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Smile Why are there so many used 2013 and 2012 ZL1s on the market ?

Hey guys. I am a noobee to the Camaro5 forum and the ZL1. I currently drive a Lexus LS460 and have been craving something more raw, powerful, inspiring, and smile creating. I have been looking into the ZL1 and want to buy one. My concern is when I look online locally there are plenty of used 2013 and 2012s on the market. It made me concerned because I figured if someone bought one of these special cars they would not let it go very soon or easily. I was wondering if there was a big common issue with the ZL1s? I have done a little research and the cars seem pretty solid to me. Any ideas as to why this may be? I found a beautiful white 2013 convertible for a great deal but held off when I saw so many on the market. I am a big Lexus guy so I like cars that are reliable and die hard. Not expecting LS460 reliability, but am I missing something??

Thanks for your input
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seems many are jumping to the C7 Vette

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I bought a new 14 zl1 convert last month. I tell you the truth, honestly I think the car is amazing on power, and rather skimpy on quality. I believe the engineers put so much time and money onto developing the car, that they tried to make the money up on things like putting a plastic/rubber emergency brake handle in the car! Wrong move Gm, especially when they advertise the interior as all leather!. The seats are rather deceptively cheap too, they use some sort of inserts into the seats, and they call it leather, I do not believe the seats will last like they should, another poor choice Gm!. Do that on the SS, not on the 60K version!. I will also tell you after owning a 2013 Gt Premium Mustang, Loaded that cost me 40k out the door, I truely Miss it. The Zl1 has some fun cool features like Launch control, but how often are we using that?. Secondly the Camaro's navigation system is clumsy and awekward compared to the microsoft sync system in the mustang. So for an extra 25k you get the zl1 with an average 14 mpg? Bottom like more hype then delivery for the money. I looked at the c7, Gm really did put the quality into the interior on that one, so if you can live with the - rear seat, I would recommend that choice. Hope I helped.
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These cars are not for everyone. They are not winter cars, traction can sometimes be limited in certain weather conditions, visibility is not great, parking needs attention , some may not tolerate the exhaust note and rumble. Gas consumption is excessive. Some issues with quality. Higher risk of vandalism and theft, higher insurance premium. Many reasons to sell.

But many give back there cars after a year because its time to hop on the next big thing eg C7. Viper ......

In my opinion, this car is a keeper. I appreciate it much more then my beemer. My beemer now has electonic issues. Radio stopped working and only 32000km, and the seats feel like card board boxes.
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white ZL1

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I'm more shocked that there are as many New 2013's on dealer lots than I am the amount of used 2012's or 2013's on the market.
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overall im happy with my '12 ZL-1. as commented above the seats were a bit of a fail as i did like the orange leather in my SS a lot, but with more g-force the car handles they had to put the suede so we wouldn't slip out the door. so, although the paint, tire wear and fuel consumption suck the power and suspension still make this the most badass Camaro ive ever owned. i will also admit that if i could get more than $35k trade in value that i would've traded last week to either a new stingray or a slightly used Z06 to save massive $ on fuel costs.
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at the volume they build these cars now a days there will always be a ton of used ones on the maket. for example there are more than 10k Zl1 in existance now.

Go look at any car Z06, Zr1, SRT8 challenger, GT500, camaro Zl1 etc on ebay. there are many of each varient up for sale.

Poeple switch cars quite a bit these day. more than a few Zl1's will get ditched fo the C7 and a ton will get ditched because of finacial reasons. some will be sold because they were bought in 2012 and now 2014's are out.

if I did not have young kids the C7 would be making me ponder things haha.

