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Drives: 2011 Camaro 2LT w/RS
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Fixing bad paint touchup

I recently bought a used 2011 2LT RS in black. Upon a thorough inspection in my garage, I noticed a couple spots where the previous owner tried to touch up some chips in the paint. It looks like someone literally took black nail polish and went over the chips and it is quite noticeable (well, at least once you realized they are there, anyway). The color is actually a pretty close match, but it was not applied evenly, so it ends up looking like a bubble in the paint. Is there any good way to fix this?

On a similar topic, there are a couple other minor chips in the pain on the hood that still need to be touched up. Any recommendations on how best to do this? I don't want to repeat whatever mistake was made on the ones that the previous owner tried to fix.
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Vegas Bound
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A couple years ago, I took my car to a Detailer who also did touch ups and correction. 6 hours later, the car looked brand new. $250 and I had to supply the touch up paint.
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BMR Sales

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Dr Colorfix?
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This works well for me:

I'll also use Larry's technique of the pencil/sandpaper to sand some of the smaller fixes down before polishing.
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I have a black Camaro as well. That video that BRZN linked above is probably the best I've found for fixing touchup blobs.

I purchased DrColorChips and tried that. That product works and it doesn't work. It all depends on your chips. For deep chips, it will work, one chip at a time, like in the video. For the shallow, white chips on our black cars, you will probably wipe away what you applied. For the gill area, I used the Dr.ColorChips squeegee and I wiped off most or all that I applied, ending up where I started. Again, it all depends on what you're trying to fix. Get the smallest/cheapest kit to start.

I think it would be best to save up and repaint the area if you have a large amount of chips (front splitter area). Then get some clear film on it right away.
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