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it all depends but have know folks who did just that several times, filed, got out of of debit, then went right out n bought new cars n got more CC without a problem.

Though if you owe enough, 7 years ins't a bad wait for it to go MIA from your record.

Its when you got a 7yr wait over a few grand that hurts.

If you waiting 7 years over 70grand, that's not a bad wait.
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67 Convertible

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Another one brought from the dead. This thread is 1 1/2 yrs. old. The OP hasn't been on this site for 7 months. Just saying that he most likely won't see any comments at this point?
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I'm guessing they gave up. LOL Probably a good idea.

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Do no do it! I am a student loan collection officer and the other person that posted on here that you can't get rid of student loans is 100% correct, you will have bad credit for quite some time and if you do apply for another job they look at your credit report and it will in some cases deter potential hiring because of a bankruptcy or other bad credit. PAY YOUR BILLS and keep in contact with your creditors to make arrangements for even just small monthly payments verses no payments and do the best you can to keep your credit in tact. I am not even going to tell you to go back to school at this point because you will only be running up more bills and taking out more loans and your problems will only get worse, believe me I see it every day. Just keep working and paying the most you can and leave out all the "wants" in life and live with the "needs" for awhile until things get better. If you make a debt be responsible and pay it, don't just use bankruptcy as an out when you could work around it. Alot of people who claim bankruptcy don't really need it and quite frankly I am sick of people abusing the system, they don't realize the trickle down effects it causes for people like myself who work hard every day to pay my own bills and don't expect to have anything just handed to me or wisked under the rug when things get tuff. Don't get me wrong I know some people who genuinely need bankruptcy but the cases Iv'e seen in my bussiness are few and far between. I hope this helps.
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I filed in 2001 due to divorce. It was the worst mistake I ever made. It stays with you for 10 years. Comes off all my reports in May 2011, thank god. With lots of work my credit is good right now, but there is so many things I can't do. Can't borrow money for personal or business. American Express won't raise my business limit I have had them since before the Bankruptcy,and did not include them in it. However I was able to get secured loans such as Home and autos w/good rates. The home and auto loans were after 5 years of filing. If I knew now what I knew then I would not have filed. Work with your creditors let them know what is going on. Most will work with you.

Don't file so you can buy a car just work on your credit now. Buy the car later.

With regards to your sister she may think things are great now, but things change and it usually comes back to bite most people.

13.5k is not that much debt. equates to $225/month for 5 years
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Originally Posted by v6sonoma View Post
I'm guessing they gave up. LOL Probably a good idea.
Sold their laptop. *nods*
My boyfriend don't mind it.
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Originally Posted by Mrbobcat View Post
Yeah I already "settled" for nursing home work, but even that is'nt looking promising right now. I also worked in correction health care, but that is super stressful. It took me 3 years to get the LPN license and I thought about going back. but there is no way right now and I'm pushing 40. I borrowed too much on my last degree in accounting and could'nt find a job in that and then went into nursing. btw, things would also be easier if I could find someone to share expenses with like a girlfriend-possibly later on, but not having any luck with that lately either. As far as car payments, that's why I'm looking at the V6. If I can get the college discount before the end of the summer and hopefully get 2-3 grand out of my car, I should be looking at payments in the low-to mid 300's and I'm paying high 200's now for a 5 year old car that's gonna start needing new parts. Not too much of a difference and I would have a decent ride for the next 6-7 years. I already got brakes for my current car, but now it need tires and the wheels are getting rusty too...
Really there are no Nursing Jobs in your area? In Connecticut they cant find enough Nurses. My girlfriend is making a killing only working 3 days a week. Shes been working a local hospital for about 3 years now and was hired before graduating College. She was an LPN making decent money and then became an RN out of school.

You should seriously consider finishing your degree. Maybe look into other states for jobs or become a traveling nurse. They make quite a bit.
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Exactly !

Originally Posted by dodson914 View Post
If there is any way possible for you not to file, DON'T.
Being that you genuinely are an LPN, this means you will eventually find a good job. (you need to move. move to a city where everyone is unhealthy.)

Don't file for chapter 7, or bankruptcy or any of that if you can avoid that.
Get a job/and pay down your debts, or pay them on time.

You will find a job at a hospital. Keep trying.

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Steve Dallas
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Originally Posted by diddiyo View Post
i love how the most important thing to you seems to be buying a new car in this situation.
Likely that's the reason he's considering bankruptcy is think kind of behavior. Not trying to be mean, but seriously...get your priorities straight.

Bankruptcy is a last resort type of thing. Avoid it if you can. Distinguish between what you NEED and what you WANT. A Camaro is NOT a need.
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I have some insight into this......I had to file when I was in the army because my now X-Wife was a peice of crap and spending the bill money on her dam drugs......but anyway.....It wasn't that bad....I did get a decent car right before I filed and then made sure all payments were made on time....or early.....
If you are looking for a change of Venue I don't know what your situation is but my wife is an RN and let me tell you that in Oaklahoma and Texas they are very short on medical personnel. The job market in this neck of the woods is good for medical.

Do some research and do what is best for you.......If you can pay your bills and not have to file then don't. I have had nothing but impecible credit since mine and I still only have a 674 credit score.....Mine was in 2003 so go figure.......

The Lawyer isnot lying though....If you decide to file then stop paying on everything you are going to let go......Everything you want to keep....You must keep paying on it.....
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Guys, y'all keep replying to this thread. It's not relevant anymore. The original post was on May 10th of 2009!!!

I'm sure you all have great advice for the guy, but I'm willing to bet he's already made a decision

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