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Thumbs up


More agressive hood for the upper trim levels, RS, SS type like the 67, 68, 69.
Smaller XM/Onstar/radio antenna (the "shark fin")
If it's going to be used on the production car, color coordinate the "shark fin" with the body color
The front scoop is one of neat little things we all like about the car (the fact that it's non-functional is a little issue to some, though) Ram air induction
please make it an option.
At least open the front scoop, even if it's not feeding the engine
Make every attempt to not use amber colored directionals for Europe. Use amber bulbs instead?
The concept wheels option the vert or hardtop wheels also a Rally wheel with RED line tire and RS, SS, Z28, wheel spinner caps and emblems options.
Chrome bumpers like on the 67, 68, 69 or the split bumpers on the 1970

Lights/exterior trim:

LED lamps all around
Smaller repeater lamps on the sides
Relocate the reverse lamps to somewhere other than the middle of the bumper, like the C6 Corvette or the C5.
HALO headlamps (like the concept) also a standard grille kit, rally sport grille kit, hide away headlamp doors for RS, SS, options.
Keep any daytime-running-lights out of the main Headlight assembly, if possible
Side-mirror heaters
Offer multiple stripes packages, the Concept Convertible's style, the side "hockey-stick" stripes, and the center cowl-hood stripe
Could the stripes be painted on? The Rally stripes on 67, 68, 69 please.
Offer a close-to-Bumblebee yellow
The Gunmetal grey/steel color on the ZR-1 is HOT! Can we get a very similar color? Pretty please!!
Can the stripes NOT come as a mandatory option when purchasing higher trim levels?
Would love to see some of the First-generation colors offered (i.e. HUGGER ORANGE!!!)
The faux vents in front of the rear wheels. Could those have something done to them to make them look open? Instead of just being indentations


LSA or variant. Supercharged 6.2 for the top-of the line model
Paddle-shifting with the Automatic transmission
All Wheel Drive?
LS3 engine or "better" (pretty please!!)
302 speciel edition Z28!!!
Short-throw shifter for the manual option
Optimize the Exaust note when in 4-cylinder mode
AFM-equipped, E85-capable V6 AND V8 engine
300 hp Direct Injection V6
Offering a, 4 cyllinder engine, is a good idea for the success of the Camaro. We won't hate you for it.
A sport-tuned Suspention, Road, Track, Enthusiast, Touring tunned for RS, SS, Z28 options.
bear 4-piston calipers, slotted/cross drilled rotors
Please keep the tires the same on all four corners so they can be rotated


Keep the torque gauge, and chrome accent that guage cluster!
Heads-up display option (preferably as it's own option)
Dual-zone Climate Control
Auto-dimming mirrors
Hands free Bluetooth
Homelink, Temp, Direction, and Onstar (possibly all on rearview mirror)
Premier sound system: Bose, Blaupunkt, Boston Acoustics, JL
Quality materials, (i.e. Not hard plastic everywhere)
A few Color accent schemes available
40G Hard Drive like that found in the CTS Cadillac. Ipod input!!
Please make the manual transmission shifter resemble the Concept shifter (obviously NOT made out of billet aluminum)
Include radio controls and cruise control on the steering wheel/seering column
Heated seats. Cloth Heated seats?
Navigation system available
remote starter for auto.


We understand the advanced components, and better interior, but please try and keep it affordable (as near to the Mustang as humanly possible)
Reduce the "clumping" of options
Offer LOTS of accesories/customizable "aftermarket" options
IF the options MUST be packaged together, try to seperate the performance options from the luxury options (seperate packages)


packages as they were back in the day when Camaro 67, 68, 69 any person could walk into the dealer and order what they wanted on one that, would broaden the want for one by everyone.
Highlighting the fuel-efficiency is a good idea
Any ads must make as strong a statement, and be as bold as the car is
Have a little hint about performance, like "Camaro: you'll spend more on tires than you will on gas". And highlight all the different fuel-saving features, AFM, E85(?), etc.

