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Old 05-19-2015, 02:21 PM   #1

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Drives: 2012 ZL1 & 2010 2SS/RS
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Now that you have seen the 6th gen, is the 5th gen dead to you?

I have seen over the years that when a new model is released, people split into two camps. One camp goes crazy for the new car, and wants to get into one ASAP. The other fiercely holds on to the older generation because they had something about the new car. For instance, plenty of C6 owners are holding on to their cars fiercely because they hate the C7 taillights.

Where do you fall in this camp? I am mixed. On one hand, the 6th gen does make the 5th gen look dated, but I also think the 5th gen will end up being a classic because of it's styling and the fact it rebooted the car.

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I was looking forward to trading mine in for a 6th gen, but after the release I have changed my tune. So I'm in the holding onto the 5th gen camp.
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Drives: Black L99 2SS/RS
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I think I'd have to see it in person more so than anything... that magnetic ride suspension on an SS is oh-so attractive though...
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Return of the #3
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I like the specs of the Gen6 but can not get over the exterior (just not a fan of it). I'll be staying in my Gen5 for now.
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When I look at the new gen6 I immediately love the interior but the exterior brings the genisis coupe or scion frs to mind. I don't think muscle car anymore, but instead, I think sports car. I will have to see it on the lot before I draw any final conclusions but so far I'm not convinced and will hold onto my gen5. I should add though that I do find the specs to be very attractive.
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Drives: Camaro 2016 2SS
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Going to hang on to my 5 gen for now. Will reconsider when I see the convertible in person.
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Drives: 2012 2SS/RS
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Ill wait until the 17-18 model
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Does the Gen6 make the Gen5 look dated? Sure... But I don't think that is a bad thing for those cars.

The Gen5 were introduced as a retro inspired throwback muscle car and they were an absolute hit from Day 1. It had clean, deliberate lines, and a mean face that will stand the test of time. The Gen6, to me, screams like a car developed in the middle of the hyper-aerodynamic era, that will look far, far more dated than the Gen5 will in the future when we're into the 7th and 8th generations. The Gen5 can stand shoulder to shoulder with the 1st Gen... Not sure the Gen6 can say the same.
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Drives: 15 SS,13 Duc Panigale
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I owned my C6 when the C7 debuted...that being said, I loved the C7 instantly tail lights and all well the C7 taillight grew on me much like how the C6 exposed headlamps eventually grew on me after corvette had the pop ups for so long, the 5th gen Camaro I absolutely love the styling I ended up with a 15 I love the taillights, I wasn't a fan of the 5th gen taillights initially and never was looked much like the malibus and the new 6th gen I still feel the same but its still to early to tell as it may grow on me, what really impressed me is GM is finally stepping up to the task of updating the interior or their higher end cars, the corvette for longest required an updating of the interior and it finally came with the C7 it definitely was a selling point for me and to see that in the 6th gen it almost made me turn around after owning the 5th gen for a few weeks and get one however I cant get past the new taillights and the weird bodyline on the rear end. the fact that it now gives an option for a I-4 turbo just screams to me like they're trying to appeal to the "ricer" generation with this FR-s and BRZ reboot of the corolla 86. Disappointing IMO as this is an American Icon much like the Vette I was always more partial to the corvette because it is the true American sports car who always kept its V-8 RWD recipe and led the pack as far as affordability and the performance to match the body. the 5th gen definitely re booted the nostalgia Camaro that we loved so much and missed in the late 90's and early 2000's.
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Drives: 2004 Mustang v6 w/m112
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NO! and that is what's awesome!!!
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Drives: 2010 2LT/RS Black/IOM
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I want a low mileage 11 2ss. Thats the closest I think I'll get to upgrading.
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Gosh I hope it's not dead, I need to get home somehow.

I've seen the Gen6 in person. It's not strikingly differently from the 5, but the interior, engine, and efficiency are all much better. If I was going to get another Camaro (I'm not), I would definitely move to the Gen6. It's better in every deparment the Gen5 lacked, and it still keeps a lot of the look for a Gen5.

How someone can say it looks like an FRS or Genesis when seeing it in person is just... mindblowing.
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I'm in the hold out till 2017 camp..

The new Camaro seems to have too much to offer to not think about it..

And beleive me I love my SGM SS, and the thought of parting ways with it does kill me..

So we will see, I need to see it and feel it first but if it's anything or better like the pictures I'm sold!!!!


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I want one of both.
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