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ʇuɐıʌǝp lɐıɔos
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Originally Posted by From The Future View Post
My bushing kit came in the mail yesterday and I was completely happy about it. Such nice looking new bushings and a well written set of instructions too. It was all so carefully packaged, NH-SS is the man.

Something semi-weird has happened though. I bought a new shifter pin and clips from my local dealer and brought them home today. I looked at the pin and bushings at my desk and discovered that the new shifter pin I bought is much smaller than the hole through the center of the bushing, it totally rattles around inside the bushing.

I think they must have sold me a smaller than normal shifter pin or something. I saw the parts diagram on the parts guy's computer, it looked like the right part to me. I guess I will have to pull the used pin from my car tomorrow and see if it fits the new bushings.

The pin is supposed to be a tight fit inside the bushings, correct? After viewing the photos in this thread I am under the impression that the pin just barely fits through the hole in the center of the bushings and the burnishing process is to make the pin fit correctly and move smoothly.

I guess I will find out for sure once i remove the existing pin from my shifter and compare it to the new pin I picked up at the dealership today.
There is another pin (92165638) that connects the other end of the shift linkage to the trans. That might be what they gave you. I can't find the pin you need on any GM parts diagram so it may be part of the complete shifter assembly. I would take the pin in and explain which one it is.

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Could you please post a side by side picture of the pin you purchased from GM & the OEM pin that came with your car. It is possible that the OEM pin / shifter has been redesigned and you have a new Revision pin. Using the original pin that came with your car is good to use and is what I recommend.
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From The Future
needs gas money
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Too hot!

Ugh, I don't think that I can get you a side by side picture of the two pins today. It is seriously hot out there already. I got the car up on jacks and I said forget it. I let it back down and came inside.

It sucks because I have the shifter bushing upgrade to do as well as a brand new set of long tube headers to install. I was planning to do both this weekend but at 106 degrees and 90%+ humidity in TN, it isn't going to happen this weekend.

I did get a few pics of the new pin I bought together with the bushings. They are crappy cell phone pics but I think you can see the new pin is too small.

So weird... I saw the picture and it appeared to be the right part. I wonder if he looked up a different car that uses the same type of linkage by mistake?

I will eventually pull my existing pin and compare the two if it ever cools off some. My car is a 2010 built in Sept 09, I cant imagine that it would be too different than everyone else's for this particular part.

Part number on the baggie is: 92165638. Made in Australia, mate.
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Those look like the pins that go into the forks on the shifter assembly.
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From The Future
needs gas money
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I think toml_pa hit the nail on the head with his part number, it matches the one I received.... they sold me the wrong pin. I even looked at the parts guy's screen and pointed to the part I needed! Dagnabbit.

Oh well, I guess i will reuse my old pin once I do the installation. I just wanted to get a new one so I could start fresh with all new parts. I suppose the burnishing will take care of that issue and I shouldn't have to really worry about it.

I need an air conditioned garage, my new bushings and my new headers are just sitting here staring at me. I hear it is cool in Maine and Washington State, I should move so I can work on my car without dying from heatstroke.
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I reused the old pin as well. Burnishing it does take a bit of patience (getting it lined up and straight before you start is kind of a pain) but the old pin will go in without too much trouble after you get it started. Before burnishing, I cleaned the old pin and clips with carb cleaner and then dried them so they were basically brand new.
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BliSSard has come!
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Got my bushings today! I won't have a chance to do the mod for about 2 weeks though so I'll post when it gets done! I can't wait! Thanks NH-SS for the quick shipping
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Pm sent

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Finally got my new bushings installed this past Wednesday, so I've had a few days to try them out. All I can say is...WOW, I am totally impressed!!! This thing feels like a "gate shifter" on a Ferrari now!!! 98% of the slop is gone. Installation of the bushings went smoothly (once the shifter was out). The end of the pin fit in my 3/8" drive drill without any problems, and the burnishing process worked perfectly. I did have some problems trying to get my shifter out, but used a 90 degree scribe (pick) to finally get a little gap between the shifter and the housing. Also, going back in, I figured I would re-use the old o-rings on the shifter, and lubed them up with grease, but it wouldn't go back in. For some reason, I think the o-rings swelled while they were out. I changed the o-rings and lubed with some petroleum jelly and it went right in. Just wanted to say a big "thank you" for the fabulous bushings, and you deserve all the profit you can make from these!!! I wish you the best in your future business ventures!!!
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Thank you for the possitive review ! Very glad everyone is happy with this upgrade. The O-Rings supplied in the bushing kit are of Buna-N material,.. they will not swell from being exposed to petrolium based products.
FYI,.. I have just completed manufacturing another production run of bushings. Bushing Kits are available.
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do the bushings work with the Barton shifter as well?

If so, I am very interested to oder
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How much for these bushings?

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Are these for the stock hurst shifter or aftermarket?
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