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Done every time I get in the car:
Flip out key, grin at switchblade action, insert key slowly to not scratch the plastic like the previous owner did, turn on key, watch dashboard light show, grin, apply brake (L99), make sure I have brakes, Start, wait for idle to settle, glance at gauge pack on console, listen for unfamiliar noises, engage tranny, listen again for unfamiliar noises, ease out of area idling or minor throttle for about the amount of time I am onto a major road. This includes garage -> driveway -> street -> road or Walmart parking lot -> road, or work parking lot -> road.

What is that...5 minutes, maybe?
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i let the oil pressure build, give it a few seconds and go, then baby it till it comes to temp. If its been sitting a long time like it does during the winter months then i will idle it for around 5 min or so but that's just more of a habit from the old school days more than anything.
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Build thread
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These don't have carburetors. You don't need to warm them up. If fact, cold idle is when carbon and moisture build up. I adamantly oppose warming things up before take-off. It warms up faster by driving anyway. Never owned remote start, never will.

However, having a high-lift cam and aftermarket valve springs does require some extra attention, therefore I keep it under 2500 RPM until the engine oil is around 175 deg. Start it up, watch the oil pressure gauge, take off.

Did you cannot start a centri-supercharged engine in temps under 25 deg? Tolerances are too tight in the supercharger. It'll tear up in a hurry.
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Originally Posted by cornerspeed92 View Post
Just curious about how many let your engines warm up before you drive her. Luckily i have a garage so i start her then go back in shave brush my teeth and go to work.When i leave work i start her and gently wipe her down from the days dust.I couldn't imagine just jumping in a car and driving right off.I generally don't put in gear til i see 147 degrees.If this has already been covered,sorry.I did a search and a page came up but nothing about warming up your engine.

I usually wait until it idles down for about a minute and then drive off. I hate that lurch feeling when I put my car in reverse gear in the morning.

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Yes my car warms up...

Stays in garage and gets a min or two...cammed and higher idle rpm...i wish my valvetrain to last. Plus it lets everyone in my housing tract know i am leaving haha
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No garage. As soon as I have oil pressure, I drive, and by saying that, I mean, as soon as it starts. You have oil pressure faster than the gauge can show it. The water temp comes up quickly. It's the transmission and differential that takes driving to warm them and that takes longer than you might think.

You are not doing you car any favors by letting it idle for any length of time after a cold start. None.

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