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The below post was from another member about two years past. Because of his post another member came out calling him a "complaining A** Hole". This was one of the earlier complaints about Maryland Speed, possibly when business started heading south? I found the post to be very professional and to the point, there was no need for the name calling. Two years fast forward and look at where we are! Guess this member was not a "complaining A** Hole" after all.

People kill me, your right it must my problem. I must have paid for these too fast or I must have done something else wrong on my end for it to not go smoothly.

As far as the email yes of course I read it, but the key part of that post is where he states, That this email was sent to him 1 day after his purchase.
From about two years past! Another member posted one on the earlier complaints and was really jumped on by some that had great experiences. This member gave some great advise about "where the vendor should place the blame" but might not have been adhered to? Fast forward two years and this member no longer looks like the A** Hole complainer.

As far as sending them back, I tried to cancel the order on day 45 and was referred back to another stipulation of the sale on their end that make coated headers nonrefundable pretty much under any circumstance.

I am really glad that most people's dealing with Maryland Speed have been positive and truly hope that future customers have a positive experience also, but all of that doesn't change the fact of how my order was handled by them.

It just seems funny that nobody disputes the facts I posted about my order, instead they jump to, I was treated great by them, so this guy must be a complaining A**Hole.

All I am trying to say here is I ordered parts from multiple vendors from all over the country and Maryland Speed was the only one to not have parts to me in the quoted time frame.

Also, in the future you may not want to blame late deliveries on your suppliers or any other companies you do business with. That is a problem for you to handle with them, not your customers. We did not purchase a product or a service from them you did. Sounds like you may want to try to get your suppliers in order, instead of telling your customers, Sorry not our fault you will just have to deal with it.

And, in closing so I don't get accused of trying to destroy Maryland Speed good standing in the forum. I hope they have very profitable future and make tons of $$, they just won't get anymore of mine
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Really feel for the people who are having these situations. I can not really post up anything against Maryland speed in all honesty. I ordered my headers in the winter so not to lay up my car in the spring. When I ordered mine I had everything written down just as I wanted them to be.
I ordered long tubes 1 7/8 with cats & ceramic coated. When ordered I asked how long for the product to be done and shipped. Also asked if they would E-mail me on any hold ups. They said because of all the orders it would be 4 to 6 weeks at most.
They said the creamic coating was free but after the headers were made they had to be shipped out to be coated. I asked them if this was going to be a problem on my order delivered on time and the answer I got was no.
I got my headers in 5 weeks. And to this day no problems with them. Thxs
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Originally Posted by saluki View Post
Anyone ever noticed that there Facebook posts have comments on them but most of them show nothing?
Did see that.. You can hide comments as a FB business page owner.. probably what is happening. Not sure. never did it on my pages but I see the option on mine.

My only experience was positive.. such a shame to see these stories. Enough to where I could not return just cause something is obviously not right.
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I’m having the same problems with them to. I unfortunately didn’t do the research and went ahead with 2 purchases from them. The first is a BMR strut tower brace that has been in processing for 3 weeks. Brandon has stayed in contact even if his updates are made up. I also ordered kooks headers and at this point just realized I won’t get them befor April.
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Damn i think i was one of the luckier ones. I ordered my BMR trailing arms/ tole links, and outer t/a bushings from them and it took a little longed than it should have (almost 4 weeks) but i didnt have as bad experience as the OP. damn. sucks to hear about the headers taking so long

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Very similar experience here. Luckily my credit card company had my back and resolved it. Once I got the card company involved I had parts within 1-2 weeks. My card company credited the purchase amount immediately and wouldn't charge me until I had confirmed I had everything in hand.

It seems similar it to a Ponzi scheme where new purchasers fund the fulfillment of earlier purchasers orders.
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If you're going to order ANYTHING Camaro... Why go anywhere other than Phastek.

These guys are spot on with customer service...
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I keep seeing this, so color me officially concerned. I have been out of the loop for a while, I'll admit my last post was in 2015. So I still remembered them being a vendor with a decent reputation.

After placing an order about 2 weeks ago, I've been stumbling through the sea of crap that is Maryland Speed experiences--and related bannings as a vendor. Considering I ordered an off the shelf part, I've probably already waited too long.

Lesson learned, reputations--and companies can always change.

If you're going to order ANYTHING Camaro... Why go anywhere other than Phastek.

These guys are spot on with customer service..
And the Phastek statement is spot on; I ordered from them at the same time and received my part the next day, even using a discount.
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Phastek is sponsoring CamaroCon2 in southern california on April 28th

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My vote is RDP store.
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Joe M 2012 2SS

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Originally Posted by saluki View Post
My vote is RDP store.

I made an order last week with RDP, my 6th one with them. Items still weren't shipped yet today, so I called Victor. He said he would get on it, 5 minutes later I had an email with a valid tracking number.

Steve takes calls even on weekends and will take the time to help you with any questions.

Get the SCTX4 from RDP and get free tunes for life, as long as you get your stuff from RDP.

You cant beat the deal in the long run, and they will do whatever is necessary to get you what you need..... products, installation help, or tunes.

I've even asked Steve about buying certain things and he's told me it wasn't worth the money, and wouldn't produce enough HP/TQ gains to make it worthwhile.

How many people will do that? Most will tell you what you want to hear to make a sale. Steve would rather tell the truth. Class act guy.

I hope you get your money back Doc, and I'd go with RDP instead when you do. Might cost more, but you'll never get the run around or be lied to from RDP.

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I had essentially the same dealings with Branden and marylandspeed. The lies, promised deadlines, more lies, and to cap it off, the phone call with Branden where he insulted me and threatened me. Told me I would never win my credit card dispute. Had my money back the next day, and a month later won my claim. Guy is a douche.
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After months almost 6 to be exact....this is what he does. Give big discounts, charges you the price and only when he gets "X amount" of orders then he sends it in. This is how he beats the MAP which stands for Market Average Pricing. I had one order from them and never again.

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marylandspeed headers dispute

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