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21 years of college and 9 degrees between my husband and myself. We frequent Wal-Mart b/c it's everywhere, they have pretty much everything, and it just doesn't make sense to pay more than you have to.
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There are haters all over the place. My car was broke into, but I believe because I left teh damn GPS mount on the dash. We parked the car away from others at a public place. I should'nt ahve left the mount out like a dumb a$$, but bottom line is, there are shitheads everywhere. You can't be worrying all the time about who, where, how, etc. At least that's what I hope. I think parking away from the crowd draws more attention from jackasses like the keying types, so parking somewhat near the crowd, but enough to avoid door dings is key.

But what do I know, mine has already seen the 'dark side' ... and I have to believe it was becasue there was bait, although I'd love to get my hands on the individual that attacked my car.
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Sorry to hear about your car getting keyed! Insurance should take care of it though! Many years ago I restored a '72 Cutlass and at the wally-world found some jerk had parked his car up against the front bumper so hard that it pushed it up and cracked the center grill section. I was so pissed, I took the 5lb sledge hammer from my trunk and caved in his hood...... left him a note saying next time watch how you park!!
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Thank you all for your sympathy and stories, it made me feel a little better. It sucks to know that there are people out there that do things like this. When I go to Wal-Mart I always park out in the boonies. I even did that when I was driving my POS Grand Am. I've seen other nice cars such as Corvettes, Cadis, Audis, you name it, all park the same way I do. I never thought there was ever a problem with something like this. I think the Wal-Mart crowd has forever lost the privi of seeing such a beautiful car.

I pose this question to all. I found a body/paint guy who comes highly recommended. He says the way he does his work is to get the entire panel, so this would be my entire driver side front fender and door. He estimates the work would cost $800. Does this sound like a good deal? And is it really worth it? I mean, this is my daily driver. It's not a show car in any way. So I'm not looking for perfection, just a decent touch up. And obviously there's a chance it could happen again, even if I never go back to any Wal-Mart.
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Originally Posted by badkarma View Post
I hate Wal-Mart, when I go in it feels like my life force is being drained.

My ex wife was a bargin shopper, I almost didn't make it out one Saturday.

Sucks about the scratch...Know how you feel, I got a door ding 1 month into the relationship Makes you wanna hurt someone in unthinkable ways lol
me too I'd rather pay a little more at Kmart , walmart is such a china made junk store , It's cheap but a real lot of the stuff is poorly made crap, I wish more americans would stay away from that place.just look to the right when you walk in their , there is always 20 people in the return line eeww, I don't know why is makes me feel so gross it just does. Ok I feel better now, now about those Japanese cars.......

oh and about your car , I would just call in the clain and get the estimate and get it done fast , life is a bitch sometimes but get get it taken care of and forget about it , I would hate that it's their and would pay anything to just end it
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Yep I feel your pain as well. Was at Possum Kingdom this weekend and left my car parked at the boat ramp. While we were out on the lake some Ahole hit mine and left no info. Screwed up the back driverside bumper, and body area. Already turned in information and awaiting the insurance call to take it in. Now wonder how freaking long its gonna take to repair.
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I know this thread is a little old... but most Walmarts have rooftop cameras watching their parking lots. Store security can review the video for the date/ time you think you were there. Just a thought.
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Originally Posted by bloodymary View Post

21 years of college and 9 degrees between my husband and myself. We frequent Wal-Mart b/c it's everywhere, they have pretty much everything, and it just doesn't make sense to pay more than you have to.
of course you realize at some point you have to graduate and get jobs right??? LOL J/K
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Walmart = Mulletmart

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Originally Posted by BBfan24 View Post
Someone keyed my car. I found the scratch tonight. The scratch runs from my front fender just above the wheel well to the end of the door ending before the rear fender. Most of the scratch looks to be surface paint that could be buffed out. But there's two areas that go pretty deep. I think as deep as metal, and about 3-4 inches. I'm going to double check this in the morning to see exactly how bad it is. Is my best option to take my car to a shop? And anybody have any ideas how much this will cost?
So sorry to hear, I had a car keyed many years ago and it was about $500 to fix, I suspect that has gone up over the years. Depending on your deductable and insurance company you may just want them to get it fixed, mine gicves me a "freebie" claim without a rate increase.

Short of being keyed I will just accept the fact that not only do a lot of people lack respect of others property these days but stuff happens so I expect to get chips and dings.

What I refuse to do is end up with a car I am afraid or unwilling to use as a car, go to any store, shop, etc, I'll use reasonable care and after that hope for the best, I got my Camaro to drive and that means it will get some wear in the process.
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Red face I feel your pain...

Had it done to mine on Monday....Went all the way down to the base coat on all but the door on drivers side. It is going to cost.....But what is past is past. Just wishing to heave the wee lad out of a tall tree with a short rope
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Wal-Mart... oh how I hate thee. Parked there during the winter months about 5 years ago. I still had my '99 Camaro at the time and had parked like normal. Plenty of room on either side. Came out to find some knuckle-dragger had parked his giant pickup practically on top of my driver door. I'm not kidding... about two inches between the truck and my door. So, the wife looks at me and says, "What an asshole." I agreed with her assessment of the situation completely. Well, I climbed in through the passenger side and started my car. Before I backed out I rolled the window down and wrote, "ASSHOLE" on the side of his truck in the dirt. Bright red truck with a nice big word on the side.

I felt so much better.

Anyway, if you doubt what kind of clientele Wal-Mart has, visit this link here.
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I'm glad the wal-mart near me isnt so bad since my side of town is a mostly military community. Only buzzcuts or the occassional emo kid (-.\\\
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