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Cool Fesler Moss 2010 Camaro Competition Package debut

As featured on Homepage.


Pedders is very fortunate to have associations with a lot of great organizations. Pedders is pleased to be associated with Fesler Moss. Chris Fesler is a talented hot rod builder and restorer who has teamed up with Jon Moss, a name that many of you already know:

Jon Moss started is automotive career at Oldsmobile in the early ‘60s but his heart was really in performance. A frequent street-racing threat on Woodward Avenue, Jon moved into chassis development at Chevrolet. One of the earliest innovations to come off his drafting board was the carburetor linkage for the famed Z/28 cross-ram intake manifold. Jon's design and influence on GM performance is off the Charts!

Chris Fesler has a great web site at You will see the great talent that he has. Now on with the Fesler Moss Camaro:

The Fesler Bio:
Fesler Built
Design and Fabrication of an Empire

Scottsdale, AZ (June, 3rd, 2009)— An ever-growing juggernaut in the custom automotive world, Fesler Built came from humble beginnings. At its core the company is made up of two dynamic, dedicated and extremely hard-working individuals—Chris and Carrie Fesler. Partners in both life and business the couple is inseparable and each is an equal piece of a machine greater than the sum of its parts—their ever-growing success is proof of this.
Both Chris and Carrie have been go-getters from the start, never afraid to tackle any challenge. It began in 1996 when the duo began producing complete editorial packages for niche automotive magazines. From there the business grew to offer various marketing tools to the many automotive parts manufacturers they had created solid working relationships with. Basically when Chris and Carrie saw a need in the industry, they would fill it.
By 2000 the Feslers had become the go-to team known to many in the automotive aftermarket as being able to bridge the gap between the manufacturers and specialty automotive publications. They did everything from writing and photography to building complete demo vehicles to generating comprehensive marketing campaigns for companies ranging from Audiobahn to General Motors. Building as many as twelve unique show vehicles for display at SEMA became an annual event along with their regular editorial and marketing workload.

Hard work, dedication, and keen minds for business along with extremely professional attitudes earned Chris and Carrie the success they desired, and yet they wanted even more.

At its core, the Fesler mission statement is, “Find the need in a given market, and cater to that need in the most efficient and highest quality manner possible.” It was this ideal that Chris and Carrie have utilized to create Fesler Built. With their experience in various facets of the automotive aftermarket, and building all levels of show vehicles, Chris and Carrie both came to the realization that the industry was in need of an affordable, professional and dedicated distinctive shop--an automotive haven for serious enthusiasts who demand nothing less than the best. The Feslers had delivered this level of quality in their other business endeavors and were confident they had what it took to become one of the world’s premier hot rod and custom car builders. And that is exactly what they have done, drawing in discriminating hot rod enthusiasts from all over the country and providing them with the best quality work in the industry. Experiencing exponential growth throughout the next nine years, the Feslers can look back and realize that they have done exactly what they set out to, yet again, carving their own path to success.
Today Fesler Built has moved to a shop double the size of the first out of necessity and the team continues to build some of the finest automobiles ever seen. But they haven’t stopped there. Finding yet another void and filling it, Fesler Built now also manufactures custom-designed billet parts for early hot rods under the Fesler Billet moniker.

And, even though running two successful, high demand companies (among other business ventures) and managing a team of 7 employees seems like enough work to satisfy an average person, Chris and Carrie still remember where they came from and continue to squeeze in some editorial and marketing jobs when they can. They truly are the hardest working couple in the go-business.

Chris and Carrie make no compromises or apologies—they simply build the best quality hot rods and parts available today. It is this level of determination and dedication, and most importantly their team work, that has earned them the opportunity to take part in the customization of what is certain to be the continuation of a legendary muscle car—the Fesler-Moss 2010 Chevrolet Camaro.

It seems at this point there is no stopping the Feslers. Any one of the companies that they have built from the ground up is no small feat in and of itself. And, based on their track record the empire as a whole will no-doubt continue to grow exponentially. The only real questions is, “What will Chris and Carrie Fesler do next?”

The Jon Moss Bio:

In 1986, Jon was moved to the Chevrolet Special Vehicles division where he oversaw the development of concept performance vehicles and pace cars for Indy and other tracks.

Jon’s biggest claim to fame is the Impala SS. Inspired by a customized Caprice wagon roaming the streets of Detroit, Moss lowered and spiced up a Chevy Caprice sedan as a concept for the 1992 SEMA show. The vehicle drew considerable praise from show visitors and the media, leading Chevy to start building the Impala SS from 1994 through 1996 when GM dropped the B-body platform. Even to this day, Moss is considered the Godfather of the Impala SS and literally mobbed when attending SS gatherings.

