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Originally Posted by GatorBlue371 View Post

That says alot about the Z's track ability. 3 seconds behind the GTR.
that was a really short track though............
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Originally Posted by JMM1181 View Post
Easy there fella, from the most current vids I've seen of the new Camaro SS they haven't fared much better, to date I've seen the 13.8 & a 13.6 at the dragstrip- I've seen an auto 370z pull all low 13's including a 13.1. We know the Camaro is going to be a potent beast, but give each car it's due.
How about...nobody cares what you have to say?? Ever think of that?? You're a 370Z owner trolling a Camaro forum...get a life.

Camaro has pulled 13.0 @ 111MPH. Keep talking shit, we'll keep whooping your ricer ass.
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Originally Posted by TheSmarterOne View Post
1. A company goes out of business cause there product sucks and people wont buy it.

2. you cant make that assumption on maro responding well to mods because there is almost no modded 5th gen maros..

3. 370z is much better then 350z.

4. Yeah

5. yeah

5 1/2. dont give a shi

ha ha this made me laugh. So a company went out of buisness because is products sucked. I'm not saying that isn't the problem, but i'm not saying it it. I thought it had something to do with this economic time. I don't know maybe thats just me. Cause i thought thats why most of the world is struggling.

How can you say that the LS3 doesn't respond well to mods, just cause its in the camaro? The "Camaro" Is just a skin for that LS3 motor, or the LS3 is the heart for the Camaro. Whichever you like. The LS3 already has been modded and tested in more ways then you can count. Oh and i knew lingenfelter, and hennesy were just sitting on there butts just looking at the cars.

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