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Unhappy Dropping the Tank, What to upgrade.

A couple months back I was driving home from the track, and at about 10 pm I hit someones blown tire that was in the middle of the interstate and it kicked up and hit something in the rear of my car. Everything felt fine but I wanted to double check everything was good, so I took the next exit and looked under the car and everything looked good. So I kept driving home. The next day I took it out after work and put some gas in it. The day after that I opened my garage and all I could smell is gas. Looked under the car and there was just a little pin sized hole in the tank that was just weeping a little gas. I didn't drive it for the rest of the week, and over the weekend I put the car on a hoist and patched the hole with some WaterWeld. All was good for a couple months, till Saturday, I put gas in my car, and Sunday morning I opened the garage door and smelled gas again. I've thought about just patching it again but I don't want to keep patching it over and over again. So I've decided to replace the tank. Luckily I found a used tank nearby for about 150 bucks.

What are some upgrades that I can do while I have the sub-frame out. I know the obvious upgrade is sub-frame bushings, but I was wondering if there are any other ones I can do while its out. And for sub-frame bushings are BMR's Poly bushings good or should I just bite the bullet and get solid bushings.

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You already have a ZL1 pump so your good there, you can do the upper rear control arm bushing to Z28 style (their solid vs the SS has voids) you could always do diff bushing, and completely agree on the cradle bushing. Do a good clean up in that area.
Definitely go solids you won't notice any noise, vibration, or harmonics speed the extra for the solids.
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If your cradle is out you can upgrade a lot. I would go solid craddle mounts from DSE for sure. If you ever wanted to upgrade suspension I would pop the z/28 upper link with the big bushing. Horrible to replace without craddle off. Rest you can do with car back together.

If solid mounts worry you go z/28 mounts.
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