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Danny M.
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'97 LT1 Intake Manifold Oil Leak

I've tried searching everywhere I can think, but I can't seem to find a good guide for fixing the famous intake manifold leak. I'm no mechanic, but I do want to learn. I'm on a budget and I would really rather just do it myself instead of wasting the money to have someone else do it for me. Anyone know of a good guide, preferably with pictures and/or video? Any help is appreciated. Also, a list of tools and supplies I would need to fix it would be VERY helpful. It's obviously a common problem, so I have no idea why I can't find a good guide or video. Am I just an idiot? Sorry if I've left any necessary information out. Many thanks in advance.
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Eh, that'll happen
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On the LT1/4 it's not a big deal.
- Pull off the "CORVETTE" beauty covers.
- Disconnect the various electrical connectors
- Remove the nuts that hold the electrical harnesses to each side of the intake
- Move the harnesses out of the way
- Remove the 4 bolts that hold the fuel rail in place
- Remove the fuel rail/injector assembly from the intake (leave attached to fuel lines and simply set it on a towel on the windshield)
- Remove the throttle body and the throttle cable
- Remove throttle cable bracket
- Remove any misc items/hoses...PCV valve & hose, AIR connections, EGR (on the LT1), etc.
- Remove the intake manifold bolts
- Remove manifold & old gaskets

- Clean, clean, clean the sealing surfaces
- Clean intake bolt threads
- Install new gaskets
- Apply RTV sealer to the block for the end seals
- Set intake in place. Apply liquid teflon to the intake bolt threads and torque bolts per Factory Service Manual specs and sequence
- Reassemble the remainder in reverse of above

That pretty much covers the major stuff.

3 to 5 hour job. 2 or slightly more if you can really spin the wrenches and everything goes your way.
2010 Camaro SS LS3 - No Modz
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Danny M.
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Drives: 97 6-Speed z28 Intake & Cat Back
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I've seen the link you've posted before, but it just kinda skips over the whole process of how to remove the manifold. Your response is the most helpful so far. Hopefully there will be more replies. This is my first car and the only one I've really had any opportunity to work on, so I'm not exactly feeling super confident. I've seen mentions of having to drain the coolant, is that necessary or am I just misunderstanding/misreading? As far as RTV sealer, I've heard that Right Stuff from Permatex is best, is that correct? Umm, list of tools that I'll need? Any surprises to look out for? Thanks a million.
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Hardest part might be reaching behind to take off EGR connections. Nothing real special about doing this job. Also, might be a little tough lifting off the intake if the old RTV is still a bit stuck... I used a pry bar.

No need to drain coolant, as LT1 intake is dry.

One tip from me: for installing the intake, you want to set it straight down, so as not to mess up the RTV bead... so, buy a couple bolts from the hardware store that are the same thread... and cut off the heads- then thread them in on the front of the engine... slide the intake down over them... install the rest of the bolts loosely, then remove the headless bolts... install the last 2 intake bolts and torque everything in order to specs

common SAE/metric wrenches/sockets & the fuel line disconnect & a torque wrench that has 'low' in-lb ratings.

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