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Originally Posted by MIKZ28 View Post
Believe it or not I drive this car every day for work. I am a traveling copier repair man with a 100 mile radius territory. I have 100 lbs of tools and parts in the trunk every day. I spend all day driving from place to place to repair copy machines in the field. I love the looks from the customers when I pull up to their businesses to repair there machine. They ask is this your work car. And I say yes I get a car allowance and mileage compensation to drive this car everyday. What a treat!
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Originally Posted by Z/28Dan View Post
Same! Mad respect for that. I would happily do it, but part of my job is driving company cars, otherwise I would happily daily mine!
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Originally Posted by 43Camaro View Post
This is my point, collector car enthusiast 30 years from now will fawn over the Z28 since itís more of a unicorn. I live in one of the largest high end sports car markets in the country, I walk by 10 ZL1ís to get to the one Z28. Again time will be the true barometer, but I see a ZL1 on the strret, I yawn. I always drool a little when I see 28. The people asking if itís supecharged are stealing oxygen and wonít be the collectors of the future in my opinion..

So true re: rarity. I went to my dealership the other day and they still flock to see the Z/28 (and this is the largest Chev dealership by sales volume in the nation). The Service Director told me he'd seen 5 ZLEs in the past 2 weeks and other than my Z/28, only one other in 2+ years.
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