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Drives: 2011 CAMARO LS
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To the incompetent GM team

Hope this gets your attention. I have been nice, played fair and have been willing to do what-ever it takes to get my transmission issue resolved but as expected to no avail. Now the gloves come off and no more Mr. nice guy.

It took me a lot to come back to you. After 3 previous GM cars all with issues I left and went the Honda route. 125,000 miles and NOT ONE ISSUE, no transmission problems, no need for any warranty work what-so-ever. However, once the Camaro came out, I had to have it but it took me 2 years to convince myself to come back to you. So I do it and purchase a 2011 Camaro LS M6 AY. Within 3,000 miles this car developed a 2nd gear grind. Took it to the dealership and they reparied it after sitting on their lot for 3 weeks? Why? because their service department ordered the wrong parts.... please explain how they do that?

They replaced 1st gear, 2nd gear, syncros, forks etc, etc. 5,000 miles after that guess what devleoped again. Yup Second Gear Grind. Spoke with you Mr. Alan Oppenheiser at Camaro Fest about this issue. YOU promised immeadiate resolution. YOU promised you would intercept the TAC. YOU promised me a field engineer. YOUR promises have not materialized.

I took the car back in 1 day after our conversation at Camaro FestII. Reproduced the problem for Larry at Chapman Chevy Service Department in Tempe, AZ. They did not want to keep the car, they called the TAC department and sent an Email. 3 weeks go buy I take the car back.

here is where it gets fun.

3 days prior to taking the car back to the dealership- the second gear grind stopped all together. Does that mean there is no longer a problem

NO IT DOES NOT. I explained this to Chapman who said they arranged for a GM REP to come take a look. I already knew the out-come. So I asked for the GM REP to contact me once in site. Did I get that Call? Of course not. Because they "could not reproduce" they wont even take a look at the tranny. EVEN THOUGHT IT WAS REPRODUCED FOR THIS SEVICE DEPARTMENT, THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT FOREMAN who even said "wow just like last time". They know this issue exists in the car, yet, they wont do anything about it now. Even though it was reproduced for them a second time. Yet, I get no call from the rep or service department to come out and be a part of this to explain, as why would you not do that to begin with since I am the most familiar with the problem.

ADMIT THAT YOU HAVE A DEFECTIVE PRODUCT. How can you ignore this? Look at the AY6 M6 fourm and you will see this just isnt a small issue.

I know and YOU know from my previous work order that 1st and 2nd gear were destroyed and you know its the same way again. Can you tell me that a Grind that you personally witnessed and how constant it is/was does not do damage to the gears and clutch???? can you assure me of that without taking a look at the transmission????????


I want a resolution to this. I am sick of the run-around, I am sick of the "we will take care of you" when your Service Rep won't even give me a call as requested. Funny how someone can make such a decesion without so much consulting the daily driver of the car.


I will do what-ever it takes to get in touch with each and every one of you until this matter is resolved. I will aquire your email and phone numbers and use them as much as possible until you resolve this issue with a defaulty product.

Just incase you are oblvious to the problem

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Drives: 2010 ABM LS
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Why did you post this here? This is a board for enthusiasts. Other folks have issues, but we don't see THEM ragging on the GM team. My Camaro is the finest vehicle I have owned in 40 years of driving. I have had ZERO problems with it in 35,000 miles of daily driving. I THANK the GM team for building an EXCELLENT vehicle, that serves me far beyond my expectations!
My previous vehicle was a Nissan 350Z, I had to have the entire transmission replaced because of similar issues you describe, so how can you say GM makes an inferior product?
I sincerely hope you get your issues resolved, and I am confident you will. But PLEASE don't label our cars as "defective"....
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Old 05-20-2011, 05:34 PM   #3
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Drives: 2011 CAMARO LS
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Chandler, AZ
Posts: 326
I posted this here because I am sick of the run-around. I never claimed the Camaro to be an inferior product. Glad you have not had any issues. Do you drive an automatic or manual?

I spent a ton of money on a new car that should not have any issues, however I am fair, I understand things happen. not a problem, however when it happens again then there is a problem, it then appears to be a defective problem.

I want it resolved and will not take NO for an answer so if I have to call out the GM team to whate-ever means i find nessasary then I will do so.

People can flame me all you want. but if you had these issues and this type of run-around and promisses that are not delievered I am pretty sure you would all be upset to the point of going balistic.
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Milk 1027
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This is not the place for this. We will not be a vessel for your issues with GM. There are far better ways to resolve this than to try and gain attention through this forum. I can assure you, you will gain attention from the correct people if you follow the escalation procedure. Posting this here will not do anything in your favor.
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