About every year or so, Jon sponsored a “Toys Test,” a day at a racetrack for media to drive and report on the concepts. Some of Jon’s creations reached legendary status through these events, including the 572ci, 770-horsepower ZL1 Camaro he match-raced against Ford SVT boss John Colleti’s Boss-powered Mustang. The most powerful car Moss built was a 1700-horsepower twin-turbo Monte Carlo.

Truckers most likely will remember the 1996 Coolside pickup (a second version, the Coolside II, was built a few years later) and a 454-powered road racer from the early ‘90s.

Jon recently retired and is now a consultant to performance aftermarket companies, dividing his time between Detroit and Arizona. Regency tapped his expertise in chassis dynamics when developing the RST. The truck is lowered about one inch with a specially tuned Ground Force suspension, and extra stopping power is provided by Baer brakes up front. Other performance enhancements include a True Flow intake and ceramic-coated headers JBA headers.

With the 5-speed and lightweight regular-cab, the Moss truck is rather spirited. As a die-hard hot-rodder, Moss probably would have preferred to have big-block engine under the hood, or at least a 6.0-liter Vortec. But a larger V8 in the Moss truck would be a direct competitor to the Silverado SS, and GM wouldn’t sanction such a program. Also, insurance costs will be lower with the 4.8-liter engine, a strong selling point to youthful customers.

Prices weren’t released but the “street price” will probably fall in the $32,000 range, depending on options. More than 100 man-hours go into the conversion, so it would be difficult for a typical Silverado shopper to duplicate the package. The Moss truck carries the standard 3-year/36,000 warranty and the total costs can be financed through the dealer.

The truck will officially launch at Barrett-Jackson with a charity auction of one of the first production models. Proceeds from the sale of lot number 1048 will benefit ChildHelp USA.

Two years ago when the RST first came out, Regency sold a black RST at Barrett-Jackson for $59,500, even though it carried a $35,995 sticker. Moss will be working with Regency on future truck projects, including an upscale Remington-rifle theme that will be available not only on GM pickups but also the Ford F-series and Dodge Ram.

Now some Fesler-Moss Camaro Pictures:

Name:  dms1.jpg
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Name:  dms2.jpg
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Name:  dms3.jpg
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Name:  dms11.jpg
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Name:  dms12.jpg
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Here is what this car has
  • 22-inch Fesler FS914 3piece wheels with black dish and brushed center in stock and shipping now
  • 22-inch 265/30 22 front and 295/25 22 rear tires in stock and shipping now
  • Fesler Branded Baer 15 inch rotors all the way around with 6 piston calipers in stock and shipping now
  • Fesler Branded Billy Boat Stainless Steel exhaust system ready in two weeks for shipping
  • Pedders USA adj coil over kit in stock and shipping now
  • Magnuson supercharge in stock and shipping now
  • Cold air intake ready in two weeks
  • Body kit ready in two weeks
  • Painted or carbon body accents order today
  • Painted or carbon interior inserts order today
  • Fesler Moss leather interior upgrade order today
  • Master Shift paddle shifter set up ready in about two weeks
  • JL Audio stereo system order today
Many more mods coming soon but this is a good idea on where we are,
prices will start from $55,000 to $150,000+ depending on all options and

There is already some very high profile customers who have placed orders from Chris. If you have any questions of this great Camaro, Chris can be reached at:

(866) 553-1856

Any questions on the suspenstion just ask me.

thanks and enjoy the pictures


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now thats sick!!!!!
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Keep the Faith!
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It looks pretty good. The wheels aren't amazing but they definently dont look bad either
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Looks nice but it looks like another hennessey (but with better business practices hopefully).
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Originally Posted by Mindz View Post

Looks nice but it looks like another hennessey (but with better business practices hopefully).
they will have a variety of power trains available, with body and interior mods, and hps to 1000hp.

So you can have it built any way you would like

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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by Mindz View Post

Looks nice but it looks like another hennessey (but with better business practices hopefully).
Yes. Well better. FESLER has got a good reputation and they are a TOP NOTCH builder.
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would like to see those wheels in reverse colors
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NOICE!!! ™
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For 150k I'll take a ZR1 instead
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best pic of a camaro on 22"s Ive seen so far looks great to me
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mannn...that rocket.....the rims are ok.

Soon to be ordered: Manual 2LT/RS Victory Red (of Course) black know...hehe.
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eh...don't like the rims. It's like they completely draw your eyes away from the car.
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those rims looks like crap. Slap a good set of popular styled HRE rims on it and be done with it. And I just don't get it with adding even more bigger wheels to this car. It is already heavy enough, don't need any more rotational weight to move around
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sorry,but i just don't like any of what i seen,...not for me,
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oops, let me say that i do like the supercharger but thats about it,
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