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Now me and my parents are saying maybe we should forgo the CC and stick to the original plan of gettting the camaro in December/january. Its kind of uncertain at the time ill let you guys know.

Id still say its 65/35 CC though.

BTW: VIRGIN cars are the way to go
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Originally Posted by teamlynn1 View Post
Well there are many ways to look at your scenario, you may be one of those guys who doesnt mind used but I look at my vehciles like I do my women I want them to be VIRGINS when I take them not WHORES not even slightly used WHORES that somebody else has been inside. It just a matter of personal preference. There is definitley logic in buying used goods and saving $$$ but if you want to drive a NEW vehicle leasing is the most affordable way to do it imho. The majority of those Trailblazers that you see for half price are rentals that get bought back at auction so to me those are SEASONED WHORES having had so many different asses in the seats it wouldnt be a good value to me at or near free. I admit I am unique in my not wanting others to drive my cars, I actually prefer to PDI them myself when they come in. I beleive I care for my cars better than anyone else and will gladly pay for that right to do so.

I do agree with you on your logic if you want to buy new and plan to get a different car again in 2 years, then leasing prob. is the best way to go. I was just saying it is not the least expensive option out there.

I also agree that I don't want all kinds of people being "inside" my vehicle before I own it... but that is where my hard work in finding exactly what I want pays off, it takes patience to find what you want but in the end the result is good. My TB was a one owner vehicle who then traded it in at the same dealer he bought it from for another new vehicle. All my other previous used cars I have had to search hard to find exactly what I wanted, several of them I had to drive 2 or 3 states away to get them, and I have just been lucky enough to find cars that were taken care of as good as I take care of them, but again it is all in the hunt lol.

Like you said it all comes down to personal preference, and I know one day I will buy a new vehicle when I have money to throw around, but for now I will stay used as it is the most logical for me.
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