as far as being many 2013's on lots they built 8k of these things that does not suprise me at all. I wish they did it a bit more like ford and capped that off at 4500-5k. the GT500 "should" have better resale because of this. If the next get is lot better in some way though it won't. 2012 GT500's don't have any spectacular value right now becasue of the 2013 just outperforming it in every way.
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Well i joined this Forum 2 years ago very interested in an SS. Continued lurking i figured it would be the 45 Anniversary edition. Then came the 1LE SS, yes i'm still lurking at the time. Now i'm ready. Knew i wanted a 1LE with at a minimum NPP & RS package. Test drove one and was hooked. Saw a 2012 ZL1 on line at a local dealer while searching for new 1LEs with the options i wanted. Figured what the hell i will go test drive it. Well i left the dealership with that car. I love this car. A lot of car for the money. Glad the PO let her go. According to the dealer he actually traded it in for an Automatic ZL1..
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Everyone who has ridden in my car, especially women are very taken by the car and the interior. The car does exactly as advertised and each of us knew what we were getting into from a quality standpoint when we bought this car. This is my first Camaro, I drive a GMC Sierra into the office on every day and this interior and the functionality is worlds apart from my truck. The Navigation system syncs with the HUD. I only know of one other manufacturer with such technology. This car is very special for the money. I valet parked it last night and there was a guy ahead of me waiting for his Bentley coupe who couldn't stop staring at my ZL1 along with a small group of others as it was being pulled up.

I get that everywhere I go. A Porsche doesn't get the same attention parked next to it. It was done right. GM built the best performance bargain ever, yet we complain about things like rubber on the parking brake and plastic. No one who rides with me cares about that and neither do it. We're too busy holding on for dear life stoplight to stoplight.
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Its not surprising at all. To me it is normal to see any or most cars put back into the market, especially mass produced cars (the zl1 is still relatively low in production numbers, but '14 and '15 could change that).

As far as cheapness in material quality, again no surprise with that; Typical GM quality. I'll go on a limb and say that the camaro in general has improved in overall quality as compared with past gm products, but of course there is (plenty of) room for improvement. Its a given to expect quality shortcomings with Chevrolet because of the content that they put in their top of the line cars in comparison to their price points.
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Speed Freak
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I do about 30000 miles per year with my daily driver. The Camaro is too expensive in my opinion to use as a daily driver if you put down serious mileage. It makes a great second car for me but not many individuals are willing or able to afford a second car as a play toy.
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For the price a vettee is a better choice..... believe they skimped on interior and sound/electronics too much. The 1SS SHOULD BE ALL PLASTIC and priced below 32K and the 2ss should be more girlly and refined like a cadillac. Priced around 40K

Also if gm put high quality 3ways all around with high powered amps and subs and made it shared across vehicle platforms i bet the customer would get alot more for thier money and gm would sell more vehicles.

Also believe the zl1 componets should be same as ss except sc for cost reasons and the zl1 should be a de tuned ls7..... High boost at low rpms and very low boost at high rpm Electronic blow off valve???

ZL1 should come with massive rear tires similar to a drag car and tucked inside.

Also the ZL1 should be around a 10 second car.....

The V6 should be like the 1ss and use the tremic and ss componets to save money..... maybe be priced around 25K...... How about integrated electronics to elimate costs here while providing HID's as standard equipment and all electronics radio, dash, HUD

Would expect 18 to 23 year olds to be able to afford V6, 23 to 30 1ss and 30 to 40 ZL1 and 40+ the vette

Also the massive bundled wire harnesses running all over the car are rediculius given the advent of the IC Again commonized modules across all vehicle platforms to increase volume and reduce cost while providing better value to the customers

Just this mans vision.....
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I've talked to a lot of owners who had to have a Z06, and then a CTS-V, and when the ZL1 came out they had to have that. Now it's on to whatever. My guess is a lot of these cars are garage queens, not taken to the track probably a really good buy.

Personally, I bought mine to keep. Going to take an act of God and an insurance payout to get it away from me.
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To each his/her own...different personalities are drawn to different performance vehicles. I love the ZL1 and the suede interior. I have never really been concerned about the interior...personally I like the plastic/suede/leather combo. I'll always be an American muscle car person...I am just naturally impressed with the rumble/exhaust note and heavy/big look. Never had any issues with it either.
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