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Old 11-06-2009, 07:39 PM   #15
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I have an 06 DSOM COUPE and I will not be getting rid of it, not my daily driver but I am waiting on the convertible camaro V6 which will be my daily driver.
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I have an 09 convertible and TF edition Camaro SS. The seats in the Camaro are hands down better than the Vettes. The Vette handles better and the acceleration is more...violent. The Vette has many amenities I wish the Camaro had such as HUD, memory seats, G-meter(for curves). They are just different cars, both top notch for their intended purpose.
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I have both a C6 convertible and a 2SS Camaro. They are just two completely different cars. Although the Camaro rides so much more confortably and quiet on the street, the Corvette feels so much tighter and handles so much better than the Camaro. You can certainly feel that the Corvette is a much lighter car and has a highly refined suspension while the Camaro is a much better daily driver and comes with decent handling with the heavy feeling the car has. Both cars have plenty of power - the Corvette definately takes less power to out do the Camaro but at the same time the Corvette for the most part is only a suitable car for leisure driving and weekend usage.

If you want track ready manners the Corvette is certainly the route to take but if you are looking for a better daily driver and a much more comfortable car the Camaro will fit the bill.
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i had a 03 z06, 05 c6, 06 z06 and a heavy modded c6z06 and now have the 10 camaro. Of course the HID and handling is much better on the vette but this camaro has picked up SEVERAL things that the c6 had such as an IRS and sealing windows when you shut the door. I am very VERY pleased with the camaro vs price tag over the vette.
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Slower Furball
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How does a C6 handle in the rain versus an SS Camaro? It really doesn't snow much here in KY, but it seems to rain every other day. Trying to decide between a C6 and a 2SS when I'm ready to trade my Mustang daily driver. Believe it or not, my GT does surprisingly well in the rain.
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2010 Camaro = Muscle Car
2002 Vette = Sports Car

I love them both. I enjoy driving the Vette more, but you can't beat the attention that you get right now in a 2010 Camaro.
2SS/RS Red Jewel Tintcoat
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"Silver Street"
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Just a few more things from my post above about going from my 1998 Z51, MN6 Corvette to a 2010 LT2/RS 6M Camaro:

There is a lot less visibility all the way around. The windows are tiny and even though I sit up high and forward, putting my arm on the window sill when it is open is uncomfortable. The rear view mirror blocks a lot of the view out the front, as does the low ceiling. The sun visors are tiny.

I drove the Corvette for 10 years and don't remember ever hitting my head getting in it. I have hit my head twice getting into the Camaro. I haven't gotten used to the auto up/down feature on the windows, but will.

My last 'pony car' was a 1978 Trans Am I drove for 10 years and I ordered it stripped with the exception of the largest motor horse power-wise and a 6 speed manual transmission. I even had radio-delete and decal-delete on that car. The new Camaro was going to be an everyday driver, but more for gas mileage, comfort and luxury.

Overall, I am very happy with the car and will adapt to the differences. The Camaro is is more affordable and has less luxury features than a fully loaded pick up truck, family car, or sports car; yet, it is enjoyable.

Ask me again after taking a trip of more than 10 miles

Edit: I am concerned about the tires in the winter. I may need to pick up a set of wheel and tire replacements for the winter or a used Subaru.
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Thanks for all the feedback!

I think for my driving style and needs, the Vette is probably the better choice. Plus, I'm only into the '99 for around $18k - so bang for the buck-wise I think I should pay down my mortgage before laying out new car money. I'd still like to drive one, just so I know from first hand experience.

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Originally Posted by Indpowr View Post
I have owned 2 C5 and a C6. I now have a Camaro (in addition too) and the C5/6 both feel lighter and more responsive steering.

Camaro is great but it is a big car. Depends on what your going for.
Couldn't have put it better! When I had my original order placed for a camaro (long story, now waiting for either a vert or z28), I had to remind myself that the Camaro wasn't going to compare to my Corvettes in any arena other than maybe looks. The vettes were lighter, more powerful, and handled like a sports car from the factory. The Camaro to me is a "family" car, as I need at least one car in the household that will hold 4 people. Right now the G6 is doing that duty. When the "right" Camaro comes out...the G6 will go on its way and we'll have a new kid hauler in the drive way.
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Mr. Wyndham
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I don't own either...and probably won't own a Vette for some time...

