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Originally Posted by upflying View Post
Obviously BHO did not create the Volt but he sure as hell promoted it. This alone was enough for me not to consider the Volt as a new car purchase.
Yeah how stupid of him to try and wane us of the dependency of foreign oil which we are controlled like bulls with a nose ring chained in a field from the middle east ...... Stoooopid huh

Do you know what blood money is? They made a big deal about it with diamonds in a movie a few years back but oil is a lot worse... Oil = power and if we do not need them and their oil we are a true super power once again... Its about a lot more than one little tiny thing.. try thinking for yourself and not letting yourself be lead around by a political party praying on ignorance and fear.

GM already had a good viable dependable long distance electric car.. It was killed by the oil companies.... who in our times of people losing their homes to foreclosure are posting record profits.... When are some of you going to smarten up?

We need jobs and to make our money go further... we don't need to be paying close to 4.00 per gallon and acting like oh thats just the way it is... that malaise is what is killing this country
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