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Originally Posted by HDRDTD View Post
The best kind of gift to give is one for no reason whatsoever.
Used to do this top the various women at work (we only had 7-8 ).
There was a local flower shop that advertised a daily special small bouquet for $4.99.
Stopped there one day and bought one for each woman, and passed them out at work.
Some of the women I knew, some, not so much. You should have seen their eyes light up, especially when they found out they weren't for any special occasion, just a random gift.

Growing up, my father would buy a new Chevrolet every 3 years from the same dealership in town. Later, When I started buying my own new Chevy's, I went to the same local Chevrolet dealership in town even tho it had moved across town and had changed names a couple of times.
Bought a few Chevy's from a sales lady there.
A few years later as I was shopping for a 2011 Camaro , I discovered, and learned a great deal while waiting for my Camaro to be built.
The one I ordered got hung up at the plant after it was built for some reason, and I decided to cancel that order.
I then discovered BeckyD here on the sight, and lo and behold, she worked at this same local Chevy dealer I had bought cars from before !!!

I stopped at the local florist, bought some flowers, drove over to the local Chevy dealer and asked for BeckyD.

You should have seen her face when I met her and gave her the flowers as thanks for all the help she has given everyone on

She then proceeded to find me a 2011 Camaro convertible in the right color with the right options at another local dealership. I bought it the next day!

When Chevy came out with the ZL1 convertible in 2013 I had Becky put my name on the list and bought the first one that came in,

I've since bought my 2015 Malibu from her and have found good friends everywhere at that dealership.

Once again I find myself randomly throughout out the years, just showing up with flowers for BeckyD and a few others. there.

some time ago, that dealership was sold. A few of the employees decided to leave the dealership and move to another one here in Detroit.

Suffice it to say, I will continue to deal with BeckyD at the new dealership along with several other members of our club.

This Monday, I continues the tradition and brought Becky a nice bouquet of flowers for no reason at all (even tho it happened to coincide with her birthday.

Be nice to someone once in a while for no reason whatsoever. It will warm your heart like nothing else can.

If it happens to be your car dealer, that's even better !
I like what you did. In today's world, I have to wonder how a "modern" woman would perceive your gift of flowers. Some would wonder if you're trying to get into their pants, or be offended at this act of kindness such as some are offended if you try and open a door for them. But I do agree that a simple act of kindness goes a long way to establish a good, solid relationship.
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Once upon a time...
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At the risk of jackiní your thread OP, Iíd like to throw a huge positive spin in this arena by saying Iím a huge fan of tipping the techs that work on our vehicles. I have relatives and friends in that field and I still donít understand how and why they get paid the way they do.

Regardless, I give large cash gratuities to those guys!
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Been with the same Chevy dealer for 20 years. No particular salesman, but the owner has just always taken great care of my family.

Even recommended my Ex go get a car from them. When she blew the head gaskets driving thru high water, Millennium Warranty did not cover the repair (no gaskets covered?!?), they took care of the whole thing just for being a loyal customer.

that is what kept me going back!
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J Rod
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I prefer not to be friends with salesmen, it's a lot harder to talk a "friend" into a good deal than a complete stranger. I'm pretty sure most salesman (and sales managers) I've dealt with would prefer to never see me again.
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Yellow Bullet
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It all depends on what you want, a good deal or a friend. From my experience at least.
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Originally Posted by SquawkVFR View Post
Donít forget those scratch off lottery ticket looking things and the occasional key stuck to a post card saying you may have won a new corvette and a big screen TV with Xbox. LOL
I haven`t got one of those in a long time, I suspect it`s because mailers cost money and why bother spending money when you can suck someone in with a Email.
Free Trade is not Fair Trade

I am, we are INDIVISIBLE
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I think what you did was thoughtful and I commend you for it. When we show appreciation, we encourage good behavior. The more we can do that, the better world we can all live in.
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My wife is a finance director at a big dealership out here. One of her customers asked her what she drinks then dropped off a really nice bottle of tequila to her one day. Even the bottle itself looked expensive.
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Camaro Junkie
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Originally Posted by jc615 View Post
Never met a car salesman Iíd want to see outside of the dealership again. They all they were dumb and donít understand their games
Normally I would agree I have purchased many vehicles over the years but way back in 2009 when I was searching for a 2010 Camaro one kind salesperson over on Camaro5 sent me a PM on a vehicle I was looking for. I was poised to purchase from her but circumstances beyond my control caused me to need to purchase the vehicle local vs. out of town. She totally understood we kept in touch and became good friends. Over the years she has sent my kids gifts she has sent items down to me, she is always on the message boards helping members purchase cars even if she does not buy from her she is always willing to help anyone out. She and her husband have flown down to Florida to attend a car show I have helped put on, she has sponsored our show year after year. I purchased my 2017 Camaro SS convertible from her last April I flew up spent the day hanging out with her then drove the car home. A few weeks later I returned to Detroit to attend her annual car show at the dealership. Last month I flew back up to Detroit to help her out with her show again and to hang out with the fine folks with the Motor City Camaro Club.

Over the years I built an everlasting friendship with Becky D and her husband with that I also meet a bunch of great folks in the local Camaro club. I will continue to head on up to Detroit each year to help a friend out with her show and just to hang out.

So while true it seems most sales people are not the greatest this one in particular is a friend and IMHO and others who have purchased from her and in our book The # 1 sales person in the business.

Not only does she sell Camaros and Corvettes she owns them, drives them and even races them.
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Nothing wrong with showing a appreciation to anyone no matter what their job is. I know my guys are happy just getting thank you cards and letters. We have a big board we post them on. It means a lot.
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