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Originally Posted by Drago77 View Post
Yes!!!! Jeff Morris, I think.... he contacted me about my vert top issues, and did ask for my info. He set up a GM customer work order for me, hmmmmm
yup.. thats him.

sorry jeff if I am wrong and thank you for your service here on the forum but hopefully you can see why we are concerned.
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Originally Posted by Drago77 View Post
Wow- after reading all this its a good thing I decided NOT to do a tune!!!!
I'm with ya! Glad I left my car stock so I could keep my warranty!

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I think Jeff is an asset to all the new car buyerson here with his assistance on warranty/service issues. GM and the others in the big 3 have been around drag strips noting cars racing for years and denying warranties. I think that was low....but now with the ability to detect the ECM reflash I see no need now to "spy" on the forums for the goal of denying warranties. If a tuner pushed the limits and blew up a motor GM should not have to cover it. It is a rish we take. Just as wen years ago my youngest daughter put my wifes new C5 vette into the wall. We did not call the ins co. to try and get it covered with a story, she helpped me get the parts, repair it, and paint it and go riht back to the track on our dime. (and then another of our drivers did the same thing a month later!).

What I don't agree with is some of the nonsense voiding done for a minor mod that has NO negative impact on any covered component. Examples? We had a customer of ours do his own spark plug change (to NGK TR55's)and Cox chev here in Bradenton voided his entire warranty.(punishment we assume for NOT paying them to do it).

He did have cat back exhaust and aftermarket wheels, but they listed it as "un-approved spark plugs". His reaction? Traded the C6 for a new GT500. THAT is what I get offended by.

The examples are few that we have seen personally, but the stories abound of similar experiances.

Having worked as a GM tech & parts manager years ago we MADE $ from warranty work (not as much as non warranty repairs, but still profitable). The biggest issue was doing the paperwork correctly and following up so we got reimbursed timely.

So My hopes are Jeff is here to help more than anything else. Treat the buyer right and you have loyalty that can span generations. Treat them like a sucker at a carnival and the damage done to the car makers rep is huge with todays internet use.

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Thank you for the kind words Drago77 and SC2150. I hope to be able to help everyone with whatever questions or issues any of you may have with your vehicles. I'm glad to see at least one thread where my presence is appreciated! Thanks again for the kind words.

Jeff Morris, Chevrolet Customer Service
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Voided Warranty for Spark Plugs?, OOOOH there would be hell to pay on that one. They would give me my warranty back just to shut me up, a S/C well I may see that BUT Spark Plugs, Really? C'mon Tracy tell me that this is a joke, PLEASE.
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