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The story of how we ordered our Camaro

Just for fun can you recall all the cars, trucks, or other motorized vehicles you have owned? Over the years my wife and I have had some good laughs about the cars and trucks we owned. Usually she had her daily driver and I had mine but there was always a fun car for the both of us. Really it was more for me than her but she has been a good sport about it for the most part. Here is a list of mine and my wife's:

1.1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air 4 door sedan, rolled it on a gravel road with a couple of friends. Damn I miss that car, this was my first one and I bought it when I was 14 years old.

2.1967 GTO 2 door hardtop. Be carefull what you wish for you just might get it. Me and my friends were talking a couple of days before we rolled the 57 about how my next car was going to be a 2 door, fast, and have a manual transmission. Two weeks after the accident...poof I got my wish.

3.1980 Ford Pinto (college car) Sold this one to a cousin who needed a car.

4.1966 Ford Mustang. Ruff and tuff old car but burned more oil and transfluid than gas.

5.1984 Chevrolet Cavalier 4 door (her first car)

6.1981 Suzuki GS1000. First motorcycle I ever owned, and almost the last, I ran into a deer with it five days later.

7.1965 Ford Mustang. Bought it for my girlfriend at the time(now my wife) but two weeks after I got it for her I wrecked it. I fixed it with a used fender of a different color but it just wasn't the same for her after that.

8.1966 Chevrolet Malibu 2 door hard top. Bought it wrecked in the front, gave the motor to my brother for his truck and sold the car a year later but didn't do anything else to it.

9.1977 Chevrolet Malibu 2 door. Belonged to a buddy of mine before I bought it. Haven't owned too many cars that road as well as that one.

10.1980 Ford "Sport Pinto" Traded first Mustang in on it for my wife to drive. It was the coolest pinto we have ever seen...It even had louvers on the back window! Traded the 66 Stang in on this one. What was I thinking?

11.1985 Chevrolet Cavalier 2 door type 10. After we sold the SPORT PINTO we bought this one. This is the car that took us on our honeymoon. Sold the GTO just before we were married in May of 1994.

12.1979 Dodge Ram 150 short box reg cab 4x4. Good truck, sucked the gas. Sold the 77 Malibu just after bought this one.

13.1986 Oldsmobile 98 Regency. (Remember that the Dodge sucked gas.) Man that car was nice. We brought home our first child in this one.

14.1969 Chevrolet C-1500 Long Box. Since We sold the GTO before we got married this was the first FUN vehicle we bought with both names on the title. It was a really low milage truck that we bought from the original owner but when we titled it at the court house they wouldn't verify the milage so when they put it in our name the milage showed exempt. Bummer for resale!

15.1978 Ford E350 Cargo Van Factory AWD with a snow plow. Bought it to make a little extra money, but lost my butt a little bit.

16.1993 GMC Jimmy SLT, traded #11 and #13 in for it. This was a very big step up for us, first vehicle we ever took out a loan for. It was about this time I went to work as a salesman for the dealership that I was working as a mechanic up to that point.

17.1996 Pontiac Grand Am GT 4 door. Technically we leased it but our names were on the registration and it was our 1st new car.

18.1970 ElCamino SS tribute. Fun truck but not for me so we sold it to a friend of ours that still has it today. Looks much better now and has a killer Big Block 454 in it. We sold the 69 C-1500 before we got this one.

19.1974 Chevrolet K-1500. One more of my attempts to try and make a little money. I bought it with no engine with the hopes of putting one in it and get it running so I could sell it. Well lets just say the good news is we didn't loose any money this time. But if time was money I lost a little bit more.

20.1984 Pontiac Fiero 2M4. Fun little car that held up well during the hail storm of 1996 but sold it when a friend of ours was in bad need of a car. I don't care what they say about the early Fiero's that car was way ahead of GM's time.

21.1986 GMC K-1500. Nice old regular cab truck that I really didn't have a need to buy I just wanted it because it looked good.

22.1996 Chevrolet Impala SS Dark Cherry. Blast of a car even though it had 4 doors.

23.1989 Suburban Conversion. It was sweet, it was black and silver just like Dale Earnhardt's #3 and had Centerline Hellcat wheels that just looked cool.

