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Is a Camaro practical in Colorado?

Hey guys

Just accepted a position in Colorado springs

I will be moving up there from Texas in the beginning of october and have never lived anywhere with snow.

I do plan on getting a set of snow tires, my question is ...Is that enough?

Other plans is to trade the camaro in for a truck, but i dont really want to do that
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If you have NEVER driven in snow, I would look for a local school to teach you. There are subtleties to it, and it never hurts to learn.

I run snow tires in my area and it's enough. You just can't go in snow deeper than your car.

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If other cars can make it, the Camaro will make it.
I imagine they are pretty good with the plows there.

RWD can be a blast in the snow!
2011 1SS/RS LS3 CGM
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Vegas Bound

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I think there are roads in CO. I'd be more concerned with the gangs in Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs.
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Originally Posted by CamaroFred View Post
RWD can be a blast in the snow!
It can also make you crap your pants if you don't know what you're doing.

OP, as long as you don't get wild and crazy you should be fine with snow tires, IMO. I'd MUCH rather drive in snow than ice, but keep in mind that with these cars sitting lower to the ground you'll be able to make it through less snow than if you had a 4x4 truck. Colorado does do a good job about keeping the roads clear, but they sometimes get surprised by some pretty crazy snow storms that just outdo the snow removal teams.
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keep in mind snow melts,water runs into the road,it cools off,and presto,you have ice.if youve never driven in snow before it can be an expensive learning process.
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that's like asking if ketchup is a vegetable the answer is yes, it will be fine drive like you got some sense
i have driven a 18 wheeler in 48 states 800k miles accident free thru all kinds of weather day and night.
suv's and 4wd trucks end up wrecked in the ditch more than anything because of overconfident have to worry about the other nondriveing asses. that being said my m6 ss would be a HANDFUL but i could do it. i would buy a winter beater just to preserve the maro.
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