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Thumbs up Congrats to Darth Emma (New 5th Gen IRS Record 8.47@168 )

Featured on Camaro5 HOMEPAGE

Way to go Terri and the IPS crew. 8.47 @168 sets the new 5th gen IRS record.

Name:  Capture.JPG
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Name:  Capture1.JPG
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Name:  Capture2.JPG
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Name:  Capture3.JPG
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Name:  Capture4.JPG
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Name:  Capture5.JPG
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Name:  Capture6.JPG
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Congrats Darth Emma

What started out as just another testing session escalated quickly into a record breaking test session. When we arrived at the track this morning, we were all worried that the low car count and cold weather would not lend to a great test session, but we needed to get Bob Williams' (owner of AllPro) license passes so we decided to brave the cold.

The first hit off the trailer wasn't bad, Bob ran a 9.08@154.. the pass wasn't clean, and we knew we needed to check some things. A quick check proved that a plug wire was bad and after Tom Willing and Jared Greybiel of IPS Motorsports changed the plugs and the bad wire went back up.

Pass 2 was 8.99@156, a couple of quick tuning changes by Patrick Barnhill of PTP Tuning and back up for pass 3.

Pass 3 was 8.79@164, now we knew that the record was going to be broken... a couple of quick tuning changes and back up for pass 4...

Pass 4 was 8.68@165, capturing both the ET and MPH records for IRS 5th Gen Camaros... a couple of quick changes and back up for pass 5...

Pass 5 was 8.56@166, and we decided that would be enough for today... we started to pack up and Patrick says, let's do 1 more!... we were all game, so the guys packed the chute and got the car ready for 1 final pass...

Pass 6 was 8.47@168 and the car went back into the trailer in 1 piece ready to go out another day.

There is still more in the car, all of these passes were with 1.4x-1.5x 60's and we feel that the car will do much better than that, but because of today's goals we didn't want to push the starting line... we just wanted to get the license passes and capture the records.

Next time out expect to see great things.

Congratulations to Terri (Darth Emma) Car owner and Bob Williams (Driver)

Also special thanks to Stas, Owner of IPS Motorsports for sending out Tom and Jared from the shop and for all the work done on the car.

This car was designed and built by IPS Motorsports and supported at the track by the IPS Crew

AllPro Designer and sponsor of Head, Intake, Elbow, Cam design, Valvetrain.

RPM Transmissions TH400

Driveshaft Shop Driveshaft, 9" conversion, axles

PTP and Patrick Barnhill Tuning
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The Stig
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That's awesome!
Click to view my build thread
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that,s smokin...and independent on top of that...
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Anabolic Connoisseur
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A.R. Headers
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From all of us at ARH/Fark's Supercars Congrats Emma and to all involved. Very impressive indeed. Can't wait to see that hot rod run in person. Continued success!!

A.R. Headers

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Nice work Emma & IPS!!!
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Mr. Nasty
Emerald Coast Camaros
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Best @ 586/525 =10.41 @ 133
AS OF 12/13/14>633 RWHP =10.22@135
AS OF 1/31/15 @ 633 RWHP=10.16@135
AS OF 1/29/16 @ 633 RWHP=10.10@136
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BeckyD Rocks :-)
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Congrats on a successful day at the strip
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Wow thats awesome!
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USAF retired! Thank God!
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I may do those twin tubos sooner than i thought
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Thats moving out. Great job IPS and Terri!!
Follow along as we build and race this 2010 Camaro!

FNSS Racing!
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I need a new job....

Congrats IPS
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