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Firstly let me apologise in getting the pics to you so late but my new camera phone just would not sync to any of my computers ...of all days!! So I had to email each picture to my laptop to post/upload.

I have created a story board review for anyone that needs one guys opinion.

I have tried to remove my emotions from this review (that was hard) and I have tried to be subjective.

My dealer called me up and said the Camaro is here, I was there in 3mins!!

She was dirty and taped up still but she looked adorable.

NO car has made me feel so intense as this car.

Smith Chevy Kamloops. I cant say enough about this dealer. Right from the start their transparency and ethics on delivering what was promised. Special thanks to Dan (sales) Clayton (Sales manager) John (Bean counter lol) and of course all the staff and especially Marnie!!

The car arrives with lots of dust and all, just like a new baby from a mothers womb. I expected this.
The dealer wanted to keep it over night and wash it, I was ok with that UNTIL.......
...until I read a review of how dealers probably wash cars on this forum. It was too late by then and I was sick with worry, so I was dreading and hardly slept that night.

So I had a little test drive nothing that I could say emmm or ahh about so I will leave the review until a further down the posting.

There was 20km on the car. Remember this figure for later!!!!

My Big day arrives, and I am told that the local newspaper is here and they want the story of the first preordered sold Camaro 2010 in our area!
So my GF, kid and I arrive have our pics duly taken for the paper and then we proceed to take some pics ourselves.

I have to be honest with you, the condition was perfect.
The paint was perfect, I looked for any scratches NONE
I looked for paint mismatch NONE
I looked for dents NONE
I looked inside for door alignment problems NONE
I looked for rear boot/trunk alignment NONE
Surely their had to be SOMETHING wrong with this... NONE!!!!!
I was so pleased!!!

But wait!!! The car says 30Km on it now so it gained 10km over night.
You know what guys, as long as the car hasn’t been harmed, I don’t mind if they went for a LITTLE cruise. This car is such an attraction and if it stirred a dream inside someone (cos they couldn’t afford it etc) then I’m OK with that. If there was a scratch on the car there would have been HELL to pay. But the car was delivered to me IMACULATE. I really mean that … it was MINT!

Let get this out the way... some one said you feel like a rock star.
The attention this car pulls is beyond belief. I had attention when the Magnum came out but the Camaro is UNBELIEVABLE.
I have had a mother with kids in the back of an SUV chasing me until I stop to ogle at it, screaming through their window as what was the car.
All you get is "OMG that is sooo beautiful" You will get honked you will get stopped you will also be late for appointments.

I stopped to fix Harley Davidson's computers as I look after their networks, and what should have taken me 10secs after parking and entering their door took 30 minutes, yes 30 minutes!!
It was like bees to a honey pot. People just literally swarmed out of their offices/buildings smiling and running to take pics and shake your hand cos they have been waiting so long to see the real thing. And of course you have to show them under the hood and all!!

Anyway, then came Team Harley Davidson to ogle and drool. Then came all te passer byes and customers of surrounding businesses.
It was nice to show them this beauty.

I have to tell you this is amazing. Everything just fits like a glove. All the lines line up, and it looks tight!

This is a personal opinion but I am just so happy that I chose SIM. It feels perfect for the car but I think ANY colour will be perfect for this car.
This car is supposed to be a legend reborn. I have to disagree. This car is ALREADY a legend because of all the process of it getting here into our hands.

I ordered the 2SS/RS which came with 20" Midnight silver BUT I UPGRADED to the Polished Aliminium ones.
Was it worth it. Yes, thank God I did. I have been fortunate enough to see the CGM at the dealer and it has Midnight Silver wheels and even in CGM they don’t stand out enough for me so on silver they really would not have stood out.
The polish A's look fabulous and worth EVERY penny. I urge you if you can afford the upgrade do it, you wont regret it.

Very nice touch with the flick knife key. The key is very high quality.

I couldn’t work out how to do that but I am sure I will soon.

One guy that heard me turn it on said it sounded just like his corvette.
Honestly I wish it had a little more rumble but then again I haven’t given it over 3000 revs so its hard to determine
I am very please with how quiet it is to drive

I have controlled myself immensely on this. I haven’t driven hard or even over 3000 rpm but all I can tell you is that the acceleration I feel is best summed up by someone that sat in the passengers seat who said it feels like being on an jet airplane taking off. You feel the power but the acceleration is gradual and sooo smooth.
I haven’t felt that much of a kick but then again I haven’t given her peddle to the metal yet. OK also I learned that there is a "sport" mode but I haven’t had time to play with that.

By the end of the day I did put my foot down and wahoooooo this baby flies and throws you back!!

WOW!! Its hard not to feel important with all the stares and honks you get. The drive its so smooth, especially the take off.
I noticed that the gear changes were a little more hesitant than what I am used to on the Magnum. But I think its cos I was soo nervous about how I was driving and not wanting to put the peddle down too far. I know I’m a chicken!! No problems at all with the feel of the car. It feels solid, it feels tight and on rails, by the end of the day I got the hang of it.

The ride quality is so smooth its unbelievable that you are doing the speeds you are doing when you look down. The ride quality is as good as you will EVER get on 20" wheels. Well done GM on this.

One issue I do have is when you have the windows down, you do get turbulence and resonance. Also at 100kmh I am getting some sort of vibration. I think I will get that looked at by the dealer. Possible wheel balance issue. Not sure have to investigate this further.

Visibility is not perfect but it is NOT that bad at all. Im having no problems so far. If you ignore the fact that you dont have that triangular window at the back to look through you will be fine.
I always look over my shoulder before changing lanes anyway.

Sorry I haven’t used this yet and I will update it as soon as I have done so.

The brakes feel beautiful. The best brakes on any car I have driven.
They feel very silky smooth in stopping but stop they do very quick.

