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Error code c056d-39 electronic control unit hardware internal malfunction

Got this issue today and the car was very hard to start, no idiling and sounded like there short of gas (it wasn't). No idea if this code are the reason? I also got a missfiring code.

However, any ideas how to solve this code: c056d-39 electronic control unit hardware internal malfunction? Where is the unit located?

The car is a Camaro SS 2012 auto with L99-engine.
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Found this

C056D 39
Electronic Control Unit Hardware Internal Malfunction
The module runs the program to detect an internal fault when power up is commanded. The only requirements are voltage and ground. This program runs even if the voltage is out of the valid operating range.
The module has detected an internal malfunction.
Failure Type:
Signal Has Too Few Pulses
This sub type is used for failures where the control module measures too few pulses (e.g., position is calibrated in counts from one extreme to the other).
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Run a search on here for C056D and you will see that it is likely a power steering issue or a wiring issue, most likely a ground.

It looks like other GM vehicles have it with the 2 problems above or other sensors/modules not working. I don't think the code is referring to a particular module failing.
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c056d-39 error

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