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Originally Posted by eLeSthree View Post
then teach yourself to read lambda. 1.0 is cruising/idling and most likely your target in boost will be around .78

Dont get confused with the different stoichs of each fuel. Who is going to tune it?

Have you started a pile of parts yet?
Been reading a fair amount, and YouTube. Parts wise, piecing as I go.
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Whatever gauge you decide, get a UEGO that reads Lambda.
Pro: Stoich will always be 1.00 no matter what you're pumping in the engine, gas, E85 and meth. Much easier to estimate percentages for some of the tables in HP Tuners too.
Con: Takes a little getting used to knowing whats lean and rich.
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Originally Posted by eLeSthree View Post
then teach yourself to read lambda. 1.0 is cruising/idling and most likely your target in boost will be around .78
Yes! Since you're not already conditioned to understand AFR, then just start learning in terms of lambda. MUCH more straightforward. 1.0 is stoich, ALWAYS. Greater than 1.0 is lean, less than 1.0 is rich. Target PE is going to be whatever number you or your tuner put in there, so just know what it's supposed to be, and it will always be that, regardless of E content. For example, if you target 0.78 and are perfectly tuned, then 0.78 will always show up on the gauge at WOT, whether you're running straight 93, E10, E50, E85 or anything in between.

Kinda like metric vs. imperial. If you're not already accustomed to inches and feet, do yourself a favor and start with meters. It just makes more sense.
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Sucker Punch
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I used AFR for a long time when I switch to E85 I switched to Lambda just made easer to keep an eye on fuel ratio.
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Originally Posted by RupertPupkin View Post
So .74-.78 for e85 also at wot?
Use lambda, not dependent on fuel type. E85, E50, E10, E0, doesn't matter. At WOT: Approx .78 lambda for boosted & N2O. Approx .85 NA. Autometer in the Camaro and the AEM in the STI, both are setup to display lambda.
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Originally Posted by RupertPupkin View Post
Is this the 1 you have? AEM Wideband UEGO Gauge - Digital Air/Fuel - 30-4110
So from what I read, if the mixture is good, it’s always going to read 1?

What numbers usually pop up during WOT?
Just to confirm, yes. that is the same model I have. It doesn't go through the obd2 port, like the newer one. It's nice and cheap and I've used them on several cars. Havent blown any up yet... You have to supply it with 12vlts switched power and ground, then run the output wire to your HPTuners device, then weld in the wideband sensor.

You can have the display read AFR and the output to HPTuners logs read lambda if you want. Or vice versa, or have them both read the same.

There is a tiny adjustment screw on the backside of the gauge that you turn to change your gauge display value.

Once you have it setup in the vcm scanner, you just log the correct channels. Right click on the gauge channel and change the Unit type to Lambda or whatever. But lambda is universal, and I hate math. Use lambda.
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Scott S
Scott S
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Just ordered my AEM X-Series wideband OBDII wideband AFR controller gauge today at the recomendation of my tuner. and also the defrost gauge pod for mounting.
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