24.1982 Yamaha 650 Maxim. This bike sucked compared to my Suzuki so we didn't have it long and luckly I didn't kill any deer with this one.

25.1999 Chevrolet Suburban LT. Indigo Blue over Pewter, best looking color combo that I can recall. This one was also a lease, but for 375 dollars a month we wouldn't have been able to aford to buy anything of its caliber for that. Sold the 1989 Suburban to take advantage of this smokin lease.

26.1996 Pontiac Grand Prix 2door Special Edition. Husker red with chrome wheels made it a nice eye catcher. Got this one to replace the 99 Suruban.

27.1998 Chevy Tahoe. This one was more than likely my wife's favorite, bright white with dark blue interior. I then drove the Grand Prix and the Impala SS was gone before this one came along.

28.2000 Chevy S-10 truck. Regular cab with the X-tream package and hey with only one kid in the family who needs more room than that right? We traded the Grand Prix for this little truck.

29.1979 Chevrolet Corvette L79. After we sold the Impala we did'nt have fun car for a while and my wife asked "What about a Corvette?". I have to admit that Corvettes were really never on the top of my list but she seemed excited about owning a "Barbie Vette". I was a little less excited.

30.1997 Chysler Town and Country LXi. What else can I say it was a mini-van. It was her vehicle and more than likely her least favorite. We traded the Tahoe in for this one.

31.1997 Oldsmobile 88 LS. Yes this one could be called my fathers Oldsmobile, even though I bought it for me, my dad should have been the one driving it. At this point we had two kids and #three was on the way so we traded the 2000 S-10 for it. I now needed the room.

32.2001 Dodge Durango RT. This is how I redeemed myself after making my wife drive the Chrysler. Sorry about the Van honey. But I didn't learn my lesson about the gas mileage so we didn't have this one very long even though it had the best cup holders to that point.

33.2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. Also another great lease, I drove this as my daily driver for about a year and put just under 14,000 miles on it. Head up display is sooooo underrated, I think it should be on all cars.

34.1992 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe. Still not sure if a Corvette was the fun car I had in mind I came accross another one that was more to my style and less of a "Barbie Vette". If I could have ordered one out new in 1992 this would have been the way I would have. Mr. Black was the first car ever to recieve a name by the family. He was a black on black beauty with a six speed manual and had a few of just the right bolt ons to make this a wickedly fast Vette. We owned this one just short of four years and only put 3,000 miles on him. Of course I sold that damn barbie vette when we bought this one.

35.1994 Chevrolet Suburban. We bought this one for the wife and went back in time a little because this one was so well cared for we pimped it out a little and put some 20" wheels and a big DVD player in it. That was the best looking 94 Suburban in town. We traded the gas pig Durango in on this one.

36.1999 Buick Regal LSE. Nice car for a Buick and it was a good color but again don't know what I was thinking. I only owned this one for a month. Check out #37.

37.2004 Pontiac GTO. Six speed Manual in a Special Edition Pulse Red. When the folks at GM needed to unload some of the left over 2004 GTO's they came as close to giving these cars away as I have ever seen in the 10 years that I had been selling cars. My lease payment on this 350hp beast was less per month than the insurance. At 107 dollars a month it was mine for two fast years. The only difficult choice over those next two years was which car did I drive on Sunday. The Goat or Mr. Black? That just depended on which one of the family members wanted to go with.

38.2003 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71. When the wife got a little worried about driving the 150,000 mile Suburban, we took the 20's off of it and swapped the DVD player out of it and away we went. This one was my wife's dream Truck.

39.2004 Nissan Quest Sport Van. Even though it was her dream truck she had to wake up to reality so we traded my wife's Tahoe for another van. As cool as the Tahoe was to look at it just didn't fit in to the people hauling buisness that my wife was into. This van I have to say ended up being one of our favorite family vehicles and I am talking about all five of us. This is only the second vehicle we ever named. But even so, Vandora didn't last for ever.

40.2004 Nissan Pathfinder Armada. In the fall of 2007 we bought a little 17' Larsen Ski boat. After tearing up a couple of sets of tires on Vandora we new she wouldn't be able to handle the weight of the newest family toy so we traded our second van in for what looks like a small garbage truck.

