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When The Experienced Meets The Newcomer: A 1967 Camaro Build Log

This is a log of my 1967 Camaro. It is my daily driver. As of right now I am unsure of what I want the this log to be or what my Camaro will become. However this is how it all started...

Prior to my ownership of the Camaro I had my mom's car. She had recently passed so I took temporary ownership of the car. The car was a 2003 Acura TL. It had been passed around between everyone in my family starting with my dad, to my mom, to my brother, to my mom again and then onto me. I loved that car to bits. It had around 150,000 miles on it when I received it and now has close to 185,000 miles. The car has grown to be an extension me and I treasure it dearly, however in the back of my mind it will always be my mom's car. I decided it was time to go and find my own car. Spent months researching and learning all I could about cars and I settled on one, a Subaru BRZ. It had everything I was looking for in a car, it was small, sporty, had great gas milage, it could handle corners and it was rear wheel drive. For one reason or another the BRZ was a no go, so i continued my search. I looked at the Jeep Wrangler Sahara, Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8, Infinity g37S, Mercedes C-Class, BMW 335i, Ford Mustang GT, and the newer Camaro SS. After test driving and looking at options for all of these cars I did not find one that I absolutely loved or one that could compete with my friend at the time's brand new Audi A5(had a bit of friendly rivalry).

Then I remembered back to when I was 10 and my dad owning a 1973 Mach 1 Mustang and a 1990 Corvette ZR1. He would drag me along with him to old car shows and local places where old cars were sold and there quickly drew a huge interest in cars for me. I decided at that time that my first car would be a 1965 Black Mustang, because of my dad's Mach 1. As the years went by I forgot all about wanting that Mustang till when I was serious about getting a car. As I got older my dad would tell me about all the cars he used to own and especially about his first car, a Yellow 1979 Camaro RS with Z28 stripes down the hood, full bumblebee. So I went searching for older Camaros, not know a whole lot about old cars such as those I had to do a lot of research to make sure that I would know what to look for when looking at Camaros to buy. I did not car to much for the older 2nd generation Camaros and even more so after researching about cars of the 1970's and 1980's. I then started looking to the 1st generation Camaros and my lord were they gorgeous. I fell in love with cars again once I saw some of the 1st generations. I started my search to find a nice 1st generation Camaro, preferably a 1969 SS/Z28 variant. While looking for a nice Camaro in my price range, I started looking up other people's builds of Camaros and was exposed to the Pro-touring, Pro-Street, HotRod world. I was amazed at what some of these people did to their cars and I knew I wanted something like that. After months of searching I found a nice 1967 Camaro that had been fitted with a 1969 350 V8 and had a slew of SS badging on it and the original paper work on eBay. This Camaro was yellow with Z28 stripes just like my dad's was so that made all the more tempting to buy it. The seller had posted pictures of ever possible angle of this car inside and out, so it was easy to see what this car was like. I waited around to see if anyone was going to bid on it and at the end of the auction no one bid on it, so I rang the owner up, set up an appointment and checked out what would be my future Camaro. Drove down about 4 hours to the other side of Florida to check it out with my dad. It was exactly like advert on eBay, it was described perfectly. It had a few minor issues such as glove box sticking, no horn, a hanging exhaust, the interior roof lining wasn't put in correctly, and the original wiring, however it had a very good frame, brand new front and rear quarter panels with perfectly straight body lines, an excellent paint job and a brand new vinyl covering on the roof. The interior was completely stock from the factory minus the radio(which was not even connected but was no a problem because the engine and exhaust made such a wonder sound). The car came with the original 2 speed power-glide(which I was okay with because I never learned how to drive manual(however now I am looking for a beater car to learn manual on)so an automatic was okay with me). I was sold on the car. The following week I drove back down with my brother picked it up and drove through the Everglades to bring it back home.

