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Camaro upgrades how-to's

I wish to post in this thread some tips that might help others if they are considering the same upgrades. First up will be the subwoofer
GM Camaro 200 Watt Kicker Powered Subwoofer Install instructions

Kicker 200 Watt Powered Subwoofer Kit 19303112 priced around $550.

The reviews that best describe the results are that it fills in missing bass. It is strong enough to shake the rear view mirror. It doesn't thump like 12" or 14" subs that take the air from your lungs and shake your body as they thump.
Overall I'm happy with the results, kit, price and ease of installation.
I didn't even KNOW this song had strong bass until I installed this sub;

Tracy Chapman Fast Car

Some parts are in the instruction bag like the small harness some people say is missing. It plugs into the white input plug. There are 3 distinct Camaro stereo options. Z28 with no rear speakers, Standard stereo and Premium Boston Acoustics. I have the B A.
The instructions that come with it are half good and half missing.
They reference running the input cable to plug into the head unit if you don't have B A.
I like that it has a reasonable power amp that is exernal and the enclosure fits perfectly into the space not taking up much trunk space or flopping around unsecured. It has good reliability reviews.
Installation: It includes inline splices that you clip onto the nearest two speaker wires as pictured. There are multi blue wires, use the nearest to rear of vehicle pictured.
I prefer to attach the splices to one set of wires before trying for the hard to reach ones on the speaker. I pre cut some insulation and use pliers to push the wires in the tiny slot.

I used sidecut pliers to notch the +battery terminal and spare tire cover to clear the wiring better.
The sub sits on a rubber piece that threads onto the former mat hold-down post. The upper part has a bracket that you screw onto the upper holddown bracket. Then you put an included bolt through it so to remove you can unplug the harnesses, take out the top bolt and lift it off the lower rubber post that's included in the kit.
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