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Drives: 2013 Ashen Gray RS
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Do the paddle shifters actually shift or do they set a shift point

i have a 2013 RS and i was wondering when i use my paddle shifters does it actually shift the car or does it just set a shift point for the rest of the gears. i was wondering because at different times when i put it in manual the car it will shift automatically. but depending on the time it will automatically shift at different rpm levels. so thats how i came to this conclusion. any insight into this would be appreciated.
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I have never driven with the paddle shifters(or any 5th gen tbh) but i'm going to guess its much like when i put my truck into 1st gear. when the rpms get close to red line the computer will shift into 2nd even though the shiftier is in 1st.
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They shift actually
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I use the paddles every once in a while and, it seems to me, you have to actually + up the shifter or it will remain in the gear you are in. I could be wrong, but I have run the RPMs up pretty high in each paddle gear and it always waits for me to "shift up" or it will just max out at the rev limiter. Others here will know for sure.
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If you have an LT or SS, when you put the car in M (manual), Sport Mode is engaged.

Sport mode retains automatic shifting, but the shift points are more aggressive than when in Drive, and based on throttle inputs holds gears longer before shifting.

Touching the up shift paddle shifter will engage Manual mode which will allow you to manually up shift/downshift and will hold RPMs until you touch the tap shift again, so you could rev the engine to red line and it won't shift until you hit the tap shift. It also prevents you from downshifting to a lower gear if the engine speed is too high. The trans will automatically downshift to 1st gear when you decelerate to a stop. At least this is how it works for me...

If you have an 2LS, then the tap shift will set a gear limit of the trans. You can't up shift through the gears in a 2LS.
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Yeah it will not shift for you at all once your in M mode. I kind of wish they would have done it a little differently. I like to drive in S mode and it's too easy to bump the paddle and not know it, and not realize it until your not shifting into 2nd! Especially when you have your music up.
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Night Fury
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They work, I actually use them when I'm driving on the streets because they are fun to use.
2014 2LT RS A6
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I use them all the time, kind of like a stick shift without the clutch.
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Angrybird 12
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Your owners manual explains exactly how this operates. When you shift into M on the console, in the display it will show S at first. This is sport mode and the transmission will hold gears longer and is more aggressive. The first time you touch either paddle it will then be in manual mode and can only be upshifted with the paddle, but will automatically downshift when coming to a stop, on the V8 it will downshift to second and on the V6 it will shift down to first. You can force a downshift with the left paddle unless it would be over the rev limiter when it downshifts, in that case you will get a shift denied message. Also when you are upshifting if it is too low and rpm to shift that it would lug the engine you will not be allowed to shift and you will then get a shift denied message.
On a side note on 2012 (maybe 2011) and later cars you can also push the paddles and force a shift while in D, but this is only temporary and will resort back to auto mode when the computer dances the engine load stabilizing for several seconds.
This does not include the 2LS models though.
To verify what I said just read your owners manual.
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what about if u are in competition mode. will the paddle shifters still work. tried this in my car, seemed to not go pass 70mph. some kind of limp mode.
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Drives: 2011 2SS/RS Victory Red
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I use Comp. Mode all the time, they work the same. My upper Rev limit for up/downshifts is raised as well. Car will just bounce off of the Rev limiter in manual mode.

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2lt, paddle shifter

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