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Visual Differences Between 1968 SS vs 1969 Z28

I am looking to build a scale model of my father's 1968 Camaro SS.

His is in Matador Red with a black vinyl roof and bumble bee stripe. It's completely original and he got the car when he was just finishing high school.

The closest thing I can find on the market for a scale model is a 1969 Z28. The kit has several different configurations so you can build the Z28 stock or modified.

The question is... to a true Camaro buff, what visual differences would stand out as "incorrect" if I tried to pass of a 1969 z28 for a 1968 SS (other than the badges, of course).

I can get more information/details about my fathers car if it helps.
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Lots... There were a ton of changes 68 -> 69. I think the roof is the only piece of sheet metal they have in common.
Look for a '67 and leave the quarter windows out. Thats as close as you will get. If its an RS you will be really close, except for the tail lights. If its not the front parking lights will be round instead of square. (Interiors are almost identical 67 to 68 as well)
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OK, I found a 1967 z28 scale model -- here's a link to the photo:

Right off the bat, I know that my father's headlights are covered by sliding "doors". But otherwise (to me), it looks pretty close to the 68 SS (except that quarter window like you said).

So to revise my original post -- visual differences now between 1967 z28 and 1968 SS.
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The difference to 1968 and 1969 is quite glaring once one studies the changes. I am very pleased with the new concept car and have come to the conclusion it is a blend of 1968 and 1969. In 1968 the fender wheel openings are round as compared to the 1969 as being somewhat long at the top and oval per sae. The front grille is some what wider and the door does not have the side riser on the bottom to acentuate the rocker panel. The tailight panel is very different with a long tailight for 1968 and then even longer but narrower tailight for 1969. The backup lights were incoperated into the 1969 lights but placed below for 1967. I dont recall 1968 location.

The rear quarters were narrow and not such a pronounced 'Coke' bottle design. Don't get me wrong, Chrysler came out with that moniker in 1971. Chevrolet perfected it. The gauge package in the console was the same for 1968 and 1969. The side windows were one piece with no vent glass. The name Astro Air was embossed on the glass of 1968 where it was incorperated on the vent channel itself in 1969. There was little in sharable outside sheet metal between the years with 1969 as a stand alone.

Gald you seek the difference as there are many, including options avaiable. One thing that always peaved me and for no given reason was for the the lack of a real 'flush mount' rear spoiler. It looked unfinished and stood proud for at least 1/4 of and inch. It looked like an inferior design or lack of a moulding.

Hope this helps. D1
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k i thought pics would make it a lil easier to understand

69 front

68 front

69 side

68 side

69 back

68 back

now as u can see from the pics the 69 and 68 have completley different body styles. the 68 has a more "rounder" body while the 69 has more lines on it(see pics of the side for comparision)
also their are many different options that change the body style to both cars. hide-away headlights in the rs pacage gives both cars hide aways yet the car still look completle different.

imo to any camaro fan it will be hard to pass a 69 as a 68. good luck tho. one day im going to try and build a model of my dads 69 ss
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