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Old 03-25-2019, 10:41 PM   #1
Drives: 2012 SS Vert
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Texas Speed and Performance headers

I will start of by staying the headers fit perfectly. Had I only done headers I would of been done in 2 hours.

The issue I am having concerns the X pipe. I have read the directions several times and no where does it mention if the X pipe is suppose to install a certain way. No problem, I’ll call TSP. I’ve gotten two different answer from two different people. One said he “thinks is goes on one way” and the other guy said it doesn’t matter, meaning there is no up or down side. So currently I have the exhausted dumped after the cats because I am not sure which way the X pipe goes on.

Here is my second concern, when I’ve called sales, they have been great and very helpful, it is the after the sale that the service severely lacks. I live in the Austin area and my niece has cheer near TSP so I offered to take her one day so I could pick up my purchase while she practiced. It was around 145 on a Wednesday afternoon and I walk into dead, awkward silence. No hello, no we will be right with you, just silence. Someone finally looks up and the guy was super nice. Found my order and helped me carry it out. Told me his name and said to give him a call if I had any problems. This is were I messed up, I shook his hand and it write down his name.

For my background, I spent 14 years at a large tire retailer and 4 years install all kinds of auto accessories at two different shops in the Austin area. I’ve done full exhaust from Honda’s to the one ton diesels and never had one that was more confusing than this one.

Sorry for the long read but that is my experience with TSP. I really wanted this to an easy install and to be able to support a local company, but after all the 2K19 videos on Instagram, I might just load up the Camaro on a trailer and head over to see my buddy at Town North Nissan and get a GTR :
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Old 03-26-2019, 07:25 PM   #2
Drives: 2012 SS Vert
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So today, I loosened the headers to the point where they are only being held in by a few threads and it got me now closer to the X pipe fitting. Still way off.
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Old 04-28-2019, 09:46 AM   #3
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Bro i just installed their whole kit myself, the advise i can give you is start from the back without tightening everything all the way then slide the pieces back and forward/up and down until you get them just right; its a pain in the ass when working only with stands but take your time.
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Seems if you loosen the headers at the block to make things fit, it would strain at that point later, possibly causing a leak. I would be looking for another solution but that's just the boogey men in my mind. Loosing the whole system to align then tightening from the headers back might work.

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