41.1963 Chevy II. After four years of owning Mr. Black( 92 Corvette )on a rather dim witted decision I traded him for this one and a enough cash to buy #42. Other than the fact that this car was straight there wasn't a panel on the little car that wasn't rusty. The only good thing was all of the trim pieces were there.

42.1969 Pontiac Firebird. After years of looking and trying to find my 67 GTO unsuccessfully I turned back the clock on the Fun car and bought this car with the cash we had left over from the Vette sale. It is the car you now see in my profile at the top. We have had the banana bird now for about a year and a half and even though it isn't nearly as fast or complete as the Corvette I and most of the family are enjoying this one much more. When your driving down the street and some one looks over and gives you the thumbs up, you just don't get tired of the feeling. And when you are at the gas station filling up, the people you meet and share stories with just don't happen as often while driving a Vette. Only the wife isn't as happy with the Firebird as the rest of us, I think she misses the Corvette.

43.2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS/RS LS3. This has been a long post and if you have stuck with it this long thanks for humoring me. I have always been a car guy ever since I can remember and I have been wanting to write an account of all the cars my wife and I have bought and sold. Over a period of 22 years(5 years of my own and 17 together) we have had our share of vehicles and looking back at it now I really can see how blessed I am to have a wife that understands, a family that accepts, and a job that provides me with the opportunity. This will trully be a multipule firsts for us. It will be the first car that my wife and I ordered out the way we wanted. It will be the first car that the whole family had a say about. It will be our first Camaro!!! I can't even belive that one and I truly hope this is the car that we will always own and never trade or sell it. Looking back over this post I realize just how many cars that we owned that if we knew what we do now we just might have kept a few of them.

44.2000 Saturn wagon. Oldest daughter turned 15 and she is now driving to school.

45.2009 Mazda CX-9. Traded the 2004 Nissan in on the Mazda. Loved the Nissan, didn't love the mileage but that isn't why we bought it.

46.1988 Pontiac Fiero. I was looking for an 88 Formula for a while now. Just happened to find one around home and in the color I was looking for. Now I just need to figure out what I am going to do with it.

47.2010 GMC Acadia, decent on mileage and can pull the boat and a small car trailer so I found. Traded the wife's CX-9 for it.

48.2013 Jeep Wrangler unlimited. Great fun, Great looking, not practical at all. Did I say it was fun?

49.2007 Pontiac G5. Now the oldest is off to college mom thought she would need a car that the local mechanics wouldn't mind working on. I though things were supposed to be rough in college.

50.2013 GMC Acadia. Round two with the Acadia's. We loved the first one and it pulls the boat a ton better than the Jeep. Can't take the top off but it doesn't put us in the poor house when it comes to gas mileage.

51.2009 Chevrolet Cobalt. Daughter totaled her G5 while at college(not her fault thank goodness) so this was the replacement vehicle.

52.2015 GMC Acadia. Round 3 and again we must like them because this is the first vehicle we have ever owned more than two!

53.1972 Chevrolet Elcamino. Really this belongs to my son so this will be first on his list once he makes his own but I am on the title with him so it counts for now.

54.1953 MG TD. Why not, always wanted a Mazda MX-5, so we will see how this one goes. The owner of the Dealership that I work for sold it to me for a song so I couldn't pass it up. WAY outside my comfort zone I must admit.

55.1979 GMC Short box two wheel drive. Praise the lowered as they say because this one came just the way I always wanted. Lowered, a bit rough on the edges but ran and sounded so tough.

56.2010 GMC Canyon Crew Cab 4x4 with a V8. This was my attempt to have my wife drive a truck to pull the boat. We got a bigger boat last summer so the Acadia had to tap out. Lets just say the Canyon didn't last long in the garage. Longer than I thought it would but not as long as I wanted. Really would have liked to have that truck to the end, hard to find them with a v8.

57.1997 Chevrolet Blazer LT 4x4. School car for my son.

58.2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer SS. Okay so you say the Canyon won't do it for you? That's fine but I couldn't afford to buy a newer Yukon so we needed something with a V8 to pull the boat and it had to have a sunroof. Good thing she didn't tell me it had to be newer than the Canyon!