The first real drive I had with the car was when I drove it alone through the Everglades. I was terrified out of my mind. My brother and I slip up and went down separate paths because the Everglades, while being a longer journey was a simpler drive than the path we came on so I chose to do that. Now I think it is just nature's way of testing me but for all of my automotive firsts I have had the worst weather to be driving in. Getting my learners permit and my drivers license it had been pouring rain so hard you could not see in front of the car and getting my first car was no different. It was a constant battle with the rain on my trip back home. I learned a lot about the car on my journey back. I learned the hard way that cars have come a long way since the 60's. Such as Air conditioning, which at the time the Camaro had none, now being in the “Sunshine State” where it pisses rain every couple of days and is blisteringly hot/humid the other, Air condition soon because a luxury that I had missed dearly. I learned from my dad to always keep a towel in the car just incase and this was a time I am glad I had listened to him. That towel had saved my life and allowed me to see while driving. While driving my “new” very loud Camaro in what seemed like a hurricane, while managing the window vents to let cool air in and working the defroster and stressing over how I only had one side mirror, I found it strangely relaxing.
It was as if my worries were being drowned away by the sound of that engine and even though I was in a hellish condition I did not want it to end. This car was the coolest thing on the planet.

I pulled into my drive way and with a big ridiculous smile on my face took what I thought was an artsy photo of the car and went inside to come up with a list of things that would make this Camaro, my Camaro.

Now the list of things I wanted to do with the car is as follows...(Constantly Updating)
[x] = Completed
[~] = In Progress
[ ] = Hopefully Soon

- Vintage Air [x]
- Fix The Horn [~]
- New Wiper Blades [~]
- Tint Windows [x]
- New Wider Tires and Rims [ ]
- Fix Broken Driver Side Back Seat Window [~]
- Fix Interior Roof Lining [~]
- Fix Broken Driver Side Window [~]
- Install Passenger Side Mirror [x]
- Fix Driver Side(someone smashed it while I was in school) and Passenger Side Mirror [~]
- Replace Wiring Harness [~]
- Fix Speedometer Noise [x]
- Replace Headlights with HID compatible Housing [x]
- Swap Engine [~]
- Swap Transmission [~]
- Replace All Mechanical Gauges [~]
- Install Custom Cup-holders [~]
- Install Radio [x]
- New Exhaust [ ]
- Four Point Seat Belts [~]
- Improve Suspension [~]
- Disc Brakes [x]

Now as I previously said, I am inspired by the Pro-touring, Pro-street and HotRod scene and I have a lot of ideas on what to do with my Camaro. As much as I like the Bumblebee look, it isn't for me. I like a more sleeker look. Recently I have really liked the dark grey because of my dad's 300S. Black has always been a favorite of mine. I was thinking of doing a dark grey with mate black Z28 stripes and remove any chrome that is on my car and change the grill so it looks like it is one solid piece and have the sides go back and reveal the headlights such as in the RS models.
I have also loved the idea of bolted on fenders, but I do not know if I will put them on this car just yet.
I wish to keep the interior how it is except for the radio, the center console and the gauges. I would also like to lighting in the foot well, if I go with the colour scheme of dark grey and mate black I would put in orange lighting in the foot well for the driver and passenger.
If I do decide to go along with this I will probably do a radio delete.

Now something to understand about my Camaro, It started out as an inline – 6cylnder with a couple of factory option in a butternut yellow. When I received it, it already the '350' so keeping it completely stock was never in the mindset. I just knew right now I wanted to try and bring it into modern times and keep with the same idea of adding a bigger more powerful engine.

Starting January 2014 the Camaro is going through an engine swap. Swapping the '350' with an LS2 from a Pontiac GTO. Upgrading the Transmission with a newer Automatic since the car originally came from the factory with one. Suspension is also being upgraded so the car can handle the extra horsepower. New exhaust and headers to be paired with the LS2. VHX Gauges with a black back and white lettering to be installed. Along with other minor add-ons. Work is being done at SunCoast Speed & Custom Cars out of Tarpon Springs Florida. They installed my Vintage Air System when I first received the car and did a fantastic job.

Below are Pictures of the Camaro when I picked it up. Person blacked out is the seller. I am in the car driving it away for the long journey back. Following them will be pictures of the car being taken apart and fitted with the new engine. After the Engine will be the Gauges that will be in the car, they will have a black background with white lettering. Next is the new HID headlight housing. Following is a temporary cup holder(now painted black) I made. After is another option before I settled on the VHX gauges.
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