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Clutch "Sticking" Issue - Not Clutch Dust - Not Boiling Fluid

Hey guys,

I wanted to create a new post on the Clutch Sticking Issue - Basically when the clutch gets stuck half way during a launch and does not return to the original position.

The first day I got my car back in April - this happened to me. I posted on it way back then:

Now - Listen.

My car had 2.4 miles on it when I got it. The clutch/brake fluid was clean and golden yellow.

There was no "clutch dust" in the brake fluid when this happened. The car was driven very moderately for about 30 minutes before this happened - the fluid was not "boiling".

People said it was because my car wasn't broken in yet when this happened. That is also false. This has happened to several people with the car broken in just fine. And if anyone ever goes to a GM plant and see's the type of crap they put these cars through at the end of the line test - then you know that the brake-in period "myth" simply doesn't hold water.

This is plain and simple - a design flaw. I do not have the answer but this is going on and on like the "is there alien life?" question. People simply do not know why this happens - some remedies work for some people - the same remedies do not work for others.

Another fact is that this is not a new problem. It happened when LS3's were in the Vette as well. It still continues to happen in Vettes.

This hasn't happened to me since the first day I got the car - who knows why. My clutch/brake fluid now a "Kilian's Irish Red" color and the clutch hasn't stuck again yet. Had I went out - bought some special brake fluid - added another reservoir - or drained the top layer of fluid every 3 days - I'm sure I would come here reporting "MY" fix for this problem.

The fact is - I did nothing and my car doesn't do it anymore and I can't explain why.

I'm not saying don't go and try to fix this - but I wouldn't be surprised if this issue was a problem for the life of your car.

That's my 2 cents.
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Unfortunatey this is not a new issue at all... hydraulic clutch setups seemed to have these issues from time to time. The first time it happened it appears that you were being a bit agressive with the clutch?

A few things cause it but ultimately if you are unable to resolve the issue it could be something as basic as a faulty slave cylinder. Only time will tell on that one.

This may be of some use to you...
2001 Camaro Z28 M6 (MTI Lid/FRA, LS6 Cam, BBK LTs, 3.90s)
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