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I really wanted an ss. I had my heart set on getting one as my next car. I was out of work for 11 months. My 05 5.7L grand Cherokee was killing me on gas even tho the car was paid off. I wanted to trade it in while it still had some value left to it. They wanted over 500 a month for a 2SS with the 45th package. I couldn't swing it. I settled on the 6 45th. And I am happy I did. While I wish I had the bigger engine, my payment is less than 300 a month, I owe about 12k on it currently and being my first sports car, I would have been arrested or worse if I had more power. Don't get me wrong. If I some how have a giant pile of money fall into my lap, I will buy a ZL1. But for now, I love my 5th gen. I spend so much time doing things to it. I use to sit I the couch and play video games or watch TV. Now I'm always out in the garage, and I find cleaning it sort of like therapy.

If you have you eye on a 4th gen, I say think about what you may be giving up. If you think the value if the 5th gens are low, you could always buy another used one off the lot if you miss it. They sure are a dime a dozen.

You know Chevy makes money with them when they don't have to advertise it.
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Originally Posted by Palutz59 View Post
Anytime decisions make sense financially then it's a no brainer.
Well put.
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Having both would be sweet; See if you could swing that. Something about the 4th gens...hence one reason why I still have mine.
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Can't swing both. I found a white WS6 near here for 11 with 38,000 miles on it. I love these things in white because it reminds me of the 1999 anniversary. It's an 02 stick and almost stock except an intake lid. Got my eye on that one if I can get it under 10. Great looking yellow bird, ZR! I would LOVE to have one of those!
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Whatever floats your boat!

Seems like a step backwards to me...

Enjoy your 4th gen!
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Sesiom Summers
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Originally Posted by Cheveey57 View Post
Do you really like the 4th gens that much? I mean if you're going to build it, why not a 1st or second gen.?

whats wrong W the 4 gen? besides the 1 gen camaro is not an cheapest car to mod/repair/keep

4 gen camaros FTW!
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VR Baron
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Had my black 4th gen 13 years and 95000 miles. All setup for auto x but never did it, just canyon carving.Yeah mods were alot cheaper and the thing was fast and payed off. Sold it for 5500. Loved the car but for me it was just time to get something new.
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Originally Posted by ICTsccaCamaro View Post
Watching the old 4th gens flop and roll and slide out at autocross makes us very happy we are in a 5th gen, but we are into very different types of motorsports

good thing the fbodies slap the 5th gen around in the 1320'

you cant mention 1 track without the other..
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If your main goal is to go fast in a straight line for less money, the 4thgen is very much the way to go. IMO, though, 5thgens are better in nearly every other respect.

However, don't forget to consider all the things that you didn't like about your 4thgen, it's easy to forget the bad things when all you think about is the things you miss.
I hope whatever you do makes you happy.
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King Sun
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Originally Posted by SSinisterLS3 View Post
As many of you know, I have been looking to trade in my camaro for quite some time. I've weighed the options, and found a great deal on a few 4th gen camaros. I drove my camaro today, and remembered many things I loved about the 4th gen I used to have. I really want to find one, or a trans am WS6, and I have many...many options. The main reason I want to is the cost. The new SS is just way too expensive. I pay almost 500 a month, and I rarely drive it. When I do, I love it, but this car feels like there is something missing. With all of the issues I've had with it, I think everytime I make a payment "Jeeze. Another four years?" I don't think my car is worth 500 a month for the next four years.

I found a few 4th gens with mileage close to what I have on the 5th gen. I have seen them for as low as 10 grand. LOL. That's just ridiculous. For a car that slaps up the same quarter times as our new SS line, that just seems to be the better choice. The aftermarket support is not RIDICULOUSLY priced as the 5th gen is. 500 buck intakes? Do I drive an SS, or a GTR? They are the same price as Nismo intakes for a 370Z...and you get two intakes on the 370.

I could save 150 a month, finance a 4th gen for 24 months, and own a camaro in 2 years. I could also have a t bar, which, jeebus, I've always loved. No warranty, but the warranty through GM is a joke. Allison transmissions are not Allison transmissions? Really? It's a lawsuit. Look it up. Not covering Z06 engines for valve issues? Really? Aftermarket means....GM aftermarket? That's another law suit.

I love the fact I get a Hurst tranny in the 4th, when the 5ths didn't get them for years. I love how the 4th has 100 less horses, but posts same 1/4 times. I love how people who put 30k in a new SS are running.....TENS and HIGH NINES....really? So, I want this to happen, and am looking for a reason why not to. That's what I'm asking. What is better on the new 5th gens that the 4ths really messed up on? I can't think of anything except mp3, heated seats, and back up assist. All things that weigh the 5th down way too much...and are pointless. They make Cadillacs with LS engines for people who want that.

I paid 26 something contract for my SS used. It's a 2SS/RS loaded. My brother just sold one off of his lot, a 1SS with 40k miles. Some retard PAID 30,299 for it. So, trade is no problem as down here, these things are sought after. Why? I guess the styling. Car and Driver put it best when they reviewed the fifth gen. The performance is what we expect. The braking and handling is what we expect. The only thing outside the norm is the styling. After seeing so many on the streets, the styling loses its appeal. Then, you are left with a vehicle that is just par.

Thoughts on 4th vs 5th? Keep in mind, I want to build it. Track it. I will not drive it daily.
I don't know about this. I feel you are going to regret this down the long run it just seems like you don't like the fact your car payment is so expensive with little room for mods.
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Fiery re-Creation
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Sounds like your mind is mostly made up. If it were me switching to a 4th Gen I'd go for the WS6. Have fun! Life is too short for regrets!
and when I say "Ultra-Grin" - I MEAN ULTRA GRIN! ~ fbodfather
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i would think a little more about this if i were in your position. everytime i drive my 4th gen i ask myself why in the hell do i still have this car. its far from stock and making about 600 rwhp. actually have it up for sale as i feel the 5th gen is a far better platform and the second gen is much better all around package for handling and drag racing. these old 4th gens are really not great at anything other than being a short lived cheap thrill .
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Would rather be riding
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Have fun enjoy whatever you got. The 4th gens can fly and it's cheaper to build.
I have noticed the nice used ones that people think are gold though.
No dog in this fight anymore.
5th Gen owner 2009-2016.
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Originally Posted by ZR1/2SS View Post
I understand where you're coming from. Back in 2009 (recession kick my ass) I sold my $500 a month fully loaded 08 SRT8 Charger and never look back. I love that car but my wallet didn't. Depreciation value on Detroit performance cars are steep. If you did the math I'm sure you know that in 4 years you'd have paid way over the retail price of that 5th gen Camaro that's only worth half it's value.

I've learned that in todays world that buying a brand new car is truly a waste of money! Preowned is the way to go. Oh btw this is what replaced the Charger with no car payment!!!

Uploaded with

I can mod the hell out of it every month with the savings!
That is one good looking ride you have there.
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