The fit and finish is just exellent. I was so worried about the panels not lining up but it is as close as you can physically get them.
The quality is great but I personally wish they have spent a few more bucks on the HVAC centre controls, they feel a little on the cheap side.

The guages are an great touch, they really bring out the aggresiveness in the car.

Well, the sound system is awesome BUT I hate to say this but it is NOT as good as my 6 speaker BA system in my Magnum.
The dynamic range seems to sound more natural and pure and clearer in my Magnum and Im not sure why. This is the 9speaker BA system in the Camaro ut my 6 speaker system sounds better!??

Have not used it at all sorry

Bla bla bla guys I don’t watch TV hardly nor do I listen to the radio. I just listen to MP3s

Sorry have not done this yet but I cant wait to put my music on a jump drive and try it.

This is great too, but it does take a longish time to cool the car down
I do feel the AC in my Magnum is a little more powerful in cooling that in the Camaro but I do have black leather seats in the Camaro so its not comparing apples to apples etc.
The AC at max power does whistle a bit which can get a bit annoying at times so you turn it down then you heat up and want to turn it up.
Anyway, its minor really cos I always like the windows down when I drive.

Its cool. I like it. Wish we never made such a song and dance and so tempered about this on the forum. Its nice but wish it was on the front too. Its amazing how such a thing is really irrelevant when you get your car.

The seats are very comfortable. VERY.
The driver side is fully push button automated. The passenger is semi. My only wish would have been that the passenger side was FULLY automotive, however, after spending time with the car you need it to be manual for simplicity and quickness of getting in and out of the car.

The seat fold forwards by a lever at the back of the seats!!

You will not regret getting this car. All the waiting and suffering you have undergone will just wash away with driving this car. You are an instant celebrity to boot. The car 2SS/RS is FIRST CLASS in build and drivability. Sure I can see improvements but I would be a liar if I said this car cannot be improved upon and that is what after market stuff and personalising is all about.



We also went to get it insured and get my Personalised plates on. On the way back to the dealer I let the sales guy drive it. He was elated!!

^^^ Dan the sales guy doing his bit for the economy!!

^^ notice the fit on the bodywork. Its excellent.


DELIVERY DAY. With My girlfriend Kelly and my son Addam

^^^ Personlised plates

^^^ Yours Truly!

SIM Camaro 2010 V8-2SS/RS-A6!!+

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driving! Thanks GM !!!
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she's beautiful.....thanks for the review and congrats! I'm picking mine up on Monday so this will be the longest weekend of my life!
I finally settled on a name for her....."Bonnie"

Everything is better in a Camaro.......puts a smile on my face everyday.....
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Okie doke
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Very nice writeup .. thanks !!! ENJOY ..

And great color choice

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Old school SS, junior
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Originally Posted by babyjulie83 View Post
she's beautiful.....
Yes, she is.
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Awesome. I picked mine up yesterday. The only thing I can add onto your stellar review is about the turn-by-turn and the mp3 playback.

mp3 playback is very simple...although I'm disappointed because I have a 1st gen iPod that I was planning on leaving in the center console just for the music and it didn't work. My iPhone did...but I'd rather not use the iPhone for music in case I get a phone call (but that's what Bluetooth is for...). Also I don't want to put it in the center console because I know I'll constantly be forgetting to take it out. The new iPhone 3Gs comes out in a few weeks so I'll get that and use my current iPhone as the music source. I haven't played with all of the features but it was very simple...just plug it in and listen. A part of me wishes that the button on the steering wheel was actually a "scroll-wheel."

Leaving the dealership and after setting up OnStar the lovely lady set up my route back to work (I know :( ). It worked perfectly. The radio just dulled a bit when she was giving me the directions...and then went back to normal. Also, it did "reroute" when I didn't follow exactly.
Proud Member of NEC5!
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Serious Sleeper
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Well written and pics to boot.....
So nice when camaros come to those R6P people
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BlaSSt Off
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PLEASE use the little hook thing on the back of the fuel door so the cap doesnt scratch the car...
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Originally Posted by BlaSSt Off View Post
PLEASE use the little hook thing on the back of the fuel door so the cap doesnt scratch the car...
Duly noted!! I will slap Dan the sales guys hand for that lol!
SIM Camaro 2010 V8-2SS/RS-A6!!+
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Weekend Rockstar
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good review and congrats on your car!
Shortcuts can slow you down...
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Phil Oliver
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how do you find the visabilty?
SIM 1LT 19" polished rims. 2G1FF1EV8A9124407.
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I swear, this car is gorgeous in any color! Great write-up!

I have no clue how the seat fold forwards yet!!
Glad it wasn't just me! It took teenagers to find this in my car LOL.

It's much easier to locate and operate than the little knob way down at the bottom of the seat like on my old Firebird.
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Waiting For My 1SS/RS SIM
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God I love SIM, great review by the way.
Order# NJPW8K
1SS/RS SIM Black Interior
1100 (original order date): 04/16/09
2000 (dealer received allocation):
2500 (order preferenced):
3000 (accepted to production):
3300 (scheduled for prod):
3400 (broadcast):
3800 (produced):
4000/4B00 (available to ship/bayed):
4200 (shipped):
4300 (intermediate, may be multiple):
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Dude, I love my car !!!!
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You car is awesome!!!!

.... and so is the write-up.

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i want my car
1100, Preliminary order accepted - 13oct08
2000, Order accepted by GM ----- n/a
3000, Order acc. by P.R---------- n/a
3100, Order available to sequence- n/a
3300, Order sch. for production--- 21may09
3400, Order broadcast------------ 28may09
3800, Order produced ------------ 2jun09(2G1FT1EW8A9114199)
4000, Available to ship
4200, Shipped--------------------9june09

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