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Drives: 2010 Camaro 2SS M6 - Intake/Exhaust
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LS3 Complete Motor ~550hp

I will not ship! Pickup only in Bridgewater, MA.

Brief history… my 2004 GTO developed a rod bearing issue 500 miles after I bought the car used form a dealer. While rebuilding the ls1 from the GTO, I dropped in this LS3 in order to drive the GTO for the summer last year (only put 500 miles on the car all summer). Now that LS1 is rebuilt, LS3 is back out and completely gone thru from top to bottom.

Pics can be seen in this thread:

Clean 376 LS3 originally with 36k miles. Recently put in new bearings, new rings, every gasket and seal is brand new. Here is a quick list of parts (I am probably forgetting stuff):

-LS3 low mileage block. Cleaned and painted Chevy orange. Block has 36k miles. Cylinders looked perfect as evidence of the low mileage, but I did a quick Ball honed to rehatch for the new rings.

-10.7:1 static compression (stock)
-stock LS3 pistons (36k miles)
-stock LS3 rods (36k miles)
-stock LS3 crank (36k miles)
-LS3 Main Caps (36k miles)
-LS3 Main and rod fasteners
-LS3 Cam bearings (36k miles)

-Mahl piston rings, stock gaps (0 Miles)
-King Main and rod bearings (500 miles, but I inspected and reinstalled with assembly lube again)
-GM CNC'd LS3 heads 350cfm (500 Miles)
-SpeedMaster Head Studs (500 Miles)
-BTR .660" Spring Package (500 Miles)
-BTR LS3 Stage 2 N/A 3 bolt cam - 225/238 .612/.585 113+3 (500 Miles)
-Comp Cam .080 wall Push Rods (500 Miles)
-LS7 lifters (1k Miles)
-LS Lifter Buckets (0 Miles)
-LS3 Rockers with Comp Cam trunnions upgrade (500 Miles)
-C5R timing chain set (1k Miles)
-LS2 timing chain damper (1k Miles)
-Melling high pressure oil pump (1k Miles)
-2 bolt oil pickup hold down
-Musclecar oil pan/pickup tube/ windage tray (0 Miles)
-SAC billet oil diverted (dumbbell) (500 Miles)
-LS3 Lifter Valley cover (500 Miles)
-LS3 mildly ported intake (unknown but looks mint)
-Holley Sniper 92mm DBC Throttle Body with TPS and IAC (500 Miles)
-LS3 Fuel Rail (500 Miles)
-LS3 Stock injectors (36k Miles)
-LS Valvecovers (100k Miles)
-Crank Sensor (36 Miles)
-Cam sensor (36k Miles)
-Oil Pressure Sensor (0 Miles)
-Gates Water Pump (0 Miles)
-Thermostat Housing and 160 deg thermostat (0 Miles)
-Bosch Platinum Plugs (0 Miles)
-Denso plug Wires (0 Miles)
-Every gasket and seal (0 Miles)
-LS3 MAP Sensor (36k Miles)
-Truck Coils (unknown mileage)

a Couple notes:
#1 - LS1 Small pilot bearing installed (500 Miles)
#2 - knock sensor holes on block were opened up/tapped for LS1 Knock sensors.
#3 – Throttle body is loud! Requires tuning in order to lower the IAC counts which will result in a quiet TB. Took me a while to figure it out. Any knowledgeable tuner should be able to tune for it… or you can do the drill hole mod in the TB plate.

I would say this setup is good for ~550hp (475rwhp).

$7k for a drop in ready to go setup.
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