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Old 07-26-2013, 02:50 AM   #253
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I love the refresh.
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Cyber Gray
Wind Rider
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I guess that the 2014 and 2015 models will be the last of the muscle camaros era. The coming 6th gen will have much brains than muscles.

So the current haters of the 2014 are expected to

Im planning to exchange my 2010 1LT for 2014 SS and keep it even after the 6th gen. I like the 2014 slimmer design
Im not Gray any more !!
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The 2014 arrived yesterday at the dealership where I bought my brand new 2013 a few weeks ago. Now, I'm annoyed because if I waited, I could have at least got a small discount on my 2013. Lol. It's all good though. I was well aware they were coming, just didn't think it would be a few weeks. I wanted the 2013.
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Sinful Camaro
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Does the new 14' include a box of tampons in the glove box? If I worked in the designing department of Chevy I could of done so much better...
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Originally Posted by Arodr395 View Post
I actually think the 2014's are a step forward. The 2013's looked like a 4x4, the rear bumper of the Camaro made the dual mode exhaust stick out too much which is ugly in my opinion, the rear bumper looked to small so in certain angles made the 1LE rear tires look horrible. Lastly, the rear spoiler on the 2013 1LE was too small for the car.
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A little to much grey plastic is the back for my liking. Perhaps it doesn't stand out as much in person. Will take a while to get used to it.

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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
I'm glad you want to see the Camaro name succeed.

I still remember August 27, 2002 at shortly after 9am when I got the call from Ste. Therese Assembly - with the short message:

" is done. It's over.................."

The last Camaro and Firebird came off the line -- and shortly thereafter the Assembly plant was demolished.

............all those magnificent cars that roared to life..........all those proud men and women who loved their jobs and worked hard to bring you the best Camaros and Firebirds in 35 years..............all gone.

I still get tears in my eyes when I think back to that day. True - I was in a funeral home parking lot burying my favorite uncle who was a mentor to me...but it went far beyond was like losing a child.

........we'd put "hiatus" in the press release - but there was NO guarantee that the legendary Camaro name would come back.......several of us fought long and hard to get it back........ what I'm saying is that this team bleeds over these wonderful automobiles. We really do, figuratively --

You can be assured that NO decision is made lightly.....not even the most simple decision.

I DO hope you can attend Camaro5Fest for several reasons:

>meet the team
>meet the Moderators


Most importantly - meet the "Camaro Disciples" - 15 men and women from around the U.S and Canada......

......we (Camaro) are the only brand in the world that involves a group of enthusiasts as we develop new Camaro products.

The ONLY one...................and they represent YOU!
I wish I was able to make it to this years CF. Its already soundings like this year will/is going to be better than last year. I would have loved to meet the moderators and the Camaro disciples especially. Maybe next year, for me.
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I like the 14's new look, just like the Corvette C7, some like it and some do not, its not going to please everyone.
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When I first saw the 2014's I didn't like them. They are growing on me.

I am quite happy with my 2013 1LE though...
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Built with Pride "Oshawa"
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Originally Posted by Cookie Monster View Post
I don't care what anybody thinks about the "ugly" taillights. Ill be picking my ugly taillights tomorrow with a smile on my face
I waited for the 2014s for a reason. Not to mention, I believe the tails resemble the 1st generation. Which happens to be my favorite
Ill see you all tomorrow when I post more pics!
Thank You Cookie Monster Your 2014 Oshawa Build Team sends best regards ! And be sure to post a picture or two !

Mike Judge

In Memory of Dawson Ellert .
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Founder - Michigan FBody
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I can tell you all without a doubt that when we had 6 2014 Camaros at our Meet & Greet back in June that the overwhelming majority thought the 2014 looked good. All I heard was positive comments.

I can also say I wasn't found of the 2014 when I first saw it, but now I love it.

Lastly - ask people with a 93-97 Camaro what they think of the 98-02 Camaro and you'll hear references about catfishes and Chrysler Concordes. It's natural that people who already own a 2010-2013 Camaro are going to be passionate about the look of the car they bought and not like a mid cycle refresh.

But I truly hope the members on this site can suck it up and move on because it's NOT good for the community when people start posting on this site with their 2014 Camaros that they just bought and a bunch of immature people can't stop posting their diarrhea in the threads.

The 2014 taillights are PURE Camaro heritage. I'd invite anyone who doesn't see it to do some research before they say it looks like a Honda Prelude or other vehicle's taillights.
2012 Camaro 2SS/RS L99 - "Zooma"
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"Gone But Not Forgotten"
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Michigan FBody Association
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Angrybird 12
7 year Cancer Survivor!
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Originally Posted by super60 View Post
Thank You Cookie Monster Your 2014 Oshawa Build Team sends best regards ! And be sure to post a picture or two !

Mike Judge
Hey Mike I haven't seen you on in a while, how's it going up there?
We are still loving our 2012 Convertible you guys built....
Cancer's a bitch! Enjoy life while you can! LIVE, LOVE, DRIVE...
The Bird is the word!
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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Well I wish I was in on the feedback group. I wish I was a decent automobile sketch artist so I could do a respectable job of drawing the images I have in my mind of what I would like to see in the next gen Camaro. I would love to be able to sit down with the Camaro design people and have them translate what I have in my head into an image on paper. I have the greatest respect for the talent and skill it takes to be able to convert a pile of steel, aluminum, rubber, plastic and glass into something as inspiring as an automobile. I wish I could draw better but my pencil sketches just look crude and amateurish to me.

No disrespect to you Scott or anyone else on the team but please make the next gen Camaro look muscular; powerful, strong, eager to run. Please don't turn it into an automotive version of a Japanese anime robot. I don't want Camaros to look like they were designed by Mazda or Toyota. Those are great companies that make great cars but so is GM and the Camaro is such a great American design I just don't want to see its styling become a me-too trendy look.

This. So a question to fbodfather, sir. What were your styling que's? Why does everything seem, these days, to be going for a "Euro" look? I love the Camaro because it does NOT look Euro, it looks America. Strong, powerful, muscular....ready to go rip it up.

Not too sure about the '14, definitely unsure about the rear, but I am truly curious as to what influenced you guys.

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No HIDs? Meh...
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