be brighter but I just donít know that theyíll be worth the extra money. Iíve never had a car with HID so not knowing what Iím missing might be a good thing on this issue.

I can afford the RS package but I donít know that I want to. Iím already going to be at the top of my comfort level with the payments Iíll have to make on 5yr note for a 2SS with polished wheels. I could do it with no problem with a 5.5 yr or 6yr note but I just donít know that I want to put myself in debt for the Halos.

Those of you with Halogens, what is your opinion on them?
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A few reasons i got the 2SS NO RS

1. halogen will match the fog/day time lights

2. they help keep the muscle look rather than European/import HIDs

3. dont need the midnight wheels, getting aftermarket Billet soon

4. getting custom tint on brake lights and reverse

Everyone raves about the HIDs and they do look neat, just not for me, saving the 1200 for other goodies!!
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Old 08-26-2009, 03:05 AM   #3
Drives: mits lancer oz
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yea same here ..everyone was doing the lights so i chose to go with out the rs and i love the way the front looks without them..I dont even give it a second thought...
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Old 08-26-2009, 03:47 AM   #4
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the RS is overrated, looks like some eBay halos you'd buy for a 4th gen

Non RS is amazing IMHO
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I prefer the look of the non halos while turned on and while turned off anyday.. However inside the car at night, the HID's do provide much better lighted view of the road..However is it worth $1,200?? I don't think so.. For half that, you can get HID lights equally as good aftermarket..
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I like them on my SS/RS.
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I really didn't have a choice because I bought my IOM 2SS (non-RS) off the lot, I didn't want to waste the Summer/Fall away waiting on the 2SS/RS and I have no regrets. I actually think the color-matched drip rail was more of a bummer for me because the black really breaks up the IOM roofline, but I'll suffer knowing I got to use the car for 4 months instead of waiting likely until next spring. The money I saved by not getting what I originally ordered (RS, the GFX and 21" wheels) more then covered an extra 2 years of bumper to bumper coverage and some MODS like an Axle back SLP LM II setup (comes today), custom painted black rally stripes (finished on Friday) and a CAI (ordering next month). I am more than happy.
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Ranger 75
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If they don't make the car faster you don't need them!
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Originally Posted by 9c1ny View Post
the RS is overrated, looks like some eBay halos you'd buy for a 4th gen

Non RS is amazing IMHO
Why don't you tell GM that
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IMO the halogens work fine. The difference between the 2SS package and the 2SS/RS package was 4 or 5 items that came with the RS (including the HID w/halos). And the $1200 cost seemed a bit much for so few options. And I was able to use that money for other stuff like quarter flares, trunk mat, & stripes. Yes the car looks good with the HID w/halos, but it looks just as good without. I ordered my 2SS Camaro back in Feb with out the RS package and did not realize until later that the only way to get the halos was with the RS. I stuck with my order and I am still very happy without the HID w/halos. Had the RS package been offered at a reduced cost with the 2SS I may have gotten it, but the way it was seemed like I would be paying for some options twice.
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Old 08-26-2009, 09:08 AM   #11
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I honestly like them only for the halo look. I have a 2SS no RS and am just as pleased had I ordered the RS package. As for brightness I have only driven the car 2x at dark and it is pretty good especially if you have the fog lights on brightens it a little. However my husbands 07 Silverado lights are way brighter....lots of times people think the brights are on. But the Camaro is better than my 05 Impala lights.
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I have to agree with those of us who chose not to go the Halo route. Not worth the extra $1200 buck for not I didn't already have. I like the look, they provide plenty of light and my real reason, I didn't like the Red SS Badging. LOL
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Old 08-26-2009, 09:21 AM   #13
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No comparison between the HID and Halogen. These are my first HID I've owned and no halogen light is going to equal the HID. You can tell yourself that all you want, but when it comes down to seeing at night, the HID lights are the better light. Are they worth the extra $1200? Possibly, to me they were. Plus I cannot stand the black drip rail...looks like sh#t unless you have a black car.
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Old 08-26-2009, 09:26 AM   #14
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I went w/o the RS, as discussed, the body colored ditch molding was the only aspect of the RS package I wanted and not worth $1200
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