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Although the engines between the two share technologies being from the same family, the 5th gen and the c6 are entirely different automobiles. The Camaro's personality will be far different from the vette and vise versa.

Aside from this, if you do not have a preference one way or the other, I would always suggest getting the car that has the best condition (age, mileage, care, etc.). If the Camaro is well kept then that's your answer. However, if you really want a vette then I'd suggest that you shop around. They are not quite as pricey as you'd expect used (though some dealers try to price them up), so shop around and look for a good deal on a low mileage vette if that's the car that you want.
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Keep shopping
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Originally Posted by JLSuperfly View Post
OP, do you go to San Jose State by any chance?
I do not but I do live in that area
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is the price for the camaro a decent price? This is the fully loaded SS if that has anything to do with pricing
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Rock-It Man
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The Camaro, obviously. This is the Camaro forum, plus tan interiors look like dirty diapers.
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looked at a 2004 vette with 49,000 on the clock for $18,000 just before i bought my 2015 RS for 23,000 with 8,000 miles on it and balance of warranty intact.
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Gunmetal Speedster

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Originally Posted by naikaidriver View Post
The Camaro has 45k miles, is less than 10 years old and is unmolested (stock).

The vette is 11 years old, has over 100K miles and is modified.

Your choice is clear.
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I came from a 2004 Vette (auto), bought it with 13k miles and sold it 1.5 yrs later with 30k miles on it, and now I have a 2015 1LE that I bought brand new. The vette was a commemorative edition with a 2 tone stone interior and I used it daily. The passenger side carpet got soiled from people sitting in it with dirty shoes and I thought it would be easy to get a detailer to clean, but my detailer couldn't get it 100% cleaned. After that, I decided to get a black interior on the camaro AND not to use it daily/let people sit in it with dirty shoes. So that may tell you something about interior color choice. As for how they ride, they ride quite differently - go with what you prefer. The vette sits lower and you will need to go up driveways at an angle more often than in a camaro, but the camaro is a heavy car so the vette will prob feel a bit quicker and nimble off the line. General build quality: overall I think the camaro is better built, no squeaks or rattles and everything seems more solid (no chassis flex going up driveways at an angle like in my vette), with the exception of minor things like the visor mirrors and some of the plastic interior parts feel quite cheap / plasticy (although again pretty solid feeling). The vette will probably hold its resale value better. I intend to keep the camaro forever and hopefully add a C6 grand sport or Z06 to keep it company in the garage :-)
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old school chevy rodder
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Posts: 5,559 the value stated here is more of what is inline for the corvette but if your buying it off a lot they pad the hell out of it. The ls2 is a good engine, the styling if you like nice but the earlier 2000s vettes can be had for cheap and the generations before it even dirt cheap compared to the initial price. I myself would prefer the Camaro as the mileage is lower and you could equip a catch can clean the engine and have a fairly new car with the ability to also equip some upgrades such as HUD or mylink that later models had, but the deal is always shop around, and I know your in smog testing country so unmolested is more in order for the stock car.

Being its a manual I would wonder the clutches condition but also know that the things to look for such as oil leaks under the engine, poor performance / noise from engine should be a happy typewriter sound , general feel of car I would say the Camaro being newer is a upgrade even to be in our interior as the older a corvette unless its a real classic many got cheaper interiors that do not cut the cake, I know at one time when I was young I did auto upholstery and tore them apart and put them together, my favorites are the 50's and 60's with the nice double hump round dash and chrome to show it off. The 70-80 period they got cheaper, and cheaper friggin cardboard hardboard for a console side kind of mediocre, not as in friggin bad as some other interiors but definitely more Spartan and plastic as time goes along and now they are really trying with the new vettes and such to make the interiors nicer and I wish they would go throwback with a cool double hump dash and some chrome and a console that is not huge but sport looking with a quick shift.

You should be looking for reliable transportation more than appearance and speed and want some practicality with rear seats, (even though performance wise a newer Camaro does stand up to many older vettes), its not a vette and depreciation is a reality that's still hitting both cars. SO shop around, go all auto trader and and anywhere like craigs list and car lots adds from around the areas you live online is easier to shop then go see. I think both prices a little high for your quotes but only you can decide what you want. Good Luck Compare KBB and other places prices for a guide based on condition being a lot.... Even watch car auctions on velocity TV. Meecums and others... Anyway the Camaro should be easier to smog test if you have that also....less wear and unmodified exhaust versus; if you like a particular cars mods generally they are worth squat when it comes to trade in but you always should shop around....My first Camaro SS came that way...LOL
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Royal Tiger
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Went from 2012 Corvette convertible to 2013 Camaro convertible. Completely different animals. I liked the Corvette, but she wanted the Camaro. It's grown on me and I want to keep it.
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I've owned 4 corvettes. My last was a 06 coupe with only 12k on the odometer 6 speed manual. Traded it last year for a 2012 2SS/RS L99. No regrets at all. I wouldn't go back....
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I traded my 00 c5 vette for my 11 camaro. They are actually completely different animals to drive, but I'm happy with my decision to dd my camaro.

The technology and comfort alone make daily driving enjoyable while still allowing me try put a shit eating grin on my face on demand.
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I thought about getting a C6. Some 05-06 have had odd battery discharge issues, you might want to search on that over on corvetteforum.
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