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Quite the list of auto's Beandip! The early ones that got wrecked makes me think you should give me the Camaro until you can be trusted with it!

2SS/RS Victory Red 6speed manual
Built 9/3 SHIPPED 9/8 Arrived @ dealer 9/17 Picked up 9/18! VIN #43607!
Other toys: 69 X22 Camaro SS 396 4 speed, 74 'Cuda 512 stroker 6pack 4 speed, 09 Harley Fatbob
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respect is earned

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dang... thats a long list of cars you have/had there.
ive got two.

1. 2005 Nissan Frontier- quick as heck and lots of fun. first vehicle and love it alot. keepin it around for the winter.
2 2010 2lt Rally Yellow Camaro- cant wait to take delivery of it. will give more details when i get it
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That's a long list, but there are a number of great cars on it.
Hope you have some fun with you're newest addition!
Gone but not forgotten:
1998 Bright Purple Metallic Camaro
2012 Carbon Flash Metallic SS Convertible
Now Driving:
2016 Summit White 2SS Coupe M6, NPP, & MRC
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Very good taste and very cool cars and trucks...I think you made the right choice with the 2010 Camaro...
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This is just my list... The wife's is a bit more extensive (from before we met)

01. 1979 Toyota pickup (sold it) (don't remember what kind, but I did drive 2 weeks w/o brakes. thank god for manual trans & e-brake heheheh)
02. 1993 Ford Escort (drove it from 95-2005 then sold it for $500)
03. 2002 Grand Caravan Sport (has some pickup heheheh Got it with the first wife. Made her take it in the divorce (she traded it in for a 2003 Dodge Neon paying like $25k for the lowest base model heheheh serves the (insert not so nice name...) cheating (insert another not so nice name))
04. 2000 (i think) Chevy Blazer (got re-married (my wife now) and she couldn't drive the Manual Escort so I got this)
05. 2003 Nissan 350Z (traded the Blazer for it - Bought it for the wife)
06. 2006 Nissan Altima (we traded the 350Z for it (got out of the USAF, didn't think we could afford it)... ooops )
07. 2007 Saturn Vue
08. 2008 Saturn Vue (traded the 2007 Vue for this one. TY Saturn for bankruptsy & making this car worthless now)
09. 2006 Chrysler Crossfire Limited (traded the 2006 Altima for it)
10. 2010 Chevy Camaro 2SS/RS (traded the Crossfire for it)
11. plan on getting a 2010 Camaro for the wife. will trade the saturn vue for it once we get the note down some more. (that's the plan, she's rediculously impatient.)

in case you're wondering, first wife = 1 week short of 7 years. my wife now = 6yrs this year on July 29

2SS/RS with painted Rally Stripes
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ill bite

1975 Firebird espirit-never seen the road. Guy said evil kanevil owned it
1982 Honda civic-bought it from a guy cause it didnt start for cheap. Turned out it needed some gas lmao
1980 Trans am- Graduation gift from my Dad
1982 Camaro Z-28- God i loved this car but i had to sell it for college
1988 Celebrity- needed wheels for college god this car sucked
1985 Camaro Z-28-after i was done with college got my toy again ;o)
1982 Trans am-- wanted a different flavour of car
1984 Trans am-- 82 trans am needed a lot of work got rid of it
1990 Firefly-Ok this was a brain fart i admit that dunno wtf i was thinking
1990 Laser- Blew up the Firefly motor first week i had it
1995 GMC Jimmy it was ok just didnt feel right after owning soo many cars
1996 Camaro RS- It was my wife's car but i took it over
1979 Trans Am Bandit-cool car but it was rough on gas sold to my brother
1999 Grand am- Still have this thing for close to 10 years now lol
1995 Lumina Van- @#$uck me what a pos van. Always broke down
2006 Ford F150- Lease came up last week on it awesome truck
2006 Santa Fe- Wow what a gutless pos car
2007 GMC Acadia- Great family car love it
2010 Camaro -???? im working on it but selling my house first

What can i say i like cars. I Build them for a living
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Mine (European)

