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New DSV Customs Real Carbon Fiber Back Panel Inserts (Pictures Inside)


We just finished a set of inserts for the back part of the camaro, these are going to featured in SEMA. This car is going to be featured in the GM booth. We think that this will be a nice complement to the front door panel inserts. These panels are going to be available painted, hydrocarbon, and real carbon fiber. I am also posting pictures of the automatic shift knob and 4 gauge pack finished. This car is having a customs sound system installed so the speaker openings were made. It is also going to be a nice compliment to the front carbon fiber panels.


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They do not look 100% real are they overlayed with real carbon fiber?
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Drives: 2010 Camaro
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Originally Posted by carbonworks View Post
They do not look 100% real are they overlayed with real carbon fiber?
An overlay part, is when you purchase precut pieces of real carbon fiber which have some type of adhesive backing, usually the peel and stick variety. There are many companies out there that sell these type of pieces. When installed on a car, it is very easy to distinguish them from REAL carbon fiber laminated parts, because you will always be able to see the edges of the pieces because they are exactly what the name implies-an Overlay.

This particular part which you are referring to is an OEM part which has been laminated with REAL carbon fiber; it is not a gimpy peel and stick overlay. Lamination of a part is a multistep process. First the part is sanded down in order to provide a better surface to adhere the carbon fiber cloth. Next, the part is put thru a special vacuum process during which a resin/catalyst mixture is infussed into the Carbon fiber weave so that it molds onto the part in one single piece. After it comes out of the vacuum process, additional multiple coats of resin are applied to the part (this is what will eventually give it the beautiful depth and 3D effect that can only be achieved with Real carbon fiber). Next, the excess carbon fiber cloth is trimmed from around the edges of the piece. After trimming, the entire part is sanded multiple times, using progressively finer grit sand paper. Top-of- the-line (sikkens) clear coat is sprayed on the part. After drying for a day, the part is again sanded in preparation of the final step. The final step is to buff the part to a high luster.

As you all know we also offer parts done in Hydrocarbon. This is a much less complicated process than doing parts in real carbon fiber or real carbon fiber lamination. Decorating a piece in hydrocarbon takes a fraction of the time than it takes to do it in the REAL stuff. The process is much more simple and economical, that is why we can offer parts in hydrocarbon for a much lower cost vs REAL carbon fiber. The process basically consists of the following, the part is sanded down and the desired base color is applied (this is why you can choose from different colors). A piece of water soluble film with the desired pattern is then floated on the surface of a tank of water and a special activator is sprayed which will cause the film to liquify, leaving the pattern floating on the surface of the water. After waiting 45 seconds for the activator to work on the film, the part is submerged into the tank and hydrostatic pressure will cause the ink to adhere and conform to shape of the part. The part is part is then rinsed clean before clear coat is applied to it and buffed to a shine. Bingo, you now have hydrocarbon.

To give you an idea of the cost, one square yard of film costs about $2.10 vs about $45.00 a yard of Real Carbon fiber cloth. Feel free to contact us for all of your real carbon fiber or hydrocarbon items as we do offer both products. Forum rules do not allow us to post pricing, but we will be match or beat any competitors price for any similar product. Look for us at the SEMA show in Las Vegas next month (booth 10964) We will have on display Real Carbon fiber parts, hydrocarbon parts, painted, and leather parts.


Here are some pictures of the clear difference between hydrocarbon and real carbon fiber. As you can see hydrocarbon looks nice but the real carbon fiber is a different league all together.


Real Carbon Fiber:

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Gerardo this stuff looks great! Keep up the good work. One day I will break down and get some, and when I do. You're the man I'm calling on!
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