But having test-driven both of them on the same route (08 Corvette/10 Camaro), I have enough of a gauge to offer an opinion, and make a choice for what I want to buy.

They were similar enough to each other (Vette didn't have Z51) for me to see the Camaro as a better raw value. Seat of the pants acceleration was similar in both; handling was similar, though the Corvette was more direct thanks to the lighter weight and tighter steering. I prefer the seats in the Camaro FAR more than those in the Corvette, and things like dual-zone climate control don't phase me for nothin'.

All in all, If the Corvette is a 10/10 on a scale for the complete package (which it is), then the SS Camaro is a 9/10, and worth every penny you save. (I can feel the anger of the Corvette-faithful...)
"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather
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I have been driving different Corvettes since 1999 and just was wanting something different and went from:

2006 Vic Red Coupe
Built 06/06/06 The Omen !!
3LT, Nav System, Transparent Roof, 6 Spd,Chrome Z06 Repros, Z06 Rear Spoiler,Euro Tailights, Euro Side Markers, Hoen Fog Lights,Painted Calipers

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Originally Posted by darguy View Post
I do 23 miles a day in busy city driving, rain or shine. Plus I auto-x 3-6 times a year, and will start to track the Vette next season. I don't need any more space than I have now (closing in on 42 and no kids).

For the cash, I'd probably be further ahead keeping the Vette and spending some money getting it prepped for SP class and the track.

However, I've never had a new car before and been able to pick my options. And, there is something about a first of the series car.

I appreciate all the feedback and comments, thanks gang!

I had quite a few Vette's (more than 12 c5's and C6's) before I decided to try a Camaro.. I wanted something different.

Upgrading the suspension with a Pedders street or track kit, and doing some mods to add more power and you will be hooked on the Camaro. It can perform better than a stock vette with some work and no compromise in ride quality. I have about 25K in mods in the Camaro and it came out awesome.
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I have found this thread to be quite interesting and helpful as I have been going through the same decision process. Corvette or Camaro? Corvette or Camaro? I’ve been driving myself nuts about this for two months! I’ve owned a 1998 Corvette coupe for over 10 years and had a 1987 coupe for the 10 years prior to that. I had been considering trading my C5 in on a 2008 or later C6. Then in September my wife and I saw one of the new Camaros at our dealers, we both were knocked out by its appearance and it was way easier for us to get in and out of than either the C5 or C6 Corvettes (we’re not getting any younger and both have some back problems). Many times we have left the Vette sit and have taken one of our other cars on a trip because of our backs. Of course the C6 is easier to get in and out of than the C5, but the Camaro is even easier.

I test drove a V6 and a V8 Camaro and was impressed with both. The Camaro has a totally different feel and ride than the Vette; it is a bigger car, is noticeably heavier feeling, and the Camaro has a lot less visibility. With our back problems we would probably get more use out of the Camaro, especially on trips. The SS 6-speed manual is an awesome car, but for our intended purpose, the lighter weight, overall balance, slightly softer ride, and 20% better highway gas mileage of the V6 caused us to select it over the SS. So on October 10 we ordered a 1LT/RS automatic trans in Rally Yellow with black stripes. We plan to trade in our C5. Because of the current constraint, delivery will most likely be a while. That has given me time to think about this over and over again, I know that I will miss owning a Corvette. In bang for the buck the Camaro is very tough to beat. I’ve enjoyed driving the C4 and the C5, and would really like to have a C6, but our six-car garage currently holds only three cars and I’m not putting my TrailBlazer or my wife’s Impala outside in the PA winter. Maybe next summer I will be able to clean out a fourth bay and begin looking for a low mileage C6 to go with the Camaro. Now that would be the best of both worlds!
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I sold a 2004 C5 to buy the Camaro. No regrets either. I really liked the Vette but it was a little too much car for daily use. Around here, most roads are straight and clogged with traffic so the superior handling and HP was wasted. I think I like the 2LT better for commuting. Oddly enough, I get about the same 23 MPG in the Camaro as I did in the Vette.
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