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ips motorsports thumbs down!

I took my car to have it tuned friday, they didn't have a tuner for me even though I made the appointment 3 weeks prior. Instead of them calling a tuner in for me as I was 2 hours away, "jeff" the shop manager talked me into leaving the car and promised they would make it "right." I was told the car would be tuned Saturday and I could pick it up Sunday morning. Well Saturday rolls around and was fed the lie that the cops showed up and said they were being too loud. Such a ****ing lie, they are in an industrial park and the dyno is inside. Well Sunday jeff feeds me the same bullshit saying his tuners don't feel like working today... really, you're the shop manager, you tell them when they work. So Monday I get a call saying car runs good and after changing heads and cam on an ls3 camaro LOST torque and gained only 24whp. WTF!!!! He offers to bring the car to me and reluctantly I agreed. I can see why he wanted to bring me the car. It ****ing runs like shit, the tune is super fat. And they tried to charge me extra, I was able to get them down to the qouted price. He was lucky my buddies and myself didn't give him a beating he would never forget. Now I have to take the car to a competent shop and pay to have the car tuned right. Last time dealing with this LYING and overrated shop.

My first tune wasnt bad this one is terrible! Old cam specs .563/.563, 218/229,113 lsa laid down 444/425

New cam .619/.596, 233/248, 113 lsa, added ported heads, jre scoop and washer bottle relocate. Put down 468/424.

I'm lost for how bad this car runs, I'm so disgusted. At idle it reeks so bad, it is sooooo rich. Now I have to shell out more money for a retune.
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