General Feedback:

You've been able to keep this close to the concept?!? Wow. Great Job, and Thank you for that!
The car is coming together really well.
Thank you for bringing the almighty Camaro back to us!
Please, spare no effort to absolutely destroy the GT-500 in the Camaro's corresponding trim level
Thanks for listening to us!!! We really appreciate it, and want you to know it

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What I would like to see is a tail spoiler that is consistent with all of the other Camaro Generations. Please no big ridiculous airplane wings! This will just ruin the looks of this beautiful iteration of the 5th Generation Camaro to me. Keep it simple like it has always been. From 67' to 02', there has been (except 91'-92' with the Z28 wing spoiler) a nice tail spoiler. Thank you for giving me the chance to put in my little 2 cents worth.

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4.10 gears? not likely
the main thing i hate is the gauges on the console, so i'm screwed there, that's not changing.
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damn SEAT COOLERS to save us MPG and a damn input jack
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Ed "The Sled"
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There has GOT to be an SS option

There absolutely MUST be an SS option!
An RS/SS with hideaway headlights would also be sweet.

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First off Garfin, thanks for offering to take our fan mail to this function, please take plenty of pics (which I know that you will.

My request (as I just opened up this forum directly from my e-mail) and I dont if it has been mentioned already, but please ask about "slip differential". I rea an article on the new G8 and the reporter did say that the SD in the that car is excellent, and that our new Camaro will pretty much work off the same platform. But I hope that it is modified for the frame/axle (not to be used interchangeably) for great handling.
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I didn't see it mentioned, but I could have easily missed it....

Can the taillamps keep that "afterburner" look? It would be great for the daytime running lamps and the taillamps to use the afterburner portion, then when the brakes are applied to have the whole thing light up. Refer to the pic I attached in case I'm not explaining it right.
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Also, the reverse lights...with the way they are in the bumper on the pre-production models we've seen, all I see is a higher repair cost in the event of a slight bumper impact. If the reverse lights can be put lower in the diffuser (esp. the diffuser shown on the accessories thread), then I think the chances of the reverse lights being broken during a minor impact are greatly reduced (plus, they will look better). And, cost to repair is one thing the insurance companies look at when determining rates for a vehicle. So, keeping things like that "protected" helps keep insurance down.
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i'm sure a lot of this has probably been said, but let me stress my $.02. PLEASE give us T-tops. For those of us that hate verts but love the wind through their hair, this is a feature that will sell the car. Give it true duels. Make the ss at least as fast a the Goat, if not faster. Let it smoke the cobra on pure engine, no FI. let us buy the FI afterwards so we can obliterate everything on the road. Direct injection would be nice, in fact, why not a gen v engine? maybe just dreaming. as said before, please keep it affordable! thanx
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I think this is probably one of the most important but least thought of questions in the minds of prospective 5thgen owners that should be addressed; Will powertrains be "flex-fuel" or not? This is crucial to us being able to wheel around in our 5th-gens in years to come. I'm sure they will be but there's been little next to no mention, plus it's a production performance car, so this could be a feather in the Camaro's proverbial "hat".
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Originally Posted by Rapnrev View Post
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*Ok I'm pretty sure im not the first to mention this but please give us t-tops.
*Stripes and t-tops like Picture below.

Ok every camaro fan likes big power so make a 500+++ hp top of the line engine.

Make it about the same price as the mustang.
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Camaro Curtis
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RE: Input for Focus Group on 2010 Camaro

-Relocate the reverse lamps to somewhere other than the middle of the bumper. I suggest spliting or using part of the two inner rear brake lights.

-Provide white face guages standard with the anodized metal look of the copue and convertible concepts as part of an appearance option.

-Make the shifter for the manual models resemble a piece of art like the concept, or a solid piece of brushed aluminum.

-Please make the seats look and feel as close as possible to the look and quality of the concepts, particularly the accent stitching.

-Allow the aftermarket community to continue making accesssoies for this beatutiful car.

-Please fix the ugly bulge in the interior console. Make it easy for someone to install an aftermarked stereo option without haveing to cut up the dash.

-Finally, Thanks for bringing back the Camaro and for listening to us consumers.
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