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Old 04-18-2012, 11:28 PM   #15
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Guitar cable... with perhaps the best warranty.
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Say: DAMN! / Think: HDMI monster cable $36 for 6'? What a Walmart rip off!!
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2010 SSRS

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Electric Guitar
Jannetty Racing JRE Street Package
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Thanks for the replies so far, keep em coming. No wrong answers... Just doing a bit of a survey to see what peoples first reaction is.


2011 SS/RS Black & IO
GO =/S/=
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Overpriced, marketing gimmicks, especially in the home audio/video department. Also, outrageous headphones that fall under the previous two criteria.
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Namebrand car/home audio/video cables
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Originally Posted by kenkartasasmita View Post
beats by dre.
Also a worthless, marked up, poor quality headphone just to make rappers more money.
Stock...For Now.
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Overpriced, over-hyped, over-marketed unneeded cables with a stupid name...
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OMG I drive a Ford!
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overpriced HDMI cable
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I work offshore... this is a typical size we use... and that is not me... Just a picture I found...
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waaay overpriced, totally unnecessary.
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What runs to from my guitar to my marshall.
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Monster cables? Over priced cables made by a horribly greedy company that sues anyone and everyone that tries to use Monster as a name for their product, including Monster Energy, a mini-golf place name Monster, tried to sue DISNEY for their movie Monster, Inc, (the employment website).... the list goes on.

Needless to say, I refuse to give this company any of my money and urge everyone here to do the same. If you need HDMI cables, save yourself a TON of money and buy them here:
As cheap as $3 for a 6 foot cable.

Oh, and just to kick some more dirt into the eyes of monster cables, this is directly from their wiki page:

Monster Cable and similar "boutique" cables are a substantial source of revenue for retailers of electronics such as DVD players and TVs. While the profit margins of DVD players and TVs may be low, the profit margins of Monster Cables and similar products provide supplemental revenue for these retailers. Employees of such retailers are trained to market and bundle Monster Cable and similar products so as to increase profitability.[5]
Nevertheless, various reviews have reported that listeners and viewers are unable to tell a difference between substantially higher-priced Monster cables and inexpensive cables.[6][7][8] In addition, some opinions differ as to whether cable quality makes a difference for short runs of digital cables, such as using HDMI cables to connect a set-top box to one's television.[9] In one experiment conducted by a customer, audiophile listeners could not distinguish between short Monster cables and ordinary coat hangers.[10] Another reviewer concluded that "16-gauge lamp cord and Monster [speaker] cable are indistinguishable from each other with music."[11]
Monster has even produced cables where their advertised premium features cannot even affect the cable quality. These items include gold-plated optical cables, where the plating has literally no use in the proper function of the cable.[12]
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POS overpriced media cables. I buy all my cables from and they work awesome.
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