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My friend, I feel for you. I too wish that the world was like a Burt Reynolds movie from the 70s, where the jerks get punched in the mouth and pay for being jerks with loose teeth
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Originally Posted by Cheveey57 View Post
I'll bet it wasn't to a tire that is in the lower income neighborhoods where these were sold.
No way. I left L.I. (Garden City) years ago. Now live in No West CT.
Never looked back even though we also have our poor areas in this state.
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I used to live in Ridgewood,I've been to Newark a few times...looks like it's still the same.Armpit of America.
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Originally Posted by myold88 View Post
I don't think so. I sold my 4 factory P/Zeros last year with about 5000 miles on them for $500.00.
Tires only- no wheels. They had about 6000 miles on them.
I don't know about that...I've been trying to sell my factory tires w/ 8000 miles on them for 2 years now,for $75 each-no takers.
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Looks like time for a ZL1 conversion, starting from the ground up.
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Sucks and yea time to move I have two cars and my camaro stays inside the garage even though my other car has more aftermarket stuff and ppl tried to steal it before my other car that is but just because I.know the camaros stand out so ppl are attracted to them and as far as the wheels the reason why ppl steal them is because they are expensive and look at everybody wanting those wheels as upgrades or as replacements but for a fraction of the cost and you can put the wheels on other cars and lets not forget gm did it to us with the parelli. Tires those are in high demand everybody want those
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Damn thats just wrong , freakn skum bags , Yep move man this crap will keep happening , must have a crackhead near you
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That really sucks , a-holes in this world :( , i have seen quite a few pictures of 5th Gen Camaros with wheels stolen on Instagram now this is another :(
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Originally Posted by Jalberdi99 View Post
inside job?
that was my first thought. The "car buffs" knew the old man was there
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Dude!!! I would go off? WTF.... no cameras I'm sure.
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Blu Ray
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Originally Posted by aabreu09 View Post
damn bro, that really sucks. I know here in Jersey City, honda accord sport rims are getting robbed as well as infiniti G37 rims. Becoming more of a problem than before but first time hearing about a Camaro ever. If you need any help just let me know!
Thanks man,guys in my club are helping me

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Originally Posted by jd10013 View Post
don't work. you just hammer a slightly smaller socket onto the nut and then remove. shops do it all the time when the owner has either lost the key or forgot to leave it. the people who stole your wheels look like they know what they're doing and wouldn't have been stopped by locking wheel nuts.
hopefully the sound of hammering would draw some attention, there's ways to get around anything, the purpose of locking lug nuts is to slow down or inconvenience people. Often they will move on to easier pickings etc.

Its not like locking lug nuts are expensive....I don't understand why people wouldn't have them on the car....

for $30 dollars you add a little extra protection. It may not be the ultimate protection, but if you don't have them you have even less protection, and are inviting just anyone to help themselves.....

there used to be a statistic that stated no car alarm ever prevented a car from being stolen......yet everyone has them on the car.

If you go by the theory of "why have them, they don't stop thieves from stealing your ****" why do you have any anti theft devices on your car at all? your just wasting your time and money....after all "a pro will still be able to take it"
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Man that sucks, sorry to hear about this. I installed the gorillas with the spinning outside cylinder when I bought my car in sept. Just to give the heads up to everyone, we are seeing arise in wheel thefts in the Houston area and have found a majority of them have wheel locks but the crooks are now breaking into the vehicle to find the wheel lock key. Just FYI
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that sucks maybe get some wheel locks.
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