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I think it will take getting used to. You redesign both ends of the Camaro and don't touch anything in between, put a flattened back on it and you're left with something that looks out of place to a good number of people. The 2010-13 back treatment looks like the updated version to me. The flat look combined with flat tail lights are reminiscent of a late 90's car from japan, which I won't mention the name of here. Front looks great, exclude the chrome strip though. Not a total fail by any means.
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Originally Posted by Pima View Post
will the 2014 1le hood work on the 2013 1le? i like that vent
i was thinking the exact same thing. curious if the lowered front fascia alters it enough so it wont fit. i plan on getting more than one hood for my beast, if it ever gets here :(
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the 2014 rear does not fit on the zl1s imo
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Originally Posted by Pima View Post
will the 2014 1le hood work on the 2013 1le? i like that vent
You would spend money on that when you can buy a ZL1 style Insert from ACS ? To each their own I guess.

I hate the whole new design, front, rear and the hood vent. So glad I have a 2013
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Originally Posted by Davie Dynamite View Post
Here are some comparison pics I just put together. Makes it easier to a/b the two.

I don't even know... Find a 2013 1LE? Order a 2014 1LE?

I'll be looking at these pics all night!
side by side like that... I think it makes the current model look a bit dated.

go for the '14. I like it both front and back. prefer the non-RS over RS model though
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Did they finally make the halos the DRL for the RS models?
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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Man when you put them side-by-side like that it really shows how superior the sculpted design of the current car is compared to this "refresh". The hood bulge is too wide on the new one and it makes the car look narrower as a result. When you look at the yellow 1LE the front looks wide and muscular.

The back? There's just no comparison; sorry Chevy design team.

The only thing better are the Recaros; those are seriously nice!
^^^ This. The side-by-side pics--including the ones Tran posted with the ZL1 and 1LE in the same shot--just totally confirm my dislike of the refresh cosmetics. It's not horrible, it's just not :::: :::WANT::: like the current styling is for me.
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The "new" rear does not flow right with the "old" front on the zl1. Looks really awkward.
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Originally Posted by Mike@HennesseyPerformance View Post
There is an ATS in the last two pics :yum:
That's an XTS.
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Posts: 7,527 thinks the V6 is better looking Besides, people asking if it's a new Prelude would get old, real fast. I'll save my $ for the 2016 model, unless GM F'd it up even more

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The lip on the trunk lid looks awful.
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Im glad I got a 2011 ss cuz the only desirable one I see is the ZL1 and I cant afford that. I think this is a step back. Better off sticking with what they had.
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The 'modern' taillights work on the upcoming Corvette.

They do not work on the current Camaro.

They look like they have been stuck on.
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Originally Posted by PYROLYSIS View Post
Kind of disappointed at the lack of a front splitter on the 1LE but it looks awesome.
My thoughts exactly. Maybe its like when the 1LE's initially came out, a few of the pilot cars driving around did not have the splitter installed yet either. The flaring/shaping on the bottom of the new bumper might suggest they killed 2 birds with one stone though, and their wont be a spitter with this design.

Guess we'll see in time.

The new stuff is really growing on me see all the pics on the road. Can't wait to see in person, that will be the real judge.
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