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Muscle Car Lover

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Originally Posted by Wizard1183 View Post
Want a better investment? Invest in real estate.....
Oh man LOL
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viper > 302 > zl1 ..imo
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I've owned a lot of very nice cars. I've never really made a penny on any of them. If you to 30 grand to blow there are many better ways to make it grow. The only model car that I could have purchased and should have to use for an invest was a Ford GT. Those things pretty much print money.
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Boss 303 LS. I love my Z but they made a ton of them.
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Originally Posted by snaphappy View Post
My uncle flipped over thirty cars before he graduated from high school. He's just one of those kind of guys. He lives in a mansion one the Mississippi river in Iowa. I'm not him. I'm not looking to make a living doing this. I'll just repeat myself. I'm going to buy one of the three cars I listed. They each appeal to me. I love each so much, I intend to keep it until I'm no longer able to drive it. So I'm wondering which could be potentially worth more in 30 years. It's not an odd question. You don't think about things like that? You don't think about re-sale when you buy something?

You don't know how big my 401k is. You don't need to worry about my retirement. I'm just genuinely interested in what other car guys think. What are your thoughts and feelings about the three cars I listed? As car guys, I thought people here would have great insight.
I don't think about resale on a car because resale value on a car typically will be lower due to it being a, you know, depreciating asset and because as you state the car is bought to keep. Selling it means I take a hit 9/10.

I don't give a damn what your 401k or retirement plans are. You said you wanted a car with the least amount of potential depreciation which frankly could be any of them. Whether you plan to flip it once or make a living out of it, what I posted applies. A car is not an investment outside of sheer luck.

If you want a car with the least amount of loss get a Viper and baby it.
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Originally Posted by snaphappy View Post
No I genuinely want to know how people feel about the Boss vs the ZL1 vs the 2nd gen Viper. Not one person has offered an opinion. They've all tried to give me financial advice.
Pick the one out of these three that you like best. Since i believe they will all be a poor investment, pick the one that will give you the most joy to own and drive. Thats what cars are for anyway. I would list the ZL1, followed by the Viper, and would not even consider the Ford as its performance numbers are so poor.
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Originally Posted by snaphappy View Post
Please read comments above. I never said I expected to retire off the car. I said I was hoping to sell it for a profit. My 401K is for my retirement. But thanks
Cars are not an investment. They are a tool.

You look at some of those 100% restored muscle cars from the 60's, and see them sell for 20-40-50k. Ask yourself how much money was put into them in the past 40-50 years just to keep them running.

You don't buy a car as an investment. You buy a car for transportation and / or Fun. So unless your car is featured in the next mega-hit-multi-billion dollar movie franchise. Don't expect to make any money off of it. lol.
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The Boss second choice would be the Viper
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Viper bc of the limited numbers it was probably built in, then Boss Laguna Seca.

I personally don't believe any of the cars made from the modern era will ever be sold in 10-20-30 years for a huge profit. Not like what has happened to the classics going for big bucks at Barret Jackson and other auctions. There are many different factors into why that is. Like others have said, a lot of it is baby boomers trying to relive the glory days.

Another big factor from the classic cars that makes them worth so much now is the rarity in some of them. You look at some of the big dollar cars like others have said, LS6 chevelles, 440 six packs, hemi cars, BOSS 302 and 429 Mustangs, those were the big engine cars going for huge bucks. There are also other cars going for big bucks, the rare option cars. Back then you could order car however you wanted it, and your car might have only been 1 out of like 300 made in a certain color with this option don't find that in modern cars(maybe the Z/28 now) but for the most part all the modern cars are the same, not much makes one Camaro rarerer than another Camaro. Hell back in 69, my dad ordered a 442 W-30 with a color that was only offered on the Toronado. you can't do that anymore which is why newer cars wont be as rare, or as valuable in the future IMO.
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Jamie Mac
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Any one of the three would be an excellent investment for you. In addition to your initial purchase price, make sure you factor in storage and maintenance cost for the long term. You should probably get an extermination service to continually treat for bugs and rodents. Check with some museums for what kind of climate conditions and lighting will preserve it best. It may be easier to keep up the leather if you pull it all out so it's easier to treat. There's no saving all the rubber hoses and tires for that long so you may as we'll just take all that off and sell it now while it's still good.
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Although I don't think this is a very good investment strategy, out of the 3 I'd say Viper.
Like others have said it's hard to guess what modern cars will be profitable in the future.
I don't think anyone back in the '60s and '70s thought their cars would be profitable some day. They just liked the car and wanted it; so they got it. I say Viper because they were low production and I think they're neat cars. They're probably a lot funner, too.

I screwed around on ebay and fount this, too. You might wanna jump on it if you already have the funds.
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It is pretty clear a Boss will hold its value better than a Viper. But you will make money on none of these and especailly not on your Camaro. Muscle/Performance oriented cars are just getting better and better. The 1993 Camaro was the rage when it came out. Have a look at values of this 20+ year old car to see what to expect out of yours.
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I would say the boss 302.

Here are some reasons:

1) The viper is a beautiful car but there is nothing special to it. Each consecutive model outdoes the previous using the same driving charactaristics. Unfortunately the earlier model and all of its short comings will not be missed.

2) The zl1 is the first of a generation but has flaws such as being overweight. Within the next couple of years chevrolet will be releasing performance variants that will up the zl1 in all aspects. The shortcomings of the current model will be fixed and nobody will be willing to pay extra for... nothing.

3) The BOSS 302 however has a lot going for it. It is the last of a generation that speaks to the true mustang crowd. It is a true 5.0. It has limited production numbers with rare color combinations such as the kona blue or whatever they call it green. If you can, opt for a laguna seca edition. Finally, it speaks to the enthusiast who in 30 years down the road will be the one actually purchasing it from you.

Best of luck. This is probably the biggest gamble you can do with $30k short of going to a casino. If you want an investment, your better off with purchasing a property. If you look in teh bimmerpost off topic discussion, someone opened a thread about investment ideas. I suggest you take a look. Lot's of great ideas that I personally never thought of.
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BOSS 302 as a Laguna Seca then the Viper. But it's tough call.

What about a Cadillac cts-v possibly in few years?? Or a SLP Camaro or Roush mustang?
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