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Just Drove a Black RS SS w/Cyber Stripes & 6MT


Yesterday I drove the Camaro SS shown above. It has the 2SS & RS packages and cyber gray stripes along with a 6-speed manual transmission.

The first thing I noticed was the cyber gray stripes glittering in the sun. They are not like the flat-black stripes; these have metal flakes embedded in them. Very nice.

I drove out of the dealership mildly. This car is very easy to drive. It would make a fine daily driver. I drove down a long, slow road that had a lot of traffic. I did not encounter the skip-shift program even though I drove the car mildly. The interior was amazingly quiet.

The salesman directed me to a highway onramp and I pressed the throttle about halfway down. Immediately the car came to life. It changed its demeanor from a mild-mannered cruiser to testosterone-filled bruiser.

The engine/exhaust sounds came alive with a nice roar and the car pulled forward nicely. I slowed down around a kink in the onramp (not wanting to wreck the beautiful beast) and then got back on the throttle halfway down again. We cruised through a smooth sweeping arc with zero body roll and hit 60+ quickly. Cruising with traffic was easy, almost like idling.

We got off the highway and drove onto a main road. I pressed the throttle about one-quarter of the way down. Again, the engine/exhaust roared to life and it sounded great. The Camaro pulled forward effortlessly.

The steering felt great. It is very tight, very precise, nicely weighted -- almost as good as a BMW 135i with Sport Package. We cruised quietly, easily back to the dealer.

Here are my impressions of this Camaro:

1) The exterior appearance is outstanding. I think it is one of the best looking cars on the market. There are more expensive cars available, but in terms of muscular beauty, I can't think of any that look better.

2) The interior is very nice. I have driven a 2010 Mustang GT but I like the Camaro SS interior better. It is stylish without being overdone. The Mustang's interior is just a little too busy for my tastes compared with the Camaro. In the Mustang's defense, it was a GT Premium without the Premier Interior option. The Premier Interior option really brings the Mustang GT upscale.

3) The outward visibility is severely restricted. I suppose most drivers will get used to it, but I felt uncomfortable with the small front and side windows, plus the roof pillars & mirror blocking precious outward views. Drivers must learn how to use their side-view mirrors properly to make lane changes.

4) The engine power feels good, although I did not floor it. Frankly, this car feels and sounds better than the new Mustang GT from inside, at least to me, regardless what Car & Driver magazine says. The 2010 Mustang GT sounds good but it has more bark than bite. The Camaro SS sounds mean and looks mean...and is mean.

5) The steering feels really good. The firmness of the Camaro's steering and the car's response to driver input are better than I expected and really impressed me. This car does not feel like it weighs almost two tons, at least when driving it mildly. I prefer the Camaro's steering feel & response to the Mustang's, although I drove a 2010 Mustang GT without the Track Pack option.

6) The brakes felt fine. In fact they were so good that I never even considered them -- never worried that I would not be able to stop a nearly two-ton car in motion. I didn't drive this car hard enough to really test the big Brembo brakes, but I have no reason to be suspicious of them.

7) Overall this Camaro SS is superb for driving on public roads. I cannot comment on its race-track performance because I did not drive it on one. I suppose with some modifications -- gears, exhaust, camshaft, tune, sways, springs, shocks -- it would perform superbly on a race track too.

In my view the 2010 Camaro SS is a better car for the money than the Mustang GT. A 2010 Mustang GT Premium with Premier Interior & Track Pack options has an MSRP within $1000 of a 2SS Camaro. For nearly the same price, the Camaro has striking good looks, a Corvette engine, a Viper transmission, 'Ring-tuned suspension, Brembo brakes all around, massive wheels & tires...

Indeed, the Camaro is forcing the Mustang to hit the gym HARD. I suspect the Mustang will emerge from the gym next year with new muscle -- ready to flex, pose and compete directly with this powerhouse LS3 Camaro. Until then, the Camaro is King.

Here is my summary of the 2010 Camaro SS:

Highs: Attention-grabbing styling, pleasurable interior, all the right sounds, great drivability
Lows: Outward view, balky shifter, odd ergonomics (door locks & handle locations), too much mass
Verdict: The best Camaro ever? YES!

And now for more pictures of this beautiful beast:

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NOICE!!! ™
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Aw, you suck !!! That's the color combo I ordered the got lost in Area 51.

Thanks for the write-up with some comparison to the Mustang GT.
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Nice Review
6000 = Delivered To Customer-8/22/2009
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LOL at most people here.
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just got my car yesterday and this thing is so nice. Its like driving a superstar, I have spent more time talking to people when I stop then I have just in general when telling people about the car before I had it. Love it. I hate to say this but it was most def worth the wait. My car was built Apr 28 and stuck in QC until I picked it up yesterday. I'm loving this car.
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I forgot to mention that this car attracted attention too! Before I could get in the car to drive it, a customer stopped me and thought I was buying it and went on a rant how gorgeous it is and how he wants one so bad but is buying a Malibu for his wife instead... Then idling at intersection lights I noticed people looking out their window at the car. This thing gets attention!
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Gary B
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Where you located? Sounds like my car due in next week!
Time for a new ride soon....6th Gen or 5th Gen Z28? Hmmm....
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Originally Posted by Gary B View Post
Where you located? Sounds like my car due in next week!
NY. See the revised original post with pictures.
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nice dude.
Plan: Buy a Summit White Camaro right after College.
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Gary B
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Almost like mine, I ordered polished wheels also. Color combo looks sooooo sexy though!!
Time for a new ride soon....6th Gen or 5th Gen Z28? Hmmm....
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I know what mine will look like if it ever gets out of QC
Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy shit, what a ride!"
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"Black Ace"
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'Looks just like my new beast, sans stripes. That is a very good review. I was nodding my head in agreement the whole time, especially when you mentioned how civilized it can be driven. I was a bit scared when I first went to drive mine, thinking the throttle would be very touchy, but it's very easy to do slow starts when needed and the power is there when you ask for it. And yes, the looks and questions you get are pretty flattering too. Last night, I parked it on a side street, put 10 cents in the parking meter (just enough time to go to the ATM and come back), only to have this guy offer me a dollar for the meter if I would start her up and rev it (I happily obliged). He stated he's more of a Mustang kind of guy, but admitted it was a beautiful ride and if he was going to buy a Chevy, this would be it!
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nice review, but you underplay the price difference. I've gone mustang shopping, you can already find 2010s with low mileage (to most people it doesn't matter if a car has 0 miles or 10k, it's still new if it's the latest model) going for as much as 10k less than 2SS msrp.

Yes, I know, in time camaros will be available with low mileage for a large discount, but it's going to be a long time, and if we are talking about right now, the price gap is huge.
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