1984 Renault 9 GTD (Diesel) - My first one, incredible tank
1986 Opel Kadett 1.6 D (Diesel) - Really I loved this car, fast (really 180 km/h), cheap, good design, ...
1992 Opel Calibra 16v - My first coupe, 150 hp
1998 Seat Ibiza 1.1 - A bad change in my economy had to move to this car, good, hard and welldone but different
2001 Opel Astra Coupe 2.2 - Economy was better again and return to coupes
2003 Jaguar X Type 2.0 D (Diesel) - Family matters had to move this but an unfortunatelly this burned when was parked.
2004 Mercedes 220 CDI Avantgarde (Diesel) - New family car
2006 Lexus IS 220 D Sport (Diesel) - Lovely car, best non USA brand, tons of options like standard but I knew the American Cars and move.
2007 Ford Mustang GT Premium - No comments, incredible.
2009 Chevrolet Camaro 1 LT (waiting for the arrival +/- end of September I can't wait ) Most incredible
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Originally Posted by broncosman View Post
in case you're wondering, first wife = 1 week short of 7 years. my wife now = 6yrs this year on July 29

If you find yourself getting smacked in the back of the head, next time mention your CURRENT wife first then the throw away ......

Advice from someone older and wiser .....
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NOICE!!! ™
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That's quite some list there OP, how old are you?
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Not enough time or room here, but here're a few of my faves (I got my first car in 1966):

1957 Chevy 210 2-door sedan; Turqouise and white. (Paid $50.00 for it in 1972.)
1964 Dodge Dart GT; 273 V8, Hurst 4-speed, Cragar S/Ss. (Replaced engine in 1974 with a 340 6-pack from an AAR Cuda.)
1964-1/2 Mustang Hardtop; 289, Cruisomatic, Styled Steel wheels. (Restored in 2005.)
1966 Mustang GT Fastback; White/blue. (GT 350 clone, restored in 1982.)
1970 Plymouth Road Runner; Yellow, black VINYL top (remember those?!), and black hood graphic. (Bought new.)

My current stable is pretty tame:
2005 Silverado
2008 Infiniti EX
2003 Honda VTX 1800C

As a footnote, I'd looked at a new 'leftover' 1969 Z28 the day before I bought the new Roadrunner. I've been kicking myself more and more often lately!!
2SS/RS: White, Grey, Auto, Sunroof. VIN: 2G1FK1EJ8A9151812
1100 - 07/25/2009 | 2000 - 09/07/2009 | 3000 - 09/09/2009
TPW - 09/28/2009 | 3400 - 09/25/2009 | 3800 - 09/28/2009
4000 - 09/30/2009 | 5000 - 10/15/2009 | 6000 - 00/00/2009
Went to pick it up 10/16/09... wrong interior; I'll be re-ordering!

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My 1st car was a '54 Chevy.............bought it in '58 - took it on our honeymoon in '59.
Have owned 16 GM cars/trucks/SUV (6 Chevies)
PLUS...........1 Ford - 1 Dodge - 1 Datsun - 1 Nissan.

Currently drive Buick LeSabre and Chevy Suburban.................however, a 2010 CAMARO in a month or so!
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Tampa Gulf Coast Family
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Some nice lists of cars to have owned!
Here is a list me and my husband have owned....that I can remember

1983 Mustang GT-his 1st car
1986 Mustang GT-his 2nd car
1988 Dodge Shadow-my 1st
1978 Bronco
1995 Ford Ranger
1999 Ford Contour-piece of crap! Lemon Lawed it 9 months later
2000 Dodge Dakota
1970 Nova-started out a car for him to drive to work....$1,000s later it was a show car
1999 Camaro SS-Loved this car...was mine also!
1986 Chevy Blazer
1996 Chevy Silverado
2004 Chevy 2500-Stupidly traded my SS in on this truck
1992 Camaro-another project car he had
2005 Impala-my daily driver
2007 Silverado-his truck
1995 Oldsmobile-his daily driver....he has a long commute to work
2010 Camaro SS-Surprise present for me......By far the greatest car I have owned....all thanks to that wonderful husband of mine!
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Originally Posted by SlingShot View Post
If you find yourself getting smacked in the back of the head, next time mention your CURRENT wife first then the throw away ......

Advice from someone older and wiser .....
hahah thanks bud. Awesome advise ahahhahah

2SS/RS with painted Rally Stripes
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