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The problem with designing based off of what people on a car forum say is that they don't even know what they want. Everyday on here people complain about this and that ,and when the get, they turn around and bitch about. I can't believe that so many people on this forum are ready to condemn the people that designed this car and proclaim them as, lets see, Idiots, out of touch and so on when they designed the very car that many of you went out and bought. I would say that they know what they are doing.

If you don't like it ,fine don't buy one. That will leave more for the people that do, and believe me, this car will sell. No problem.
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Originally Posted by sspolo View Post
I know you guys take the Camaro really serious and obviously don't yet like the Camaro. Although you need to understand that Camaro enthusiast are NOT the main buyers. The V8 Camaro is NOT the reason why they made a refresh and are planning a 6 Gen Camaro.

Check out GM INSIDER Most of those people are biased towards GM in general but not towards the Camaro. I really don't see as much bad feedback as there is on Camaro5. That must mean something.

It does suck for you guys that are die hard Camaro fan, but I think most will grow to like it. Just look at the Corvette, most on Corvette forums said they hated it, a few months later (hasn't even been release) and it already has many potential buyers.

Just what I think....

This guy is right, most of the camaro owners are not even on this site, GM is trying to appeal to the majority of the market, and I'm sure this will be a success.
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"Bring the Monaro to the US!" OK - Here's your Monaro, we called it a GTO. "OH GOD NO! WHY DID YOU DO THAT! THAT'S NOT WHAT WE WANTED?!?!?!?!"

"Give us a RWD V8 Sedan!" OK - Here's a Pontiac G8. "Looks awesome, but I'm too cheap to actually follow through and buy it now..."

"I hate that mailslot!" OK - We'll get rid of it. "OH MY GOD WHERE DID THE MAILSLOT GO?!?!?!!?"

"Hey, those Euro lights on the export Camaro and the Hotwheels Camaro is pretty sweet!" OK - Here's a variation of the Euro lights. "OH MY GOD! THE END IS NEAR! THE SKY IS FALLING! AGHGHHHHHHHHASDFAZXFAEAWEF!!!!!!!11111one"

Just another day on Camaro5.
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If they did, their competitors could steal any ideas before they get them patented, unless of course they patent any new ideas and then ask the community for their input. Its not that I'm disagreeing with you, its just one of the only things i can think as to why they don't
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Black N' Yellow
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GM isn't targeting current camaro owners. It's targeting new, hopefully, younger owners.
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Mikes SS

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ok....Take a deep Breath...People didn't like the mail slot because it was cheap and non functional..they brought the Monaro over and then called it a GTO..FAIL...AND the G8 is/was awesome and what did they do? Rename it an SS and changed the things that most people liked about the styling cues and oh yeah it costs 40k+ only aimed at a niche I can only think on 5 people who actually like the euro lights and only maily because they were LED's and not incandescent bulbs. Did I miss anything?
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Originally Posted by Bonanza7 View Post
The designers don't work in a vacume. They DO get input from many people and sources.


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My first car was a 1968 SS camaro, my second car was a 1971. I absolutly loved both designs. The 1st gen was so stocky and tough and the 2nd had beautiful lines. The rear on both cars fit their generation and before the 5th gen came out I was hoping for 1st gen looks with round taillights. I always loved the rear on the 2nd gen. So many people did not like the current rear when it came out but I for one loved it, it fits the car. I like the new corvette rear, it is fresh and forward looking. That being said I believe the designers went backwards with the camaro rear possibly in an attempt to differentiate it from the vette. It is only a refresh and there will be plenty of feedback until the next gen and maybe it will grow on me however I would never consider trading my 13 for this refresh it just doesnt move me like the 1st, 2nd and new gen did.
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Originally Posted by ChrisBlair View Post
People bitched about the 1970 model too
And to a lesser extent, even the '69, as it was a 1st gen refresh.
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Originally Posted by meissen View Post
"Bring the Monaro to the US!" OK - Here's your Monaro, we called it a GTO. "OH GOD NO! WHY DID YOU DO THAT! THAT'S NOT WHAT WE WANTED?!?!?!?!"

"Give us a RWD V8 Sedan!" OK - Here's a Pontiac G8. "Looks awesome, but I'm too cheap to actually follow through and buy it now..."
I thought I was the only one who remembered this. Seen this from the GM crowd time and time again, frankly I was surprised the Camaro sold like it did in the beginning.
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lol, does the general public ever get a say in the design or redesign of a car? I mean, companies can listen to the public, but they aren't going to do every little thing the public wants.
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This is what happens when the public gets to design a car ---

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Originally Posted by sprtplt View Post
GM will say exactly what they have been saying to the C7 Corvette critics,
"we understand design, you just don't get it", or some such. They always know best.
Except they were right about the C7.
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Mikes SS

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I personally like the C7 and liked it at the debut, my only gripe was and still is that the front looks like the Jaguar...
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