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Replacing radiator coolant overflow tank question.

2011 Camaro 2LT RS. How hard is it to replace the radiator coolant overflow tank. Mine has a leak somewhere. Tried to top it off and it ran out onto the pavement. I thought I would ask all of you for tips on what and where to look for possible causes. Is it an easy fix or should I take it to the dealer? Took the radiator cap off and its filled to the rim so I pretty sure its just the overflow bottle. Any advice would be appreciated.

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OMG! A leak in the overflow was discovered for mine too. My dad said he smelled antifreeze.

Kicker is, the main reservoir was pretty full and I haven't been able to find a leak yet.
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Old 08-13-2018, 02:20 PM   #3
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Probably just gotta take the wheel well out
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Removal is done from the wheel well where the 2 bolts holding it in are. Sounds like you guys have way to much coolant in the reservoir. Check when it’s a cold engine after it’s been sitting for a while. There is a small bleeder/breather hole in the unit and most likely that’s where the excess fluid is coming out of after the car is hot and the system is doing what it is supposed to. Check level again when the car gets hot and up to full temperature. If your above full when hot then yours is over filled. Should be low when cold and full when hot.

I have removed my factory unit all together to accommodate a custom billet aluminum one. The system for oem and aftermarket are the same concept.
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