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Drives: 2013 Camaro LS
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84k and still no can! Wonder if itís time to clean some valves..
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2015 2LS and 37K with no CC. No issues.
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Originally Posted by dlink View Post
84k and still no can! Wonder if itís time to clean some valves..
You are pass due, attached is my 63k miles without one.
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Bought my car at 36k miles without a can and had one on before I hit 40k. I have easily caught a pop bottle's worth of oil in the 20k miles I have had it installed. I do drive my car somewhat hard and like others have said I believe that is a factor on long highway roadtrips where I am using cruise control I barely catch any.
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I have never had catch can I have 54k no issues.
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The key to this thread is understanding you won't have any issues without a can that you will feel. Especially in a DD. The can is preventative. If you don't have a can, you should clean your valves at some point, but not cleaning them and not having a can isn't exactly going to hurt the car in context. You'll lose some performance over time and it will get worse but you won't have like the CEL flashing at you because you don't have a catch can. It's like running 87 vs 93 octane. It's not necessary but the car won't run at full potential.
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So you believe that a can catches all the oil and nothing gets by. From what I've read that's not the case, it will reduce the amount of oil ingested at high vacuum/high rpm romps, and that's the reason it's sold as a racing part.

If some is still getting by the cleaning needs done regardless. Will it be less buildup? Yes, for someone who's using the car at high rpm. My car isn't being used at high rpm but it gets cleaned anyhow. Preventative is good and it's easy to clean and unlike the can, doesn't void the warranty.
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2015 1LT RS i bought this car to be my daily driver. I have 68,123 miles on it without a catch can. I work a 12 on 2 off schedule and commute 88 miles daily. Its a 65 mph speed limit most of the way. I also have a 75 mile route but way too many deer and small towns at night. Im embarrassed to say i never heard of a catch can until I joined the fourm, and once i learned about them its been money that kept me from one. Girl in college in England $$$. So at this time i dont know if ima get one now. I have the money coming in my tax return but i also want to tune the car so i don't know what im doing yet.
Yea i put snow tires on and the V6 is a very versatile car 3 time this year drove home in over 7 inches of snow.

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2012 now at 94k.
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grr, had to roll it to stock because calif smog said its a breathable oil cap. I said it was a breathable valve cover, I just moved the breathable to the cap. grr. But, smog is done, now back to my catch cans saving clean and dirty oil from getting into my intake. So,

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Drives: 2013 Camaro LS
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Yikes! Although I didn't see my valves i figured they probably look a lot like yours. I got a full system clean including my valves from chevy for <$200 and seafoamed my car 2 days after the clean however no smoke came out my exhaust and i question if i performed the seafoam correctly. I romp on my car and race it plenty. I intend to get a can before my next oil change.
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