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Drives: 2015 Camaro 1LS
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Location: New Baltimore, MI
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Smile Looking to buy a Camaro

Hey Guys,

I'm new to this forum and Camaros but not to cars or other power sports. I live a little north of Detroit and plan on buying a lightly used Camaro to replace my Jeep Wrangler as my daily driver. I drive about 30k a year so I want something that's decent on gas (mid 20's), comfortable, reliable and above all; I want a car I will enjoy driving and I think a v6 camaro with a 6 speed fits the bill pretty well. Since this is a pretty specific car I'm looking for, there aren't a ton of them for sale at dealers. There seems to be a ton of 2010's out there there and some of them look good to me although I'd prefer to get a more basic 2014 or so than a loaded 2010.

Before I get into one, I'm curious to see how reliable they are from people who have had them for a while and put some miles on them. Also, what years and problems should I be watching out for? Are there more problems with the early ones or issues I should be aware of?

I'm a college student so I can't afford to have this in the dealer all the time getting worked on. I've always done all of my own work on my cars, jetski, snowmobile, and boats because I'm mechanically inclined but I know with new cars like this they're very complicated.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated and I look forward to Camaro ownership!
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Drives: 2010 Camaro 2SS Victory Red 6M
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Well, if mid 20s are your goal for mpg, then a Camaro isn't for you as even the V6 combined will barely scratch 22. Now, if you're talking hwy mpg, then get an SS, as it will get 23 to 25 hwy depending on trim etc. Reliability wise, the V8 iseaps and bounds better than the V6. Port fuel injection vs direct injection, a much more proven platform and parts are much cheaper on the V8 vs V6. Just my opinion though, if you're gonna get a Camaro, get an SS, skip the V6.
2010 2SS 6M Victory Red/Black
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12.6 @ 115 SAR as of 9/19/15
Gone but never forgotten.
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Drives: 2013 Camaro 2SS RDP Tuned L99
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I would only buy a 2012 or later V6 as it has the more reliable LFX motor the 2010 & 2011 had the LLT motor that can be a problem with timing chains and such as the miles roll on.

But I don't see any Camaro as being very good on gas as was noted above. I wouldn't think a Jeep would have been either mind you. Thats a lot of miles per year why so many?

Thats what I've put on my Camaro in the 4.5 years I've owned it although it is not daily driven either.
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Drives: 2013 1.5 LT Convertible
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2013 is the sweet spot of Camaro. If you look hard enough you'll find one around 22K-24K for under 30,000 miles.
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Old 08-06-2017, 01:52 PM   #5

Drives: LT W/2LT,blue metallic
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bought my 2015 RS with 8,000 miles for 23k.have put on 12,000 miles with no real issues.i get around 20 in town,28 on the highway with 6 speed automatic.these cars tend to hold value pretty good,its almost a better deal to spend the extra on a CPO year old camaro with a warranty than to buy an older one and purchase the warranty.or just save the two grand or so on the warranty and consider that you are self-warranteed.
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Old 08-06-2017, 05:19 PM   #6
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Drives: 2013 Camaro 1LT stick
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when getting a Camaro (or any performance vehicle), the first question is whether to get a V8 or V6. If in doubt, get the V8. I wanted a V6 and that is what I bought (my other car is a 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T Classic stick). If you like having fun and suffer no physical infirmities, get a manual transmission.
If getting the V6, go with a '13. Like I said earlier, if you think you want a V8, do it, even if you have to wait.
If you want a fun car and fuel consumption is very important, think about what you want. Performance cars are not about fuel economy. But the V6 is there.
I bought a 2013 1LT stick and it suits me perfectly. Test drive them all and see what moves you.

Good Luck,

- Johnny Lackland
It's baseball, rocknroll, hot cars and chocolate cake.
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Old 08-06-2017, 07:23 PM   #7
Drives: 2015 Camaro 1LS
Join Date: Aug 2017
Location: New Baltimore, MI
Posts: 4
Thanks for the responses guys. I'm a college student and for 5 months of the year I drive almost 150 miles/day going back and forth to school (literally all hwy and state hwy), the rest of the year its 38 miles round-trip to work. I was driving an awd Mariner V6 and was perfectly fine with 24-25 MPG. When I want to be I can be a very "efficient" driver. Although I'd love to have an SS, I really can't... I'm not really getting this as a muscle car - more of a sporty all-purpose car. I'm defiantly getting a manual and I think the V6 will be fine for my purposes. Is the mileage on the HWY really that bad on the V6's? The reason I'm getting a Camaro is because I know I wouldn't be happy with a focus/cruz/jetta/etc. My budget is about 18k and I know I can find one of these in that range with low miles and in good shape.
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Old 08-06-2017, 08:02 PM   #8
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Drives: 2010 2LT
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Location: Indiana
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I got my 2010 2lt back in February with 67k on it, I've averaged 25.4 daily driving. I got exactly 29.0 on the 700 mile round trip to Camaro fest with the cruise set at 74 most of the way. Love this car and the way it handles, it's nothing like I've ever driven and has more power than one really needs for a daily driver. Thou I have to admit after attending Camaro fest I'm really wanting a 12 second V8. Best of luck in your search, it took me a few months to find the one I really wanted.
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Old 08-06-2017, 10:39 PM   #9
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Drives: 2014 v6 camaro 2015mustang
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you can pick up a really nice V6 14/15 Camaro with low miles.12,and 13 as well if you want the classic Gen 5 Camaro look.
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Drives: 2015 2LS Red Rock
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I'm down in Cleveland and had a Gen 5 for daily driver year round as a work car.
Had a 2LS 2013 that was a nice ride, then switched to a 2014 1LS just to break up the boredom with the stick. My take - if you are looking for gas mileage , get the stick.
My commute was 36 miles, ONE WAY.
I've settled in with a used 2015 2 LS in my retirement. The wife can drive it too. Still gets decent gas mileage . Good luck whatever you end up with.
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Old 10-11-2017, 10:34 AM   #11
Drives: 2012 LFX
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To bad you're not closer. I've got a 2012 V6 6 speed manual I would let go of for 13,000.
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newbie, problems

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